Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dev hugs Sona. Sona says let us go home, Soha must be waiting, she is not habituated to be away from him, even she is. GKB returns home shocked. Vicky stops her and asks what happened, why she is so shocked. GKB shouts shut up, whatever she saw if he had seen it, he would have also be in a shock. Dev and Sona were hugging each other and looks like Dev will bring Sona back home as wife. If that happens, they will be out of this house and all their plan will be in vain.

Elena calls Sona and asks if she is with Dev. Sona says yes. Elena asks when are they coming back as Soha is waiting for them. Sona says they are leaving. Elena asks if she and Dev fought. Sona says Elena…she will come and talk.

Soha sadly sits on stairs. Golu comes and pulls her hair. She warns to stop it. He asks why is she so sad. Soha says papa promised he will be with her, but he went out and even mama went out. Golu says when big cha goes out after getting sad, he returns only after 1 week. Soha says papa will return today soon. Dev and Sona reach home. Dev says he cannot face her. Sona says auntyji is not at home. He says he means Suhana, her heart is so pure, he does not have courage to face her. She considers him as world’s best papa, but he is not. Sona asks him to stop thinking much and takes him in. Soha sees Dev and gets happy. She then tells him to go and rest as he looks tired. Elena reminds her of her plan. Soha says papa is tired and let him sleep. Dev leaves. Golu calls him, but he does not listen and leaves. Golu gets sad. Sona asks what is her plan. Soha says she came to know today is mama and papa’s wedding anniversary day, so she prepared cake for them. Sona says she is blessed to have her in her life, will call Dev. Soha says let it be. Sona when she can do so much for them, why can’t they do a little bit for her. Soha says okay, call papa and change ur dress also. Sona leaves. GKB and Vicky stand fuming.

Dev reaches his room and reminisces his childhood where his mother is humiliated repeatedly and he getting angry and asking why don’t she connfront. Ishwari asks him to study well and become so rich that he can confront whole world.

Ronita’s mother calls her and starts brainwashing her against Asha and suggests to try and get Sona out of house soon. Ronita warns to stop poisoning her mind and disconnects call. Sourav hears everything standing near door, enters in and happily hugs her and says he did good deed in last life that he got her as wife.

Sona walks into Dev’s room and sees him emotionally talking to Ishwari’s photo that he always troubled her and since 7 years, he troubled her more, how he can regain her trust. Sona consoles him and says he is just like Ishwari, he is a good son and a good person. Dev cries that he lost his mother’s trust and don’t know how to regain it. She continues consoling her and says he has to go in front of Soha again. Dev says he cannot face Soha as he does not want to disappoint her. Sona says he is a good father and she trusts him. She continues that Soha knows about their wedding anniversary and arranged a surprise for them, so he has to go. They both walk in front of Soha. Sona recites a poem for her papa and showing greeting car wishes happy anniversary mamma papa. Dev and Sona hug her emotionally. Vicky and GKB stand fuming silently.

Precap: Dev tells Sona whatever happened today, he is very happy, looks like they did not separate at all. Sona says they both are here and things will move on. He says it will take time, but things will set right.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Priya9876

    Bubble Bubble!!!
    My blood is boiling after listening those dev’s lines…”7 saalo tak tera dard nhi baata”?
    Tell me 1thing aapki maa ne aapka dard baata??????
    Kavi maana ki aap jis PAINFUL SITUATIONS se gujar rahe ho wo uski wajh se hua hai……
    * Dard nhi baata my foot *
    ( Dard tha hi kya jo baatoge, ja k usse pucho na jiske ghar chori kar k aayi thi aur uski wajh se ek ladki ji shadi tut gayi )

    Bana diya fir se bhagwan us chudail ko…?

    Makers Makers!
    Kyaa fydaaaa khatri ko lane ka jab hum ek acha wala scene hi nhi dekh paye?
    Wo scene jiske maine sapne dekhe the???
    mere sapno pe tsunami la di ????????????????

    Ar ye sona v JAGAT MAATA banne lagi fir se….??

    Only n only precap was soothing…
    After watching precap thodi acchi neend aayegi…?

