Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi Praying to God for Abhi and Pragya. Pragya asks Dadi if they are doing right. She says I want to marry him, but he refused. She fears if he will accept her or not. She says she should have taken Sarla’s approval. Dadi says I can’t let you do work, and says your way might be wrong, but your intention is not wrong. She asks her not to worry and says if anything goes wrong then she will handle the situation and support her.

Dasi asks Mitali where you are going? Mitali says Aaliya asked her to bring Tanu. Dasi asks her to keep sweets in boxes which they will give in shagun. Mitali tells that she will do later after marriage. Dasi scolds her and asks her to do. Mitali goes. Purab pretends to search the box in Tanu’s room. Tanu doubts on him and asks what is the color of the box. Purab says blue. He asks what is under your eye. Tanu checks in the mirror and says there is nothing. Purab puts chloroform on the tissue and tries to make her smell. She pushes him and hits him. She says I will tell Abhi and then see what he will do. She says you are planning to stop my marriage. She is about to go out of room, but feels drowsy. She says you did bad, you made me unconscious.

Purab holds her and thinks she is dangerous, thinks to hide her in bathroom. Tanu opens her eyes and holds his sherwani. Purab makes her smell chloroform again and hides her in bathroom. Tai ji comes to Mitali and asks what you are doing? Mitali tells that she is doing packing of the sweets, thinking groom’s Tai ji shall do this and thought how she will climb the stairs. Tai ji says you are good. Mitali asks her to pack the sweets and goes.

Purab comes to Dadi and asks her to let him have water. He drinks water and tells that Tanu caught him when he was about to make her smell chloroform, but he made her unconscious finally and locked her in room. Dasi tells that she have diverted Mitali. Purab tells that Tanu hit him with chappal. They give credit to themselves. Dadi says you both have done bravery work and says she will get them prize from govt. Pragya asks them to shake hands. Dadi says we have to take Pragya downstairs now. She says who will take her. Purab says you. Dasi says if she takes Pragya then Aaliya will doubt on her. Purab says we shall make Mitali take Pragya down. Mitali comes to Tanu’s room and knocks on the door asking her to come as her marriage mahurat came. Tanu is unconscious in the bathroom. Mitali says Pragya is here, and says if you don’t come, then Pragya might sit with Abhi and marry him. She laughs and thinks why Tanu is not responding with Pragya’s name. She tries to open the door and thinks Aaliya will scold her. She then sees master key in her hand. Aaliya calls her and asks her to bring Tanu. Mitali opens the door and comes inside. She asks her to come and thinks to check in the washroom.

Tai ji tells Dasi that Mitali gave her work to pack sweets. Dadi asks where is she? Tai ji says she went to bring Tanu and says she will not leave her. Purab tells Dadi that they have to go there. Mitali knocks on the washroom and laughs saying Abhi might marry someone else. Tanu is still unconscious. Mitali thinks she is not saying anything and thinks to inform Aaliya. Mitali is going downstairs. Dadi asks where is she going? Mitali tells that Tanu is not in her room and may be got unconscious in her bathroom. She says she is going to inform Aaliya. Dadi asks if she wants to get scolded by Aaliya and says Tanu is in my room and not in her room. Mitali thanks them. Dasi says we shall take Tanu from Dadi’s room. Pragya looks at the sindoor and thinks of Sarla’s words.

Pragya gets worried seeing Aaliya, and fears she might lift her ghunghat. Abhi comes and takes Dadi with him. Pragya is tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. How long will they drag this wedding sequence
    Y they are not feeling pity on audience
    Just to drag this serial till 1000 they are just repeating all the sequences like kidnap,bride swap, pointing wronf on pragya’s character , abhi’s hate, etc
    Why can’t they just unite abhigya and then continue with the serial
    I just feel like banging my head and go to coma
    But even then there will not be any change

    1. Hahahahahaha u will go to coma and u will recover afta a year to find the dragging wedding scene still there
      Backwas really
      U made my night

    2. Exactly , they have been dragging this for quite some time and I’m fed up right now.

    3. You ‘re right there are drag marriage track for another month so viewers can break there tv that is why I only read update and stop watching this long marriage track beacuse it is freaking me out and there another crap of abhi he doesn’t know what to do ,he want pragya but he is not sure what a brushless guy who believe to cunning tanu and aliya but pragya oh I think this marriage track is gonna for a month beacuse it 2 week dad hi gang planning for pragya and abhi marriage enough of the tourcher written are giving us can’t they think for viewers what child writer are they don’t know how to write story they just want their episode as large number or highest trip that all boring serial full of crap

    4. I had the best laugh when I read your comments about banging your head and going into a coma…cracks me up every time. Dunno why the writers can’t do a better job and be mindful of us viewers.

  2. Jerry Justice

    scared of the precap…..These people can drop a. bombshell at anytime by letting Aaliya to lift pragya’s ghunghat.

  3. Good bye to this serial (which has only one story line that every knows) utter waste of time (thank god not seen these episode only read these updates). There is a limit for everything.
    I think the script writer has gone for a vacation when the serial started and he never came back.

  4. I wonder how long will Ekta drag this serial based on the logistics of wat I am reading I think Ekta will even pass the 1000 episode we all expect. she has been draging this marriage for so long why can’t she just unite Abhigya for goodness sake

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    why bother..
    evils always wins..
    ekra k is like that..
    her reputation preceds her series..f**k ups. ..lolll

  6. I can see another divorce coming then we start all over again, Abhi gets another memory loss, then Pragya gets shot, drowned,run over,kidnapped, hanged, poisoned, trapped somewhere , all the while trying to convince her husband that she loves him and his sister and girlfriend with her lover make him look like the most stupid man to ever walk the earth. I think that sums it, yeah we are good to go so let’s sit back ,relax and watch the repeat ? Thumbs up to the writers, please don’t forget to add the Champak scene also.


