What’s your take on Kumkum Bhagya’s long kidnapping drama?

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Finally, Kumkum Bhagya will wrap up the kidnapping drama and new Holi function will be shown. Abhi and Pragya have escaped from the kidnappers. They tricked Neel and his team and have found their way back. At least that is what the latest promo suggests. After fighting the goons, Abhi and Pragya managed to zoom away on the bike. However, they were lost in the wild, not knowing where they were heading. Abhi realizes that they are closer to a road.

They walk towards the road to get lift from any vehicle, but in vain. They finally reach dhaba, where they enquire about the way to reach Mumbai. They get to know it is far and since it was night and no transport was available, they plan to stay back. Abhi makes a call to Dadi and convinces her that they are safe and will return back home by Holi evening.

Aaliya and Tanu get surprised to see the family prep up for Holi. Aaliya even yells at her family for going ahead with the celebrations without Abhi and Pragya. Tanu and Aaliya are happy to know Abhi is back, but are clearly unhappy when they get to know that Pragya is coming back too. Neel comes to the Holi party disguised and try to put colour on Bulbul. Purab will rescue the love of his life in time and be the first one to apply colour on her face. What do you think about this track o Kumkum Bhagya? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. The track needs to end once and for all- Even the actors seem to be tired with it! Pragya and Abhi have been wearing the same clothes for 3 weeks now- these must be stinking! They need to shower, brush their teeth, and all the related stuff!

    1. The Long Kidnapping storyline has been absolutely Ridiculous !!!!

  2. Bogus….story…rockstar abhi and he is trying to escape from street goo s

  3. apart from the kidnapping episodes getting stale, when will the corporator, tanu and alliyah get caught.

  4. hey ur late for ur update….soo late…be quick

  5. this kidnapping is such a drag. If the writers ant get proper story lines for the actors just end the show. Its really annoying to watch abhi get on like a foolish person giving his personality is a “rock star”.

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  8. I felt the kidnapping drama prolonged for too long and so many mistakes were made along the way in terms of how the actors were advised to act. It lacked realism. Moreover at least during this track the actors could have confessed their love for each other and United as one being they were together so long without Tanu/Aliyah interrupting. Instead they will return home only to play the same foolish mind games.

  9. Kidnapped …same pblms come back ….same pblms
    the show is boring watch it once a month

  10. Agreed kidnapping. To long
    Aliyah cnt accept purab dnt love her
    Tanu dumbo leave abhi alone.
    Yes pls. Move on fast get alayi tanu corps n matli caught plssss

  11. I have not watched this serial in ages. I check in on the written update, scanning through and when I see the same trend I just log out. Get real people…..Pragya needs a bath. Its been weeks since she had one. She must stink as the track with this kidnapping drama stinks.

    I do not mean to offend anyone…so my apologies if I have.

    If the writers have “run out of juice”, just end the serial and put people out of their misery. How can an intelligent person watch this crap and smile. One just gets upset at the injustice being carried out to the human race.

    Add a new twist people….let them consummate the marriage while having the bhang. It will sure give the storyline a kick. Tanu and Aliya are just getting away with their crimes over and over again. It must stop.


  12. saniachristopher38

    Please finish the kidnap drama as soon as possible viewer’s fed up

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