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      I agree….khatri ka comeback aise waste jaane diya….but he will return soon I hope.
      I really didn’t expect ki dev ish ko defend karega for that chori waala matter… But alas….usne toh saara blame hi apne sar le liya…. MAHATMA DIXIT??…
      Sach mein precap dekh ke hi thodi khushi mili….nahi toh aaj ka episode bahut boring laga mujhe

      1. Aamu

        Haa dev ko to is budhiya ko dhakke maar kar bahar nikal na tha..
        Or ye to ishwari bhajan gaata ho gaya?

        N sona b yaaar…
        Hamari wish puri nahi ho saki…
        Lekin sam di….pls ek request ek os or likhdo na…!!
        Pls usme pagal budhiya ki izzat utar dena pls…….
        I m now very sad wid d epi today..
        How ca dev defend her..??
        N upar se sona b..???????
        Huh..pls sam di..
        Muah i love u….
        I know app meri baat nahi taalogi..☺???☺?

      2. Sahi Bol rahe aap sb.No use of Khatri track.But why do I feel something ll happen 4 sure which ll put him away from Ishwari.He needs to realise Ishu manipulation.Ishu ll realise her mistake only after RR n Vicky exposure.

    2. Riti1107

      Maine pehle hi bola tha ki makers ka bada pyaar hai Ishwari se
      Wo kuch aisa karenge ki log Ishwari Chalisa gaayenge
      But hum buddhu nahi hai
      Chor chor hota hai

  2. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today epi is awesome
    Dev acting nailed today epi

    Thanks MA finally you got time & updated fastly
    Thanks for being listening our request & aajke liye tussi great ho rozana jaldi update karo

    Moreover sona outfit is mindblowing thanks mamta mam for giving supers outfit for sona in the show after leap

  3. Abbaaa
    Ab zara accha dikhra
    Magar kya ishwari devi accha rehne dengi?
    Kya Ex GKB aur vicky khamosh baithenge?
    Soha is best
    Ab zyaada roona dhoona nakko
    Aagey abi kitta roona hai ki dono ku

  4. Neha1

    Today’s episode was full of Emotions….??but good…!

    specially when Sona-Dev came down for Soha, when she recites a poem for her dad…??????????

    Poor Golu for few past time Dev was avoiding Golu….plz Dev senti mat ho or Golu-Soha-Sona ko attention do…!

    Waiting for 2mrrow’s episode….! 2mrrow they’ll celebrate Anniversary full of joy and happiness…! And Old Devakshi are back now…! Very Happy.?????????

  5. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Dev Dev Dev for heaven’s sake plz stop blaming yourself ???? n stop this maata jaap of yours???
    Though it’s only been two episodes but I can’t take it anymore….
    Maine pichle 7 saalo mein ma ko bahut dukh diye hai!…..lyk seriously dev??
    Aur Jo unhone kiya uska kya…..baar baar Jo tum sab ko 7 saal 7 saal bolna pad raha hai……uski main wajah hi toh Aapki maata ji hain….yeh baat aapke bheje mein kyu nahi ghusti….uffo main fed up ho gayi hu ab toh!

    Ab plz sona aur soha ko time do….jee lo unke saath jab tak halweshwari vaishno devi mein hai…..ab waapis jaayegi toh bhagwaan jaane kya hoga….hari om tat sat!

  6. Ngkrishnakumari

    Eagerly waiting tommorow epi especially devakshi scene

    Khatri ayitoh sirf halwashwari ko mahan banane keliye
    Agar wo jailse bail milkar devakshi par kuch pareshan na karne aye because after 7year devakshi had started their feeling for love

  7. Waiting to see how they rekindle their relationship

  8. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today Ma posted update so fastly comparing with many days

    For this excitement i want to comments more & more in today epi we all known that halwashwari is busy in her yatra but where is mamaji?

    Makers only soha & sona change her dresses but dev & all in same dresses

    1. Aamu

      Are yeh to tufaan k aane se pehle ki shaanti hai..
      Pagal budhdhi aayegi..n firse apna natak shuru kar degi….
      Mera bas chale to me usko yatra par hi
      Khun kar su..buddhi
      Aayegi or firse band bajayegi hamare devakshi k bih?

      1. Why do I feel ds time we ll get to see different Dev. I never let her daughter away from himself.He has to put efforts to win back Sona in his life Nd make Ishu understand dat Sona is equally important for him.He can’t live without her.

