Naagin Season 3 26th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bela gives Naagmani to Sumitra, Rinki kills Vish

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Naagin Season 3 26th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela and Vikrant go deep inside the sea and come in human avatar. Vikrant says you have chosen a good place to hide Naagmani. Bela says I wanted to keep it safe and I couldn’t find a better place than this. They come inside and find Mahadev’s idol with many snakes around him. Vish calls Mahir and asks where are you? Alek picks the call and comes there, says he is very far. Sumitra and Ramona also come there, with vultures team. Rinki, Amita and her son come there. Vish asks where is Mahir? Sumitra asks her not to shout else she will be killed. She says you want to stay with my useless son. Vish says it is good that he broke up with you. Ramona says you will be dead. Sumitra asks where is Bela? Vish says do whatever you want, but I will not tell you. Sumitra says question was wrong and asks where your friend Bela went to get Naagmani. She says you do childish games. Sumitra says they have went, but I didn’t as I am planning more big. Vish asks where is Mahir? Sumitra says you are part of my plan and says if they come to save you. She makes her eyes snaky. Vish also changes her eyes as snake and turn half snake. Ramona and Alek become snake. Sumitra throws bel patr on Vish. Vish falls down. Bela tells Vikrant that the naag and naagin are naagmani’s rakshak and even bholenaath himself. She folds her hand and prays to Mahadev. Vikrant also folds his hand. Naagrani’s crown comes on her head. Bela prays to Mahadev and tells that her loved one is in danger and she needs Naagmani to save him. She asks him to accept her plea. Naagmani comes in Bela’s hand. Bela thanks him and says I promise that I will return this Naagmani back to you after protecting that person. She promises again. Vikrant says we have to hurry up. Bela says that vultures might have told everything to Sumitra and she might have been waiting for us.

Sumitra and others are in the room. She says we have to be one step ahead of Bela. Yuvi asks if she is sure that Bela will come. Sumitra says Mahir is with us and so we will get Naagmani. She asks them to do their work. Ramona says plan is not bad. Sumitra says it is fail proof plan. They come home and see the Sumitra’s men standing. Bela says we shall go through terrace. They go to terrace and see vultures coming there. Amita says we are vultures and will be everywhere. Rinki says we were waiting for you to return. Amita asks her to look at her. She asks Bela and Vikrant to become snakes so that they..vultures will kill them. She says next will be Mahir and Vish. Bela says I will give Naagmani on a condition that you will not harm anyone and let us go. She throws the Naagmani. They bend down to pick it and it breaks. Rinki and her brother say that Sumitra will kill us. Amita says real Naagmani never breaks and says they were not real Bela and Vikrant. The fake Bela and Vikrant go to them. Bela says our friends helped them. She tells Vikrant that Kuhu had said that Sumitra gets cheap ration for Andy and Kuhu. Some guys bring the ration. Bela asks them to do the entry at the gate. They go. Bela and Vikrant become snake and get inside the basket. Sumitra opens the door and asks them to keep the ration in kitchen. She comes behind and asks them to show what is inside.

Mahir is tied and kept inside the box, while Vish is tied and kept in the water small pool. Mahir asks Vish to save him and calls Sumitra. Alek and Ramona come there and laugh seeing water filling up in the box. Vish asks them to leave them. Ramona says Bela come or not, but you will die. Alek says you have no option than to play the game. Mahir shouts and says he will drown in water. Alek asks him to drown. Ramona asks Vish to see how he drowns. Vish cries and calls Mahir. Ramona says they will reach home and will get shocked. Bela and Vikrant get out of the bags. Sumitra scolds the people bringing ration and asks them to clean the fallen ration. Vish asks Mahir to take heavy breaths and says she will do something. She tries to free her hands, but is wearing bel patr garland, so she can’t become snake. She asks bholenath to help them. Bela and Vikrant come inside and say if we were seen in the CCTV. Vikrant says no. Bela hopes to save them. Mahir asks Vish to save them. Bela and Vikrant come to the room and see Vish and Mahir missing. Bela says sumitra knew that we were not here. Vikrant says their lives are in danger. Vish falls down with chair in the water. They come somewhere and find Sumitra, Ramona, Alek, Yuvi and the vultures. Sumitra asks if they brought Naagmani. They laugh. Bela asks where is Vish and Mahir? Sumitra asks where is Naagmani and what you did with it? She says I know everything as I am mastermind. She says I know that you will fool vultures. Rohini asks then why did you shake hands with them. Bela asks where are they? Sumitra asks them to follow them. Bela and Vikrant follow them and see Mahir and Vish. They see Bel Patr on the way. Sumitra says you can’t go inside. Vish says I won’t let anything happen to Mahir. Vikrant gets angry.

