Sajna Veh FF – Epi 22 – “Laksh to Divorce Ragini ? “

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Sajna Veh

Episode 22

@Next day

@Walia house


Swara is shown in her bed in her room. Tears escape her eyes. Prince and rohan notice it and come towards her.

Prince – di ..we wiere thinking we will make sherwanis out of ur wedding saree.

Rohan – oh..why ? u can wear the lehenga itself. U ranveer singh .

Image result for naksh singhania rohan yrkkhImage result for sanjay prince salawat

Prince – haha. Point. Di..kya kehte ho ?

Swara- ye tum dono nikhatto..jao yahan se. leave me alone !

Prince – lo bhai…bhalai ka toh zamana hi nahi raha !

Swara – tiger ?

Rohan – yeah one loves us here !

Swara – Ro !

She pulls both of their ears and keeps twisting them.

Prince – ouch di…

Swara – whats ur problem ha ?? why do u both keeps disturbing me ?

Rohan smiles and takes out a photo in his phone .

  • This is our problem.

Swara smiles. Rohan – now that’s more like our beautiful sister. They both pull her cheeks.

Swara – okay leave go and do ur work. Im fine and I need to make a phone call.

Prince – but u leave our ears na !

Swara realizes and leaves their ears, slaps their shoulders.

Related image

Swara – shararti !

She smiles…

They are about to get up  to leave. swara quickly hugs Rohan.

Image result for swasan hug

Swara – Ro..Tiger….

she then gets up and hugs Prince. !.

Related image

Prince smiles at Rohan.

@Lakshya’s room

@Raichand Mansion


lakshya is shown bersecking the room.

Sanskar – lucky. What are u doing ? will u break ur wedding photo now !! kya kar raha hai ? pagal ho gaya hai tu ?

Laksh – ha sanskar pagal ho gaya hu. Aur agar tu mere jagay hota toh tu bhi pagal ho jata !

Sanskar – lucky pls. cool down yaar. What happened ?

Laksh – what happened ? u r asking me this ? kamal hai ! kamal karta hai tu bhi !

Sanskar – laksh plz. I can understand ur words. I know ur very tensed now. I know whats going on u right now !

Laksh – no u cannot understand. And u wont understand . kyunki wo teri nahi meri biwi hai jo dursi aadmi ke saath..chi..mujhe toh sochte huew bhi sharm aa rahi hai…

Related imageImage result for sanskar maheshwari angry

Sanskar – lucky.!

Laksh – sanky. Fine. Look at me..look at me. tell me..can u imagine swara with raghav night..all intimate ?

Sanskar frowns  – Lucky !

Laksh – see..soch ke hi kaap utha hai tu..mujhpe toh guzar rahi hai ! im ashamed that Ragini is my wife.

Sanskar – I don’t know how to tackle u right now bhai. I don’t know how to ease ur pain. Ut we know er from ages. Shes nice. Shes good. U know shes not thast cheap. She cant do something so..

Laksh – u mean those papers are fake ? le maan liya. What about her confession ? she admitted it blo*dy damn it.

Lakshya kicks the table.

Sanskar – no laksh. Im not saying so., but maybe there may be somehting that we are not able to see right now.

Laksh – kya hai sanskar ? kuch nahi hai…sirf dhoka hai..dard hai.. maar dala hai aaj Ragini ne mujhe. Andar hi andar khatm kar diya hai mujhe…katm kar diya ..

He breaks down. Sanskar hugs him.



Swara and Suhana are on a call.

Swara – aur bataiye is dadi ?

Suhana – yes beta . she is better now .

Swara – so.when is dadaji coming ?

Suhana – soon beta . next week. U tell me .how is Ragini ?

Image result for gumaan laxminandan

Swara – mom..woh..she is fine . taking rest. I don’t know mom. Neither she is eating nor..she is talking. I don’t know what to do. On what side. When I look at her, I feel anger and distrust. Again, she is my best friend and I know she cant stoop so low. Mom I cant even show sanskar my face. Kis mu se mai ghar aungi ?

Suhana – cool down beta . just remember one thing. Whatver happens. Make sure, u and sanskar remain together.

Swara nods.

Suhana’s phone drops on the table. Sanskar comes running behind Laksh.

Sanskar – laksh..laksh stop.

Laksh – leave me sanskar . no one can stop me . no one !

Sanskar – laksh kar kya raha hai tu !

Suhana – lucky…beta…beta what are u doing ? ragini’s clothes and are u upto beta ?

Image result for gumaan laxminandan

Sanskar – mom see na..he is burning her stuff

Laksh – no mumma..even u cant stop me today. Mom, dad, chote dad, dadi dada, bhai bhabi no one !