  9. Shaheer is doing shows in Indonesia too..
    And I’m afraid that after Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi he could settle in Indonesia ..
    Hope that he will do Shows in India too..

    1. Rekhadhir

      Ye to halt hai kam karna hai to karo ..wahan bs nhi na jao priyanka ki trah….????

  10. Dessertqueen

    The Episode was nice and emotional.. But that Radharani.. ?

    Dev and Sona make a lovely pair.. It is soo nice to see Sona suporting Dev emotionally and mentally..

    And shaunita is lovely too…

    I just hope, Golu does not turn negative.. 🙁

    By the way guys, I have written an OS on Devakshi.. Please do give it a read, and drop in your valuable comments… 🙂

    I will try to update my fanfiction sooner.. I know those already following that might be very upset and angry with me.. 🙁 but exams are on.. And health does not cooperAte..

    Love you all.. ?

    1. Aamu

      Wah..! Sachchi kal kaa dev kaa maaata jaap sunkar dimag kharab ho gaya tha…
      N tumhari news sunkar…big smile?

  11. Priya9876

    #SonyTV: #YehMohMohKeDhaage 0.3, #PeshwaBajirao 0.4, #Hanuman 0.6, #JaatKiJugni 0.3, #Beyhadh 0.7, #KuchRangPyarKeAiseBhi 0.7 (1/2)??

    1. Shahina

      wow that is gr8.KRPKAB brings smile on my face everyday.
      i just wonder how come people watch beyhadh.(the show was superb till arjun’s proposal to maya, it was TOLERABLE till arya marriage , but became a TOTAL CRAP after that)
      but still it manages to be top rated fiction show of sony.

  12. I want to mention one thing that no one can able to create problem in couples life unless or until they will not faith n trust on themselves. Sona and Dev both recognize that in yesterdays episode.
    So, in my opinion, it is not required to just blame or others for their separation.

  13. Palaklunkad

    What is Ishwaris truth. What crime did she do

    1. Riti1107

      Gali gali me shor hai Ishwari devi shor hai

      She stole 5 lakh rupees from a house in which the daughter’s marriage was to take place
      She did this apparently to pay Dev’s school fees

  14. Pritha

    Sona ki dress change hui..ultimately…uss banarsi kurta or skirt ki whole sale shop se chutkara mil hi gayi…sona ko bhi aur hume bhi.???
    Episode bohot acche tha..par Dev babu ke mataji ki bhajan japna…uff pata nehi kab isse chutkara milegi.??????

    Please “Hinglish dictionary of alien version” I have a requset for u…itna sab kuch toh kiya…ab plz khatri ke sath milke thoda mataji ko pareshaan karo plz plz…shayad tab mataji ke akal thikane aa jaaye…nehi toh yeh dev babu mataji ko kuch bolne se rahe…aap hi mataji ke patta ko aur unhe jail bhejo…ya phir jahan ho sake bhejo..I request you….????????

    1. Priya9876

      Uss maata jaap k bina jitna enjoy kar sakte the humne kar liya, after leap in these 2-3 months…. Ab sochiyooo v matttt ki kavi chutkara milega……
      Never ever..!! Till the end…!!!

      Nd yea now I only wish ki Mamta Ma’am bass new dress ki line laga dey Dr. Sonakshi Bose k ??

      1. Priya9876

        Ke liye*

  15. Rekhadhir

    Ye to galt hai writer ne ishwari ko phir bhagwan bna diya…..