  8. I just don’t understand whether the makers know how to do their job properly.from the time the show started there’s been no change.in fact it’s disgusting.well all the show has been doing is showing women that it’s normal to suffer for years n all the things Pragya is doing would not be advisable for other woman to do cause that’s not how life is.it’s understandable that not everyone can be happy with things that happen in the programme n you can’t please everyone at the same time but at the moment almost everyone is pissed off with this series.when will we ever see a change.ektha kapoor you should be ashamed of yourself being a woman you portray women as being weak I think you stuck in the past get with the times plz.I stopped watching this programme but still read the update hoping somthing has changed but I’m sure that when something does change this series will end.

  9. This story lacks creativity. It doesn’t make sense anymore. Anyways it stopped making sense long time ago.

  10. What an ugly bride to be is Tanu, she looks retarded. Her nose ring is HUGE!!! made for a horse most likely. iTS THE MOST UGLY WEDDING WEAR EVER!!!!!
    This show is so stupid now and Etka Kapoor is a moron , she will always repeat and repeat in every serial she is involved in. i wonder how she ever became a producer,
    She is a disgrace to all Indian women , only a sick person can disgrace the sacred relationship between a brother and sister,and only a moron thinks a person can lose his memory , remember everyone but the person you love and value the most.
    LOL what a waste!!!!!!

  11. the comments I read here give me a lot of hope because I used to think that people in India actually enjoy the whole scenarios that I see in those series. I mean how many times in a lifetime will the wife of a rich rockstar be kidnapped? that the husband will loose his memory and the entire family (well almost) keep it a secret from him that the secretary/friend that you like so much is actually your wife? that the one you want to get married to for duty’s sake is a cheat and the baby isn’t yours, your sister hates you and Pragya (and company) spend their time trying to find ways to unmask tanu/aliya/nikkil which never works…same goes for tanu/aliya the other way around.
    I live in south africa and we’re on the part where pragya gets hold of all of abhi’s properties after she learns that tanu’s pregnancy isn’t abhi’s. Can you just imagine how long it’ll take to get to where you are in India with no prospect of an end yet? I actually searched for the updates thinking that the series ended in India only to find out that it’s still aired. Shocking! I can’t take it anymore! By the way I read one of the updates with pragya being pregnant? When did it happen?
    If I was the one writing such scenarios TV producers will call me crazy when other people do that (like the writers of some Indian series) then they’re paid well for that to the point that they drag those series on and on. I don’t get the logic.

    1. I started watching from in October 2017, i live in Nigeria and as usual i tend to search for a story not native to my country to find if the host nation was ahead, only to find out they were not only years ahead but things were basically the same.
      I finally stopped watching and just come here to read the highlights and from comments I can see people are really tired of it all.
      The whole memory lose thing kind of reminds me of a Philippine soap my mum loved, about a man who lost his memory blah blah blah, in fact it follows the exact same theme.
      For the pregnancy, try this link, https://www.tellyupdates.com/kumkum-bhagya-25th-november-2016-written-episode-update/ . It was another scheme as usual.
      I can’t believe this type of crap is being aired with the story going in cycles, its insulting to teh viewers, its unrealistic and really shows one a warped image of marriage and family interrelations.

    2. Thank you for the reply I read the link of pragya so-called pregnancy. The writers of kkb are the craziest. That’s why I prefer Brazilian telenovelas (much more realistic). Can’t the the writers put us out of our misery already? I don’t understand the logic of their storylines at all and the whole drama of “we can’t tell abhi the truth because of his memory loss” is really plain boring. Please Zee TV hire me I’m sure I’ll do a better job.
      What was the title of the Philippines series because I’ve watched some of them when MyTv was broadcast here.

  12. Come on audience let’s all protest against this serial which has no moral at all. The upcoming episodes envisage that when Abhi the dumb realizes it is Pragya in the place od Tanu he will throw her away from his life for ever it seems. Then what is the value he gives for his love? Does the serial consider only villainy?

  13. All you guys who are wasting their time in watching this rubbish why don’t you guys watch Pakistani serials like Yeh Raha Dil, Baby etc.

  14. I hate this serial too much????????????????

  15. Plz …. end this soon kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi is 1000 times better than this

  16. pls trhis time pragya will get justice and peaceful life becoz she did all things for abhi,one girl sacrifice all the things for her husband…but she always more troubles so this time we can see pragya’s happiness…and tanu will punishes heavily..

  17. Seriously I don’t understand Indian producers, she just kept on dragging what should have ended months back… Now the serial disgust me

  18. this story seems 2 be long i wish i was d writer i would av made pragya expose tanu,aliya&nikhil and then cut this series of twist of fate

  19. I saw a website stating that the marriage of Abhi and Pragya will take place but he will guilty of cheating Tanu. He will not accept Pragya as his wife decide to divorce her..
    Sucking serial !!!!!!!
    Makers plz stop this shit show and start a fresh story with Sriti and Shabbir..

    Disappointed with the makers at the core!!

  20. I am not a registered member here. I request the registered members to conduct a poll on this show.. I just want to see how many dislikes this show is going to receive ?

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