Anika comes from behind and takes up Ragini’s stuff from the floor.

Laksh – aapko bura lag raha hai bhabi.? That I have thrown all ur bff’s bekongings on the floor and burning them . ? then listen,. Then I will turn these into ashes , just the way ragini burnt my , my fmaily’s reputtaion and my feelings .

Swara hears from phone call and gets shell shocked. Ragini overhears and runs to her room.

@ a few hours later

@Kunj’s room.

Kunj and twinkle are on a call.

Twinkle- I don’t know how can Ragu di do this. I mean, kunj..i mean how can anyone do this ? she loved lakshya jiju a lot . didn’t she ?

Kunj – twinkle, ab yeh to mujhe khud nahi samajh araha. U know , Lucky bhai is very close to me. like a part of me. h is just like coconut. Hard from out side and soft from inside. He doesn’t express his feelings like sanky bhai . but now is eyes are saying how much pain he is in. I cant see him like this twinkle.

Twinkle – twinkle don’t worry. Everything will be fine. And always remember one thing. Be it anyone else or not. Ill always be with you . in every situation. And also that. I will never cheat u .

Kunj – I know. Accha then. We will talk later. Take care

Twinkle – bye

Kunj – I love u

Twinkle – mai bhi tumse bohot pyaar karti hu Kunj !

Kunj smiles and hangs up.

@Cafe 24

Ishani is shown waiting. Ranveer comes.

Ishani – roody . u have taken such a long time. Kabse wait kar rahi thi mai tum hara !

Ranveer – Ishu ghar ki halat sahi nahi hai. Aise me mai tumhare saath aya hu. Yehi bohot hai. Please abhi koi nakhre nahi karna

Ishani – accha ? toh ab ye sab meri gali hai ? I just want to spend some time with u Roody and ur shouting on me !

Ranveer – a…are meri maa.shant ho ja . I have come to meet u na ..lets order something now.

Ishani makes face .

Ranveer – areh baba..ab kya ?

Ishani – I just want ur time ..kon sa hira sona manga huwa hai maine..

Ishani pouts. Ranveer laughs.

Ranveer – areh nakhrewali . firstly, time is always more priceless than diamonds and golds. And 2ndly there are problems running na..u need to understand that too .

He grabs her hand and caresses her hand.

Ranveer – and soon ur going to be a part of my family after I tell them abou us. So . u need to care about them too babes.

Ishani pouts . – hmm

Ranveer – ab yeh golgappe ki tarah mu nahi fulaake baith jaya karo yaar..

Ishani gets annoyed – ha..ha..its my habit na..i do it happily. Making face like gol gappa.

Ranveer – haw..waise ha..yeh to hai.

Ishani – huh !!!! what do u mean ???

Ranveer – hehe..yehi kke..tumhari aadat hai..golgape jaishe cute shi mu banane ki..

He pulls her cheeks,

Ishani – ahh…

Ishveer laugh .

@after a while

@Walia house.

Doc – yes. She is fine now. Perfectly fine.

Swara – thank you so much doc. Thankyou. Prince , leave her till the door.

Prince – ji di. Come doc .

Maid comes – swara bibi. U have got a call.

Swara nods – im coming.

Swara leaves.

Durga snuggles up to Ragini.

Durga cries  – di..di tum pagal ho ? agar tumhe kuch ho jaata toh ? toh mera kya hota di..i lvoe u so much di.

Related imageRelated image

Ragini – even I love u a lot baccha .

Durga – di tum aisa kyu kar rahi ho..kyun mere paapon ki saza tum le rahi ho !

Ragini  cups her face. – kyunki , bachpan mai maine tumse waada kiya tha ki mai tumhe tumhare har problem se bachaungi. Toh bass..leave it now. Isme sab ki bhalai hai.tumhari..mumma papa ki..

Durga – aur aapki ? jiju ki bhalai ? what about him ? di please.

Ragini – no durga. Now don’t repeat it again.

Durga –a nd what about u did ? u tried to suicide ? did u think even once what would happen to me ? to mom dad / to kartik bhaiya? And laksh jiju ?

Ragini – what will happen to Laksh jiju ? maine toh waise bhi andar hi andar tumhare lakshya jiju ko maar dala hai . now only he is physically alive.

Durga – whatever . promise me u wont repeat such tactics. Or else ill die.

Ragini – no baby. I promise.

She hugs her .

@After a while

@Swara’s roon.

Suhana, sanskar , ragini, prince ,swara durga are shown. Ragini is shown on bed.