Vish manages to free herself and go to the box. Sumitra asks Bela to give Naagmani to her. Vish asks her not to give Naagmani to her. Sumitra tells that Vish wants your husband to die as her husband loves you. Bela looks on and cries. Sumitra says you can’t take any more step. Bela asks her to stop the water flow. Mahir suffocates as he is about to get drown. Vish tries to climb the box. Sumitra asks her to give Naagmani. Yuvi asks Sumitra to ask Kuhu to make pakodas. Sumitra says if she would have been here, then she would have died before Mahir. They laugh. Sumitra gives commentary and says if Vish will use bel patr and risk her life to save Mahir’s life. Yuvi and everyone laughs. Bela asks them to stop the water. Vish asks Mahir to give his hand after climbing up. Alek says you will die first. Ramona says this will go on for 2 mins. Rinki says they will die. Bela asks them to stop water and says you will get Naagmani, but you have to leave them first. Sumitra says you can’t ask us to agree and says no have no option. Bela says I will give Naagmani. Sumitra asks her to hurry up and says you have no time. Bela prays and Naagmani comes in her hand. Sumitra gets happy and asks to give Naagmani. Bela asks them to free Mahir and Vish. Sumitra asks Rinki to stop the water. Rinki stops the water. Sumitra gets the naagmani. Alek congratulates her. Vish manages to take Mahir out, Rinki runs and pushes Vish in the water box. Vikrant and Bela run to save Vish. Bela runs to Mahir. Vikrant tells Vish that he won’t let anything happen to her. Vish closes her eyes. Bela asks Mahir to get up. Bela and Vikrant shouts Vish’s name. Sumitra and Yuvi laugh and tell that wicket is gone.

Sumitra and her team walk away from there. Amita asks Sumitra to give their share. Sumitra asks them to bend down and request them so that Naagrani gets some sympathy. She keeps the Naagmani and says t is so beautiful. She calls the snake and asks them to protect Naagmani . She says Naagmani is more precious than your lives. She tells that if anyone tries to touch it then will be burnt, as Bela give it in my hand, it is mine. She says lets go and do the remaining rituals. Andy and Kuhu are in the room. Kuhu says I don’t know where I have kept her rashes powder. She says Boltu knows where are her stuff? Boltu comes there and says it is in cupboard 2 drawer. Kuhu hugs him. Boltu tells that his younger brother Chintu is troubling him. Andy asks Chintu to come and scolds Boltu for pressurizing him to study. Boltu says if you don’t study then will be dead. Andy talks to Chintu and says we study and get education for ourselves. He asks him to keep on learning and tells the meaning of Fail…first attempt in learning. Kuhu says you must have taught us like this. Andy says I missed your childhood and tells that kids have to understand the books. Vikrant and Bela burn Vish’s dead body. Vikrant and Bela cry. Vikrant says I can’t do this. Bela says you have to do this. Vikrant recalls Vish and his moments.

