Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanu tries to make Pragya jealous

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The Episode starts with King asking Pragya about Suwarni Dadi. Just then Tanu makes an announcement that she wants to wish Disha differently as she is her special devrani. She asks Purab to make Disha wear mangalsutra. Aaliya thinks Tanu is doing work like an enemy and this idea couldn’t be digested. Purab makes Disha wear mangalsutra. Disha goes to Pragya and hugs her. King gets a call and goes. Tanu tells that she never thought mangalsutra will match with her dress, but her thought changed and she wants Abhi to make her wear mangalsutra so that their love, trust and belief get strengthen. Aaliya thinks well played Tanu. Tanu says I am your wife Abhi, and asks him to make her wear mangalsutra. Khogaya song plays….Pragya gets sad.

Tanu calls Robin and he brings mangalsutra. Tanu picks the mangalsutra and gives in Abhi’s hand. Abhi is about to make Tanu wear it. Pragya couldn’t see and is about to go. King sees her upset. Abhi tells Tanu that he can’t make her wear it and goes. Tanu thinks she will sprinkle salt on Pragya’s wounds. Abhi goes to Pragya and says he want to tell why he married Tanu. Pragya says she wants to tell why she married King. Just then King calls Pragya. Roy comes and takes Abhi. Pragya coughs. King goes to get water.

Tanu comes and asks Pragya did you lie to me? She says your happiness vanished when Abhi made me wear mangalsutra. She asks her to tell truth and says I will forgive you. Pragya says I am very happy with King. Tanu asks her to stay in the party and prove that she is happy and whatever she told was truth. Abhi is bringing water, but King gives her water before him. King says lets go. Pragya says we shall wait for sometime. King says ok. Yeh kaise ishq hai sajna song plays. Pragya drinks the water kept by Abhi. King asks Aaliya why she is looking upset and says this house is yours. Aaliya says I am happy. King asks her to genuinely happy. Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells that she has planned couple dance of Purab and Disha. Aaliya says she will not bear.

Tanu makes the announcement that Purab and Disha will dance and asks them to come on stage. Purab and Disha dance on the song dil pe chale na koi zor re…..Abhi and Pragya look at each other. Tanu then asks Abhi for a dance.

Tanu makes the announcement that Purab and Disha will dance and asks them to come on stage. Purab and Disha dance on the song dil pe chale na koi zor re…..Abhi and Pragya look at each other. Tanu then asks Abhi for a dance. They go to stage. Tanu dances sensually while the song Dilbar plays…Pragya gets affected seeing her dance with him. Aaliya smiles. Pragya gets tears inher eyes. Abhi sees Pragya upset. Tanu pretends to fall, Abhi helps her get down from the stage.

Aaliya tells Pragya that her profile is more big than she thought. Dadi asks Pragya to return. Pragya asks her to listen to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The actress who plays Tanu toy has bragged that her acting skills are getting better.
    REALLY?? Some dancing lessons should be in her future as well. THAT was a ‘s*xy’ dance??? Next time she needs to do a s*xy dance perhaps she shouldn’t wear a silver bag with her head sticking out of the bag.

    1. i can see we all hate her , but that the reason the writer keep her there. to keep us gluded to the show. but it is a disgrace he marry her. and still the boos . marriage. marriage and the dead baby how abhi forget that. and all the thiefing with his sister. and devil ways.

    2. I watch the show to see how Pragya is doing. I wanted to know how the producer would feature and grow this character. I expected some intelligence, a comedy-drama. When Aliyah became ridiculously insane and I noticed that Ekta was manipulating people through astrology, I began to examine exactly what this producer was up to. I have given up on seeing Pragya. My anger comes from the manipulation. Ekta is using this show to push, to degrade life. She has willing partners. They would be the people who are benefiting the most from this mess. Herself, and her two friends. I swore that I would watch it to the end wanting to understand Ekta’s purpose for this production but I don’t think I can last that long. My curiosity is fading quickly as Ekta, clearly is not doing this for the sake of entertainment.
      This is one big ego trip for her, pure and simple. She uses the characters of a dumb vicious golddigger tw*t and an insane, ugly in every possible way psychopath to teach India that debasement is the new socially acceptable best way to be. Like n the West.

