Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi gets happy to see Kiara’s DNA report

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Nikhil that he can talk big, but he doesn’t love her. She sees Dadi coming there and asks Nikhil to hide. He hides behind the car. Dadi asks Tanu with whom she is talking to and says she heard her saying that he doesn’t love her. Tanu says I said, but I was talking to God. Dadi says I saw you waiting for someone and asks if she is responsible for attack on Pragya and says if you are guilty then I will throw you out of this house. Dr. Anjali gets the lab doctor’s call and he tells her that Abhi is biological father of Kiara. Dr. Anjali thinks she will not be scared of Nikhil and will tell truth to Abhi. Abhi applies ointment to Pragya. Dadi brings haldi milk and asks Abhi to make pragya drink. King gets upset seeing Abhi taking care of Pragya. Abhi asks Pragya to drink slowly. Tanu tells Aaliya that one flower and two gardener. Aaliya says Abhi and King’s hatred are increasing. Dr. Anjali gives the report to someone and asks him to give the report to Abhi in the morning, and tells that someone wants to snatch the report, but don’t give to anyone. Dr. Anjali thinks to call Abhi and tell him. Abhi’s phone rings. Tanu picks the call. Dr. Anjali tells that she is Abhi’s fan. Tanu asks who is she? Dr. Anjali ends the call. Tanu searches for her number, but it is locked. She thinks if she was fan or someone else. King thinks who wants to kill Pragya and who has problem from her. Purab comes to Disha. Disha asks if FIR is fired. Purab says Abhi filed it. Disha says good. Purab thinks of their conversation and hugs her. Disha asks what happened? Purab says sorry and tells that he didn’t give any wrong impression to Aaliya. He apologizes. Disha says I am sorry and says I shall understand that you will not do anything with wrong intention. She says I am wrong.

In the morning, Pragya recalls Abhi’s care for her and wishes to call him. She thinks she wants to return to him, but it can’t happen. Abhi waits for 8 am and calls her. Pragya thinks I wanted to call him and got his call. She picks his video call. Abhi says I am worried for you and that doesn’t mean that I was waiting to call you at 8 am. Pragya says you would have call in the afternoon. He asks about his bandage. Pragya says it is fine as Mr. Singh does it. Abhi says King? Pragya says you worry for the bandage. Abhi says he can’t see her in pain and asks her not to look at him else he will fall in love again. Pragya tells that King cared for me at your house. Abhi says I lifted you and took you to my room etc. Pragya says he asked me not to get up. Abhi says what your King have done? He says I am coming to meet you. Pragya says Mr. Singh. Abhi says this name will not come on your mouth, I know that you loves me and I stay in your heart. He says here also, same feelings….He says I love my fuggi.

Purab asks Sunny to study hard. Disha says we shall not pressurize kids to study. She gets Purab’s call and cancels his appointment. She tells that she will attend an event by Narendra Modi on kids’ education. Purab thanks her. Disha asks him to thank Narendra Modi. Door bell rings. Dr. Anjali’s assistant comes there to give the report. Tanu is applying nail polish and thinks why nobody is going to open the door. Dadi is going to open the door, but Tanu scolds her to go fast. Dadi asks her to go then….Tanu opens the door. Doctor’s assistant comes there and says he wants to meet Abhi. Tanu scolds him and tells that her nail broke. Dadi asks him to meet Abhi. He drops the envelope. Tanu picks and gives to him. Dadi asks him to go to Abhi and asks Tanu about the age of the nail. Tanu says 3 months. Dadi asks her to grow her nail again.

Abhi is in his room and looks at Pragya’s pic. He thinks he is bored of her pic as it doesn’t say anything. He thinks he wants to hear her arguments and his life has become boring without her. He says someone said right that there is no life without wife. Dr. Anjali’s assistant knocks on the door and comes inside. He tells that Dr. Anjali sent him and gives the DNA report. Abhi opens the envelope and sees the report. He gets happy.

