Kasam 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

On the way back, Rohit comes to meet Tanuja. He asks her for help, he agrees his parents tried to sell love but love has no value.
At home, Naitra was working with vegetables. Rishi looked for Tanuja from upstairs. Naitra tells John to make chapati’s. Tanuja returns home saying she must do all the work, else she will be assigned some more tasks. Naitra moves behind Tanuja with knife held at her, Rishi calls Tanuja. Tanuja turns around and warns Naitra. Rano comes as her savior there. Tanuja warns Naitra not to order John again. Rishi comes there and asks Naitra for some water. Tanuja tells Naitra to keep on with her work and asks Rishi if he wants something else. Rishi demands to talk to Naitra in loneliness. Tanuja makes up that her feet are hurting. Rishi takes Naitra outside, hand in hand in front of Tanuja. Tanuja was worried about what they are going to do alone and comes behind them. They were laughing together. Rishi looks towards the door and cheers that she is jealous, then heads towards the room. Tanuja wonders what they are going to do in the room.
In the room, Naitra asks Rishi why he brought her to the room. Rishi brings a red saree from wardrobe. He asks for her help to correct its folds with him else Tanuja would be very angry at him. Tanuja gulps her anger as they walk close. Naitra tells Rishi I really like you, Rishi smiles saying I like you too, he loves the people who speak their heart out. He hands the saree to Naitra. Tanuja finally enters the room shouting at Naitra and tells her to go downstairs and prepare food for others, she snatches the saree back from her. Rishi sends Naitra downstairs, then smells something burning. Tanuja says if Naitra comes to her room again she would surely burn this room. Rishi says alright, he would go to Naitra’s room. Rishi hears Tanuja saying his jealousy would surely reveal one day.
At home, Divia questions Nakul where he is leaving for. Nakul asks for Ahana’s help, Divia says Smiley committed such a mistake only because Ahana let her free. Everyone interrupts Divia but Divia insists that whatever Smiley did was wrong. Rishi spots Smiley crying as she heard this all near the stairs. Rishi brings her to them, he says they all know Smiley did wrong. Tanuja took a decision that Smiley won’t live with Rohit and won’t abort her child. He is with Smiley and if someone speaks about Smiley again he won’t spare her. UV promises Smiley no one would speak a word to her again, he tells Divia to leave for her parents if she still has a problem. Divia goes inside. UV apologizes Ahana from Divia’s side.
UV gets a call and goes to a side. He was planning a meeting and says he will bring the quotations, although he thought Tanuja’s assignment would contain the quotations.
Bee ji comes to show them a car on laptop. Rohit enters the house. Manpreet comes to shout at Rohit, Rohit disgraces him to be a beggar. Rohit accepts his family committed a mistake. Raaj asks if he came to apologize so they get a license to beg. Rohit says he came to meet Tanuja. Rishi was dragging Rohit outside, Tanuja comes there and asks Rishi to leave his house. She announces she has hired Rohit, he is her new secretary and will stay here with them. Everyone was shocked. Rano was in a disbelief and says Tanuja won’t let a single chance to disgrace them, she decided herself not to marry him with Smiley but if he comes here daily Smiley would be hurt. Tanuja says it wasn’t Rohit’s mistake for what his parents did. Rano asks if she has forgotten how much his parents insulted them. Rishi was with Rano and tells Rohit to leave. Tanuja says he is her secretary, she insists there is a reason she appointed him. If someone has a problem, he may also resign from the company. She will appoint someone else in his place. Everyone was in a shock. Tanuja takes Rohit outside.

PRECAP: Rishi asks Tanuja if she has a problem with him he will forgive her as she did earlier. Tanuja tells Bee ji that its UV who is betraying them. Raaj hears this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Looking precap I also think so ….. but how cud uv do this VERY INTERESTING STORY

  2. Sunanda12345

    Nyc episode….tanuja jealous… and rishi expressions r superb….

  3. Owsome episode

  4. Story is going an interesting way

  5. Nice episode

  6. Tanuja’s malkin avtar really suits on her personality ?

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