Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with holi celebrations. Arav sees Shilpa and happily walks towards her with holi color to smear her, but stops seeing Shilpa smearing holi on Ranbir’s cheek. He asks her how can she forgive Ranbir. She says when Ragini has forgiven him, why should not she and says she has accepted Ranbir with all his good and bad qualities as she loves him now. Ranbir tells him to keep away from Shilpa as he is her girlfriend now and does not like her mingling with losers.

RK serves bhang milk to Neil. Neil says he cannot drink as he his bride’s father. RK says even Shashikanth is enjoying. Neil says he is groom’s father. RK insists and he drinks. He then sees Ragini and applies holi on her face. Nivedita gets jealous seeing them together. Suhani calls Neil, but she picks call and provokes her to speak to Ragini. She calls Ragini from landline. Ragini picks call. She says she is suhani, her daughter. Ragini gets irked hearing her voice and starts crying. Suhani asks if she got her voice mail, but Ragini does not reply and continues crying. Suhani gets sad but does ot cut call. Ragini then goes to Neil who is enjoying holi wiht Pam and others and says she wants to speak to him alone. Pam asks what she wants to speak. Ragini says she wants to speak to her ex-husband and does not need her interference. Nivedita sees them and smirks. Neil asks what happened. Ragini says she got a call from Suhani and reminds him they separated after Suhani was born. He asks what did suhani do. She says children unite parents, but Suhani divided them. Suhani starts crying hearing taht she is reason for their parents divorce. Pam comes and shouts at Ragini. Neil asks her to stop and says everything is happening because of her and shouts that she could not control children. She asks what happened. He says Suhani called Ragini. She asks him not to get angry on Suhani as she is alone there. Neil calls Suhani on landline and asks her to call him back on his mobile and not on Ragini’s. Suhani reminisces the whole incidents where Pam tried to avoid her from coming to India and thinks what was the reason for her parent’s divorce.

Ragini comes to her room crying. Her mom follows her and asks what happend. Ragini says Suhani called her. Mom asks again?. Ragini asks if she called before. Mom says she told Neil about it. Ragini asks why she believes Neil more than her. Aman comes and says he is confused. Ragini says there are more bigger problems in life than his confusion. He enters in forcefully.

Agam calls Suhani and wishes her happy birthday. She cries. He gets tensed and says he will give phone to dad. Nivedita stops him and takes phone saying she is their would be mom and it is also her responsibility to solve their problems. She asks Suhani what happened. Suhani says she came to know that her parents are divordd because of her. Nivedita says she should come to India and find out. She then smirks and thinks Ragini will feel the heat now.

Pam asks Ranbir and Agam to spend time with her. Agam says he knows her plan and she wants to stop him from meeting his mom. She starts her emotional atyachar and says she wants to spend some time with her children. Agam asks if she knows Suhani is alone since 1 month and why should not she come to India. She says there is a reason behind it. He asks what reason. Just then, RK comes with Karan and Dimpy, sees her crying and asks what happened. She says where was he since 15 years. He says she did not want to move ahead with him. Nivedita says Dimpy/Karan she does not understand their relationship. Dimpy says even she does not, they know each other since many years but don’t want to accept each other.

Aman sees Ragini packing bags and asks why is she packing bags so soon. She says in 2 days, they will be leaving back, so she is packing early. She continues and tells her mom believes Neil more than her and told him about Suhani’s call.

Precap: Ragini looks at her and Neil’s pics on wall and asks RK to remove it as they have become outdated and hurt her feelings and should fix new pics as relationships are changing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hate Pams entry…trying to avoid this show now until it gets better…hope it gets interesting turn soon

  2. Rosheena Singh

    we have a father and daughter scene when nivedita and neil are together.

  3. I wonder who is suhani mother in this programme, nd I really wanna know what’s it has 2 do with her birth, nd how it’s related 2 their divorce

    1. Sakshi Tanwar from BALH

    2. Same here dude

  4. Suhani is Neil and Ragini’s child

  5. Yesss… I really wonder who’s Suhani’s mother 🙂 #waitinginsuspense #favshow

  6. Sakshi will be making an entry in the show and will reveal a big mystery about the past of Neil and Ragini.

  7. I think suhani is Pam and the guy who lives at the Ranches daughter. Neil lied to ragini and say it was a illigitimate child and that’s why they got divorced. Because if you remeber from the first couple episodes when Neil and ragini got seperated ragini kept one girl and one of the twins and Neil took 2 kids only suhani was not there at the time ….

  8. i am avoiding the show because of pam and Navidita. Why Neil do not understand pam is spoiling his relation.

  9. srkfanclubmember

    I really like this show ,keeps getting more interesting by the minute

  10. Suhani is Pam n rk s daughter….

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