King tells Abhi that he didn’t listen to Chachi when she told that he has feelings for Pragya. He asks him if he has feelings for Pragya or not?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pragya ko abhi se baat hi nahin karni chahiye….agar aaj tanu madam MM me hain toh sirf aur sirf abhi ki wajah se….pragya pe attack tanu hi kar deti…agar log use dekh bhi lete toh sab apni aankhen band kar lete

  2. The tuna fish is not caught. Swarni Dadi is told that tuna fish was talking to God. A minor god of Hell, perhaps. Tuna fish and Aliyah take up their usual position just outside of Abhi’s room. Hoping that Pragya will suffer, will die with any luck. Tuna’s deep voice continues to amaze. We are reassured that she makes every effort to no longer appear as a 5 year old s*x kitten. The well-earned reputation just will not be forgotten. Pragya does her slow-blink at the right moment as she converses with Abhi on the phone. Abhi informs her that he knows about Pragya still loving him. She doesn’t disagree, She doesn’t hide the pleasure she has in hearing those words. Fool. Disha lectures Purab regarding education for Sunny. Then Disha advertises an event being put on by India’s prime minister. So, Ekta Aunty’s political reach grows, through her favours. Tuna b*t*hes about her nails to a man delivering a letter. Oh yes. Some more of that ‘superior’ Mehra ‘class’, that they are so convinced that they all have. A family of criminals no less. Let’s face it, the criminal endeavours of the Mehra’s and their pet whore Tuna have never shown any ‘class’. Abhi assures us that he misses Pragya’s chatter in the house. Of course, he has forgotten all that he has done to hurt and destroy chattering Pragya. Funny how the minds of criminals work. Total memory loss of their nefarious actions. And what kind of a woman needs 3 months to grow her nails extra long? 4-6 weeks, max. Tuna can’t even do that correctly.

  3. Akituster,
    How could YOU of all d persons forget thz point, tht in KKB, a day’s event stretches for several weeks & pregnancies last for years!! ???? So you have to understand tht for once Tanu wz perhaps unwittingly spkng abt d actual shoot & telecast time ????. Ciao for now.

    1. LOL . You know I can’t stand the character of Tuna ….and Aliyah! Good one! Men are writing these lines, under the direction of the worst man of them all… Ekta Aunty!

  4. I know that the DNA report is not the right one,nikhil or someone has changed it.

    1. I don’t know Geeta. Pragya has only had s*x once in her life, possibly twice. Who else could the father be? Remember, the couple finally had s*x and then a couple of days later Aliyah helped Abhi declare Pragya dead and a jinx on the mehra criminals. Well, yeah, anybody honest would be a jinx on the mehra criminals. Pragya needs to re-install her brain or at least reboot (professional counselling for Stockholm Syndrome) it so that she makes her choices on the total reality not Abhi’s momentary feelings of self-pity, which he is labelling as ‘love’. He ‘married’ Tuna. he should be living up to his expectations. But we know Abhi. He marries women to seek revenge or out of some supposed guilt. He does not marry for love. You simply cannot trust this brute. His momentary ‘deep’ feelings change as quickly as the cartoons on t.v. This brute is incapable of depth. He doesn’t have a chance unless Tuna and Aliyah are dead.
      He should be forced to live in the same room as his wife Tuna. Pragya could be hired to teach Tuna how to make his coffee. Maybe the fumes from the nail polish remover and the polish will wake him up to his very own stupidity and his pathetic reality. A criminal like him should only be allowed supervised visits with off-spring. He should pay for armed guards for the child. She needs to be protected from Abhi’s wife and sister. The wife and sister who should either be dead, locked away in isolation or in Libya serving the needs of the terrorists. They would all understand each other so well. Maybe Ekta Aunty can start a campaign to help terrorists have their needs fulfilled. After all, Ekta Aunty wants to celebrate and normalize domestic terrorism daily! And she does! Ekta Aunty loves domestic terrorism. It shows in her work. You don’t need brain-mapping to figure out someone’s mind. You simply need to see what and how they produce. Their actions, their energy, tell the truth. I would like to see Abhi have s*x with his wife, Tuna. (not literally) She might clamp down and never let him go. That would be hilarious. Pragya’s happiness is a joke. it doesn’t exist. So, let Tuna get happy! Maybe then, Abhi will kick Tuna out forever. And hopefully Pragya will grow up and finally deal with the Stockholm Syndrome, that she continues suffers from, still.