  16. Sona nailed today’s episodes love u sona devakshi is back.

    1. yesss ur absolutely right our devakshi is back

    2. i am also a big fan of KRPKAB and devakshi

    3. as i am new comer will u be my friend

    4. i also want to join in this family

  17. atlast found a answer why Katapa killed bahubali… crazy bahabuli fan

  18. Akanksha bhardwaj

    Episode was good….sona is just awsm….bt still i m not completely happy.
    I kne dev abhi emotional..wo phirr meri maa mahan wle track pr chla gya h….bt jitna concerned wo apni maa k liye ho rha h…jitna apni maa ko smjh rha h….utna ya uska half bhi kbhi usne sona k strugle, sona k pain ko smjha?
    Ittna kuchh hone k baad bhi sona smbhal rhi dev ko…aansu pochh rhi h uske…this is called love….na ki dev k jaise majnu bnn jana bt tym aane pr kuchh na krna…
    Ab ye mahan maa bete ka bht ho gya emotional drama….bt sona k pain nd uske sttrugle pr bhi thoda focus krna chahiye….
    Dev ne mnn me ek baar ni aaya k sona ne kya kuchh bear kiya hoga…
    Wo apna pain btati ni h dkhati ni h to kisi ko yaad bhi ni aati uski….
    Dev nd uski maa ka strugle sona k sath kiye gyy bad behaviour….usko outsider feel krana….dev k itne harsh words…prenup..uske ghr wlo ko nikalna….ghr k bahr se waps bhejna inn sb ko justify nhi krta….
    Abhi bhi uska dill itna bda h k usne maaf kr diya dev ko smbhal rhi h usko bt koi guarantee nhi h k tym aane dev uske sath khda hoga ya nhii……
    Its higj tym k for that dev should be concerned towards sona’s pain her strugle…dev ko yaad aay k bs ek wo nd uski maa hi nhi h jinhe pain hota h…sona bhi h….ab sona dev ko smbhal rhi h…nd as precap se expect kr skte h k ab normal ho rhi h cheeze bt i really don’t want k iss sb me sona k pain ko dikhana bhool jay cvs…agr aisa hua to incomplete rhh jayga sb kuchh….woii baat ho jaygi phirr to k sona pyar krti h dev se to usne maaf kr diya usko kyuki dev se pyar na krne ka to option hi nhi h…phirr se sona soche sb k baare me dev k uski family k…bt sona k liye koii nhi h…jo typically indian houses me hota h…bahu krti jay sb kuchh…ldki se hi expect kro k wo maaf krde….bt jb uske zrurt ho to phirr koi ni h uske pass.

  19. satie singh jee

    Perfect Just Perfect but Ishwari will be back to mess thing up for sure

  20. Rekhadhir

    Kisi me note kiya woh dono kaise ek dusre ki fingers ke sath khel rhe the….???

    Woh to script main nhi hoga……

    Love is in the air…..

    1. Priya9876

      Yup dekha Twitter pe…

      1. Rekhadhir

        Maine bhi twitter pe hi dekha tha???

    2. Shahina

      i too saw that in twitter.
      yup… love is in the air

      1. Varalakshmi

        thanks for the link

      2. sammy di what is this??????
        Whatever gesture happened,it reveals that love is blooming..
        Tq sooo much di for the link.. ??

    3. Riti1107

      Na na ye to bhole baache hain
      Jo baat hi nhi karte set k bahar

      1. Rekhadhir

        Bs insta par ek dusre se youtube channel ka add mangte hai???????

  21. What rubbish??
    Maa ka dard nahi baata? I mean really all parents take pain in bringing up their children. Yeh duniya ki pehli maa nahi hai.

    And how can u cover her crime? Just because she’s your mother?? I mean it’s silly why will khatri not show that CD to police and get Ishwari arrested? Tumhare ghar ki police hai kya ki bola ki Mrs Dixit ka naam nahi aana chahiya and she is free for life.

    Maa maa maa… What nonsense!!! Does this cover up all evil she has done to separate Dev and Sona? Why’s Sona becoming Maata protecting everyone?

    Plz makers, give a break to this bigdi maa and blind maa ka ladla

    1. Devga

      Absolutely u r right…. Hw can v fans forget her evil doings to seperate DEVAKSHI….. And how writers believe us to forgive her tht witch tht rakshashi tht double or triple faced monster in name of MOTHER,…..

  22. Devga

    I missed the precap on television … So I went on to set india and downloadedit and thought of viewing it now….

    U all wil not believe I was sitting on my bed and watching precap and was awwww sona how beautiful smile on ur face was it natural bcz shah is back right …. Anyways let this b ….

    The next scene he was gonna hug and she was gonna shake hands …. Tht time I just don’t knw i BLUSHED and started swaying in my bed like mad hugging my pillow and shouting laughing … I even bit my pillow …. Haha …. Then I remembered I must share my happiness or should I say madness to someone and its u all …. .