  2. tanu throw party to show off her husband wear mangalsutra how funny now kumkum bhagya make fun of mangalutra how ridiculous ekta kapoor, abhi the popular rockstar n media know pragya was his ex- wife, pragya cameback has no news for media, i last watched the pragya n suresh mms exposed track , n when knew about in kumkum bhagya start same track as shown in kasam serial , i started again watch the kumkum bhagya with the hope that pragya daughter’s track n king track make some interest in serial but no the serial continue with same track as show past episode tanu and aliya dirty planning n taunting pragya, kasam serial was far much better than kumkum bhagya atleast kasam serial focused on real story instead of this dragging kumkum bhagya serial which focus on taunting n jealousy scene n keep aside the real story in which king doesn’t know about popular rockstar wife , n abhi doesn’t know about her daughter n pragya is not wife of king,

  3. What was today’s episode all about.. Tanu was looking like a sl*t…. And abhi he claims to be a Rockstar.. A big icon where people are dying to. Meet him and take his autograph. Big banners want to sign him, but he was looking like a joker and not a word from him… Spineless joker even raj bhaiya off late late has good expressions whenever he manages to get screen space

  4. muje samaj nahi aata in todays modern world what they are showing mangalsutra drama. every ekta shows lead male always dump, charaterlesss, spineless man & woman sati savitri. in real world aap ne kabhi aase log dhekhe hai. marriage means only kumkum & mangalsurtra? no duties, commitment, understanding , only and only kumkum mangg me bhar diya ho gai shadi phir husband mistress ke sath rathta ho to bhi woman have to be patnivarta all ekta shows giving this message. pragya is highly educated shamless woman having zero self respect. i dont know how trp get this serial. may be sab log sirf entertainment ke liye dekhte hoge. asali dunime pragya and abhi jaise log rahate hi nahi. in my house ekta shows banned. i only saw this serial mishal raheja episodes but no way again. i will wait another mishal show.

  5. o god sorry mishal i cant see this type crap show. i will wait another show. your ishq ka rang safed was best show mera ladala viplav tripathi most lovable caring husband. sorry i cant see you with balaji. because balaji shows are banned from my side long ago . i tried but cant . i will see your love story akkash & ishq ka rang safed online.sorry sorry sorry

  6. The real reason we only talk about the TOY is because there is nothing else. Ekta Kapoor keeps yapping about how she wants to change and broaden India’s culture …bring it into Western Standards. (Yeah, THOSE standards…destruction of lives) I agree India needs some changes. But what good are the kind of changes that Ekta and TOY want? They want debasement of women. They want debasement of all humans so that humanity will be like them. They use progress as an excuse to embrace filth. Filth and debasement are not progress. India did honour women and all life at one time.
    It was the West that came in and debased India to begin with. Now the Ekta’s and the desperate Leena’s looking for ‘success’ are truly not capable of seeing the difference between debasement and progress. They have come to the belief that because they have more money and access that their version must be the right version. They are unable to recognize that you don’t have to become a greedy sl*t in order to progress and honour women/men/LGQT. When they normalise abuse, hurting children and weaker people this is not progress. These are the actions and thoughts of people who worship Satan. And the Toy follows her mentors path. Ekta Kapoor wants to see everyone having s*x with everyone else. She wants her and her friends to have all the power and money so that they can continue to laugh at everyone in India who is not like her. And also insult them while collecting more money. Ekta Kapoor is laughing because she is making fools out of the viewers (so she thinks). Ekta has no sense of discernment. She found an astrologer who backs her. What has begun however is that people are beginning to question the morality and the WORTH of someone like an ‘Ekta’ and her pet toys…. a few of her ‘special’ actresses.

    Has anyone noticed how TaiJi, that is Mithali’s mother-in- law looks eerily very very much like Ekta’s mother. Coincidence? Where did the filth begin?

    1. That Ekta she devil would be no one if it wasn’t for who her father is. All her serials are shit like the shit in her head. There is a reason she is single.


    There is no relationship of the show and title as there is no space for kumkum and it’s bhagya. The title could be well changed to ‘Evils’ Bhagya’. Still better would be Spineless Rockstar in Hindi

  8. my question is Why Disha doesn’t t talk yet about the friendship between her son and Pragya daughter to Pragya? How doesn’t she t know the name of the people where her precious daughter go visit? That sorry is full of missing pages.

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