      1. Do u even think abhi married that sl*t even for guilt what is there to be felt guilt on her for even this is all for audince if u see his face om that anniversary day and his dialogues everything are true ,can u say it as fake no na he loves her truly that we know na this change is all for audince for her I don’t know what even actually she is his first love na how can a loved person be turned in guilt wife by her first loved man these all are due to only negative comments from audince on that first three days if u c these days and that three days has more diff that those are the real days these days if him saying he loves her(pragy)and caring everything is only for audince sake that it ,that she(tanu) is asusal only as his wife except not wearing mangalsutra for viweree and sharing room (viewers)secured only as his wife but due to audince only this forced room doeration him saying I m not married to pragya even thing is only due to his charcter been damaged and literally killed on that days I can’t see anything other that that is the main reason he says he cared for her (fake )everything I don’t know when the seuak going to end seriously I can’t see it any more withstanding that b*t*h ajd her friend.what to do can’t see this crap anymore.if there wasn’t any negative reviews on that three days it’ssure according to abhi dialous in his frist three days of leap they might have surely had s*x with each other the good ting is that they don’t have child with them that it that is themajor drawback

  5. Someone should remind Abhi that his beloved Fuggi is dead. He killed her the day his Dadi died. What Tuna fish and Aliyah could not accomplish, Abhi did accomplish. Maybe he should be feeling some guilt about that. But no…. he feels guilt over the Tuna fish.

  6. Hullo Ishu, Yes I think that Abhi ‘loves’ Tuna fish. For what the poor boy understands to be ‘love’. Please remember that Dadi chose Pragya to basically replace herself. Abhi needed a mother and that is what Dadi brought him. A mother-wife who would help him grow up so he would not be influenced by bad people. Of course the exercise was bound to fail as Dadi did not have all the honest information and was unaware that two psychopaths were running the show, just a couple of bedrooms away. Anybody who had a wife like tuna fish, is going to miss their mother or another human with an actual heart. Tuna fish doesn’t have a functional heart. It was eaten up by greed even before Pragya arrived. And Abhi, will never understand or experience love until he removes the leeches that prevent him from becoming his own man. he’s over 40. Doubtful, it will happen unless there is an extreme change in his attitude. He has been too well trained to obey Aliyah and Tuna. Even though he disregards Tuna currently, he will always hop back on that train because the damn train just circles around him. Abhi knows the facts of his history with these three women. Abhi is just having a moment of rebellion. He favours Tanu. She gets everything she wants. Pragya gets beaten, humiliated and called manoos, a lot. As soon as he starts beating on Pragya (lying about his efforts to steal Kiara…and Pragya… it’s begun) then Tuna becomes more attractive. Pragya needs to grow up as well. She might understand eventually, words like boundaries, self-respect, dignity and finally understand that Abhi is a complete and total loser who is very dangerous for her health and Kiara’s health. All injuries occur in the MM or when a Mehra is nearby. What kind of an idiot mother doesn’t figure that out by the third accident. Oh yes, I do agree, they changed the track a few days after the leap especially because of viewer discontent. The body language between Abhi and Tuna fish in those first days was a couple sleeping together. The production crew do watch viewer reaction closely. that’s what all these sites are about…twitter etc. Just a means to check to see what/where the consumers are showing reactions. Hopefully, more consumers will stop reacting and begin to respond or critically view the production. It’s always good to dream.

    1. S chi what even j pity for shabir playing abhi who.is even slammed with leena like anything its show we know due to that b*t*h stay he has been slammed like anything with her disgusting s but what surprising me is didn’t know y did he didn’t cared for tuna to get her pregnant when he shared room with her sleeping in one bed what even dontt know whether they had any intimation were those 7 yrs jsnt enough to care for her to get her pregnancy ,but can’t say anything after this i will stop with his its disgusting to tell more n’t
      i was just thinking sunny has tabu and abhi
      on the anniversary celebration saying “finally we are united “is this mot means these three planned to make her get out of the house really just i got my driver over nuts seriously for that he also happy smiled i and here this female lead pragya i don’t have words to say she is it ratting disgusting and not even have any self respect fit het no dignity what even shit id that even a show i wonder

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