Suhana – okay beta . if ur fine. Then we will leave. When I heard that u tried to kill urself. Ragini if u want to be quiet. Then ill not say naything. I don’t know true and false, but ur silence isnt gonna help. Sanskar. Come lets leave.

Suhana leaves the room.

Swara – durga..get a bowl of soup for Rags.

Durga – ji di.

Swara – prince. Listen go and bring these mds.

Prince – okay di!

Sanskar – Ragzyy… Take care

Ragini – take care Sanky

Sanskar – come home tomorrow for the divorce proceedings.

Ragini gets tearry. She avoids his eyes. She nods.

@Outside the room

Prince – durga. Why do I think that ur hiding something ?

Durga – sp what are u saying ? what will I hide ?

Prince – ur lips are concealing something Durga. But ur lips are saying everything.

Durga – ky..kya matlab.. sp. Look. Ur just thinking. Rubbish. Why..why would I ..

Prince – I feel like u don’t look at Ragu di with pity or love, instead, u look at her with guilt. Jaise ke..tum assami ho aur wo fariyadi.

Rohan calls prince.

Prince – coming bhai. We’ll discuss this later !

Durga – hmm

Durga rolls her eyes.


Swara leaves sanskar till door. Sanskar looks at her. He is about to leave when she holds him…Swara holds her ears…

Swara – baby sorry!

She holds her ears.

Sanskar nods in negative.

Sa – areh..kya hogaya ?

He removes her hands from her ears and wipes her tears…

Sanskar –  jaan tum..

Swara sobs – im sorry Sanskar. Mai tumhe chodke aise..

Sanskar cups her face – areh nahi waqt Ragini ko tumhari zarurat hai princess…aur tum kyu ro rahi ho, tum toh meri strong princess ho na ?

Swara – accha ? aur tumhe nahi hai ?? Meri zaroorat ?

Sanskar – yes sweetheart…I need u ..alot..but my jaan, ur Ragini’s strength now…

Swara  –and ur my strength!

Sanskar smiles.

Sanskar – I love u

Swara  – I love u too!!!

Swara hugs him…

Swara – I love u 2 3 4  infitinty…

Sanskar – and I love u more…

he kisses her forehead.

They smile. Sanskar leaves.

Swara – baby !

She stops him…he looks back…she runs and pecks him….

Swara – ab bye…

Sasnakr winks – bye !

He leaves.  Swara smiles !!!

@Anika’s room

@Raichand Mansion


Anika gets shivaay’s call…she gets tearry eyed..

Shivaay – Annikkaaa…I miss u…!!!

Anika starts sobbing….

Shivaay – Areh..tum….tum ro rahi ho tigress ???

Anika – I miss u too Shivaay….

Shivaay – ..shhh..bass…chup..ekdum nahi rona..warna mai bhi rodunga..

Anika smiles…-  okay baba sorry..i wont cry

Shivaay – accha..listen..i have an idea.after I come back next week, we will have a movie, dinner, n all..only 3 of us . okay ???

Anika – 3 ?

 Related image

Shivaay – yes honey . apne pet ke andar ke waale o bhul gayi kya ?

Anika laughs – hmm..thnkyou billu ji..ur really my superman. I love u so much…

Shivaay – I know.. owkhayy??!

Anika – thankyou Shivaay !!

Shivaay – welcome Anikha..…accha ab so jao…hmm.? My baby needs some rest too.

Anika – goodnight Shivaay.

Shivaay – goonigh!

Anika – uh..shivay. don’t forget to take ur vitamins .

Shivay nods n smiles.

Anika –byee !

Shivaay – Anika..

Anika – ji..shivaay ?

Shivaay – don’t cut the call. Keep it on ur belly. I want listen to him breath while I sleep.

Anika smiles and obliges.


Precap –

Ragini is about to sign divorce papers.

Prince hugs durga and she cries badly.

Anika screams in pain  !

Shivaay – mom…what happened to her ?

Anahita- oh my god. its a premature baby !

Swara gets a call.

Swara – hello ?

Arjun cries – Swara….wo..Maya !

Swara gets shocked !

The End

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Rohan Prince swara scene was cute n hilarious.sanlak scene was emotional n sad.twinj scene was emotional. ishveer nok jhok was cute.nice to here ishani calling ranveer roody. oh shocking n sad that ragini tried to commit suicide.but relief is that she is ragini is doing everything for Durga. wonder what’s the real matter.Durga ragini scene was emotional. Prince has some doubt n questions Durga which was nice.wish Durga tells everything to Prince.swasan scene was emotional sweet n romantic. loved it.shivika conversation was so were perfect

    1. NaIrA_KhAn

      thanks a lot di !

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