Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh appears to help kanha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and gargacharya with other rishi’s doing the pooja of ganesh ji’s idol. Kanha says the prayer. In kailash, ganesh is sitting on a rock and he says prabhu Vishnu’s avatar Krishna is calling me, I am so honored, I shall go. ganesh sits on mushak and goes to vrindavan.
As kanha does prayer, ganesh appears and says pranam prabhu. Kanha and everyone open eyes and do pranam. Kanha says ganesh ji, I need your help. Ganesh says prabhu, I will be honored to help you. Kanha says ganesh ji, a demon dhenukasura has created a mess in vrindavan and has brought all the holiness and dharma down, you are the moorti of dharma! I need one of your tusk, your tusk will help me to make everything pure in vrindavan and bring dharma back. Ganesh says okay prabhu, I give you my tusk. Ganesh gives tusk and says pranam to you prabhu for giving me the opportunity to help you. Ganesh goes. kanha says now I have the tusk.
In vrindavan, balram is beating damodar and the 2 men and says all the good in you has gone, you have turned demons, for them I only have the beating of my mudgal. Balram is angry and kanha comes and stops him and says brother what are you doing? I found the solution, I got the tusk of ganesh ji, from that we will defeat dhenukasura. Ganesh says come on brother balram, lets go. balram and ganesh go towards the rishi’s ashram. Balram sees another idol of kanha and says another of your idol? Kanha smiles and then says we will look for that later, first we shall defeat dhenukasura. Kanha and balram go.
In a village, a boy is praying to kanha’s idol and he sings a prayer. Then he says my narayana, I have a feeling you are my friend, I hope I get your darshan soon. That boy takes the idol and goes through his village saying the prayer. People say who knows what has happened to purohit’s son? he has gone crazy and is thinking a small kid is his god, the boy goes to his home and his father says son, what are you doing? This child is not narayana! Our narayana is lord Vishnu. the boy says father, our problems will soon be gone.
There kanha and balram go to the rishi’s ashram and balram and kanha sit. Balram says rishi all your problems have been gone and don’t worry, as you said I took all your problems, the same way I will give you the solution to other problems too. balram says rishi have you ever seen god? Rishi says no balram, I hope I get the darshan of god in my life. balram says then close your eyes rishi, today you will get the darshan of god too. rishi’s close their eyes.
There the boy is in his hut and he keeps the statue of kanha down. His father says Sudhama, our god is lord Vishnu not this boy. Sudhama says father, this statue is of my friend Govind and I believe he is my narayana! And he is my friend, I know someday he will meet me. sudhama’s mother says son come here to eat food now.
There balram says open your eyes rishi’s. Rishi’s open their eyes and see kanha. Balram says he is god. Kanha smiles and then says but brother, I am no god. Rishi’s say yes balram, he is kanha. Balram says rishi, the people of vrindavan anyway now have made kanha their god and now even in forests kanha’s statues are being made and people are praying to him. rishi says that is true balram, a human becomes god by doing good karma and kanha has done that for us, he is our god. Rishi’s male bhog and then they serve balram and kanha and say kanha, please accept our bhog.
There sudhama takes his food and offers it to the statue of kanha and says my govind first you shall eat, only then I can touch food. There kanha eats the food and here from sudhama’s leaf all food disappears. Sudhama is happy and says mother, father see this, prabhu narayana has accepted my bhog.

Precap: Dhenukasura takes damodar and the other men to nand’s house and says from now you will accept kansa as your god. Dhenukasura sends his bugs and they turn all people into demons. Radha goes to kanha and balram and tells them what dhenukasura has done.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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