Agnifera 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi’s Jealous Grows Seeing Baiju and Damini’s Growing Proximity

Agnifera 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishu asks Dulari what she prepared for breakfast, he is hungry. Dulari says hing kachori. Vishu shouts he hates hing. Dulari says Baiju loves it. Vishu shouts if Baiju is family member or him… Shristi in her room jealolusly thinks about Damini and Baiju’s close proximity. She walks to Baiju’s room and sees them chatting. Baiju asks if she needs anything. She says no and walks back to her room and jealously injures her hand, thinks why she is feeling jealous when Baiju is with his fiance. She thinks bandage is in Baiju’s room and walks towards it. She hears Baiju telling he will deduct money, walks in and says she needs bandage. Baiju asks what happened to her, why don’t she take care of herself. Shristi asks why was he talking about money. Baiju say she was playing game with Damani and she always cheats, so he warned he will deduct money. Damani backs him. Shristi returns to her room jealously.

After sometime, family sits for a chat. BVaiju walks in with Damini and introduces family to her and her to family. Revathi says she has 3 sons and 3 bahus now and will fix Baiju and Damini’s wedding with Vyjayanti’s help. Shristi feels jealous. Anurag asks Ragini to sit. Ragini fumes that he wants to separate her from her father and now showing fake concern. She feels drowsy and collapses. Anurag rushes and holds her. Doctor comes and checks Ragini and says she collapses due to weakness and asks family to take care of her well. Vishu thinks even he should take care of Shristi. Damini brings sweet corn soup for Ragini.

Vishu walks to Shristi’s room with sweet corn soup. Shristi jealously says she does not need Damini’s prepared food. Vishu says sweet corn soup is good for her baby. Shristi says she is allergic to pepper. Vishu notes down. Shristi says she is not pregnant. Vishu ignores her words and continues showing his concern.

Ragini takes care of Vikral. Anurag tries to help her. Ragini yells not to show his fake concern. She continues and slips. Anurag scolds to take care, what if something happens to baby. Ragini yells he is concerned about his child and not her. She continues yelling at Anurag.

Damini tells Baiju she is getting bored. Baiju scolds her, but seeing Shrisit’s shadow towards door dancdes with Damnini. Shristi walks in. Baiju asks why did not she knock and come in, not to worry, she will learn soon. Damini says Baiju is a good dancer. Shristi says she has seen that. Damini says she does not a lot about Baiju. She continues making Shrisit jealous…

Precap: Ragini loses balancne and falls from stgairs. Shristi with Anurag and Baiju rushes Ragini to hospital. Doctor Anurag that she has a bad news for him.

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  1. Ragini’s diagnose is scientifically impossible. I guess it is a fantasy world were weird bad things like that can happen to anyone.
    One word: lame.

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