    @priya thank u … My exams went on well….

  23. oh , felt sad seeing golu and dev sad. precap is so good , cant wait to see the epi . precap mein stop kyun kiya , hug kar lete , kitna accha lagta . golu will get influenced by bad people , hope elena tells him that his big cha will love him forever . sona believes in dev , that is enough for devakshi to get united completely now .

  24. precap is too good… but unhe rukna nahi chahiye tha yeh sochkar ki vo ab alag h….i mean vo toh kabhi alag ho hi nahi sakte ….means kabhi soul ke bina body ko jinda rehte dekha h…they both r soul to each other’s body…devakshi r perfect just perfect soulmates….their love for each other is unconditional…love devakshi so much….hope vo rukne ke baad bhi hug karle… plz ek baar kar lo na…sari duriya katam ho jayegi….

  25. Riti1107

    Koi mujhe ye samjhao Dev ro kyu raha tha??
    Chori ki uski maa ne
    Uska business chori ke paiso pe khada hai
    Kisi ki shaadi todi Ishwari ne
    To fir
    Isme Dev bura beta kaisa hua??
    Kya bakwaas logic tha ye

    Khatri ka aana waste hua
    Ishkhat to mile hi nahi

    1. Priya9876

      Totall bakwas tha pata nhi kis baat pe rona aa raha tha… chalo rona aa jata h kavi kavi but sara blame apne upar lena ye kaisi mahanta hai bhaiee………..

      nd ab to mujhe v lag raha hai ki khatri fillers track tha…

    2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Yaar riti him dev ko kitna bhi pasand kar lein….but at the end of the day woh hai toh ishwari ka hi beta na…..illogical baatein karna toh uske khoon mein hai….kya kar sakte hai…
      Aur dekhna khatri aayega….zaroor aayega….apni ishu se Milne aayega??

    3. Rekhadhir

      Mujhe bhi samjh nhi aaya ki kyun roya dev …..I mean main use rote hue aise ankhe phad phad ke dekh rhi thi ki ye Banda ro kyun raha hai….???

      Pehli baar dev ko rota hue dekh kar mujhe Rona to aaya par gussa bhi bhut aaya ….ki aap to bematlab ka ro raha hai or mujhe bhi sath main rule raha hai….

  26. Varalakshmi

    mujhe episode se zyaada precap acha laga waiting for today’s episode

  27. Priya9876


    Omg guys see kya hua haiiiii????????????


    Like seriously ho kya raha ha bhieeeeeee ?????

    Shaheer ko Makeup tutorial kyu dekhna hai??????????????
    ok Shah ki behne Erica ka Makeup tutorial post LIKE karti hai to samjh aata hai….. Aaj to Raies ne v kar daala ?????

    1. Rekhadhir

      In ko tution leni hai kyun ki Kai baar koi roll aa jata hai ladki bnne ka…..phir khud se tyaar honge…..

      1. Priya9876

        Haaan right????????

  28. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Read this thread and die laughing


    Shaheer babu ab toh had hi ho gayi….matlab off screen baat karne ko nahi milta toh video dekh ke hi kaam chalana pasta hai….hai na?????

      1. Rekhadhir

        ????or Kya sammy ye log

      2. Rekhadhir

        Yaar galti se post ho gya

    1. Rekhadhir

      Ye log hame kitne bevkuf bnayege…..costar hai baat nhi karte par Ek dusre ke YouTube channels ka add mangte hai Ek dusre ko defend karte hai….

      Ek ne to tag kar ke dono ko Bol Diya ki ab bta bhi ki relation main ho……

      Dev ne kisi marriage arranger ko follow karna shuru kiya……..

    2. Priya9876



    3. Priya9876

      Isse pehle wala thread padha tha ya nhi????
      Usme too tag v kardiya tha Shah ko..???

      1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        Haan padha tha na…????

  29. Yeah m too not happy with yesterday’s episode..phirse dev ma ma ma karne lag gaya..??? n why he is taking the blame himself..when things come to being a good son i feel dev is the best son..he did everything he cud do for his mother..even left his love..den why he is taking the blame..yes its true he cudn’t become a good husband but son..he was best..

    Anyways m too much excited for the precap????

    1. Me too angrita ????

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