Bela hugs Mahir. She tells Naag guru that the snakes who were taking care of Naagmani told that Vish has stolen it, but how can it be possible as she is dead. Naag guru says her soul is in this world. Vikrant asks Vish to come and take revenge from everyone, whoever has made her cry and killed her. Vish’s soul kills Rinki the same way.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Cvs is showing worst…only bela n team always suffer…in kog k pas koi power ni h kya…belparltra se bs bela n team pr effect hota h….phir se vish mr gyi or sumi n team me se koi ni…such a worst series ever

  2. Anonymousaa

    What the hell !!
    What show is this?
    This doesn’t seem like the Naagin I loved and followed. I had never thought any show could be butchered to this extent.
    Shame on you CVs….congratulations to you for this downfall.

  3. I don’t understand where the story is heading to.. But one thing is conspicuous.. This serial should end soon.. Bela is like worth for nothing but some “I will not let anything happen to Mahir” dialogues..
    Irritating.. Now Vish is dead but her soul is there.. Then she will come back to her form soon.. What on earth.. Why should one’s soul have the same face as his/her body.. Bass… It should end..

  4. Yeah.. What a concept.. Belpatra effect only on good ones.. Y can’t they use the same against other.. Sumitra belpatre mala lekhar ghomthe, par ussko koi assar nahi hai,it only hurts bela’s team..wats rubbish idea hai..?
    And please stop this faltu dialogs of Bela.. She always says ye karegi woh karegi.. Par kuch nahi kar pathe.. Such a helpless nagrani… When ruchika was nagrani in season2, shivrock suffered a lot to attack&kill her.. But,here ordinary nagin vish is becoming heroic with more power than nagrani bela.. Wat a poor script.. Just watching the show only for surbhi&anita.. Pearl has become a side character now.. A serial only for villains.. Sab ki sab faltu hogaya.. Aur precap kya..Nagin se twist hokkar dayan/Tantra story ho gaya yeh season..? Ab nagin gaya aur bhoot aaya..

  5. Lokesh

    I think u missed Narendra Modi g wala part by andy

  6. Pavan542002

    Agar buddu naagin ka award milega toh for sure bela ko he dena chaheya aur maahir ke jaise waste hero ko maine aaj tak kese bhe ahiw mein nahi dekha

    Rithik insaan hoke bhi kitna saath deta tha shivanya ko. Koi main lead itna weak hota hai kya

    Mujhe toh lagta hai Rajat(Vikranth) is main lead in this series. Bela and team out by throwing bel patr but sumi can hold that in hand. Writers ruined all the characters

  7. Pavan542002

    How many naagmani’s are there. One naagmani was guarded by shivanya and shivangi. Shiv ne suryavanshi yon ko diya tha. Toh season 3 vali naagmani kaunsi hai
    Jab shivanya aur shivangi eske raksha kar rahe the tab koi naagrani naagmani par hak jata nahi raha toh
    Toh yeh nayi naagmani hai kya aur koi suryavanshi he nahi hai es season mein

    Yamini aur sumi ka koi connection hai kya jab sumi aati hai to yamini ka tune bajta hai. Sab lig logon ke demag ke batti blast ho gaya hai

  8. Really Sumitra is such a worst woman. She tortured Mahir and vishaka a lot. It is good that vishaka saved Mahir but vishaka fell into the box. It is so sad that vishaka is dead. vishaka should not be dead and show that Mahir regains his memory back. Please don’t separate Behir pleaseeeeeeeeee…



  10. ShraddhaSharma392

    Bus yehi dekhna baki tha vish is dead again… Show is becoming bakwas weekend by weekend… And bela is the most weakest naag rani ever…. I don’t get what did ekta maam and writers thoughted before writing this weakest story..

  11. PriyaMohan

    What is going on in this series. Till now nothing good is happening to bela nd gang. Always sumitra wins. Sumitra can easily carry bel patra then why bela nd gang suffering with that? How many times vish will die? Vish was able to lift mahir from tank but why vikranth didn’t do tat when vish was in tank? He could hav took naagin form nd save vish..Why these naagins dont use their naagin form to climb..crawl.jump etc.. they are only in human form all the time. Expecting something good every week but nothing is happening.. Fed up with this serial.

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