Kumkum Bhagya 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Purab get caught trying to steal the admission form in School

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The Episode starts with Abhi thinking he shall see a good face before starting a new work, and calls Kiara. Kiara asks him to come over to her place. Hunge Juda Na Hum plays…..Abhi looks at Pragya behind Kiara. Kiara asks Abhi to come. Abhi asks her to ask her mummy if he can come? Kiara says you met before also when I was not with you both, and says I want to make you friends. Pragya nods her head. Kiara says she said yes. Abhi says I didn’t hear and thinks that he has to go tonight to steal the admission form, and tells Kiara referring her Jaan, darling and tells that he will have party tomorrow..He says I love you. Pragya says he must be busy. Kiara says ok and gets upset. Pragya asks Kiara about the balloons. Kiara tells that Abhi gave her balloons and asked her to think about the test and

not about the result. She says he is best. Pragya thinks he is world’s best father. Kiara hugs her.

Purab and Abhi come to school in the night. Purab says we would have gone inside with the car. Abhi says we are thieves now. Purab says you would have planned earlier. They see watchman playing on his mobile. They ask him if the money is his and give him money, fool him and goes inside. Abhi tells Purab that there is a thrill here. Purab says where is thrill here and worries if they get caught. Abhi says you would have sent Disha, as she wanted to come. Purab says I came because of Disha else she would have scolded me. Watchman comes inside suspecting someone entered, looks in the room and goes. Purab and Abhi go to Principal’s cabin. Tanu fumes when she couldn’t find Abhi and thinks he is spending more time with Pragya now, and thinks I won’t let you enjoy the time. She thinks of Aaliya’s words asking her to calm down and act infront of Abhi. She throws the glass and says she can’t calm down. She says if Abhi is found in her bedroom then I will not leave him. In the principal’s cabin, Abhi asks Purab why he gets much scared. Disha calls Purab and asks if the work is done. Purab says time is needed for stealing. Disha asks him to give call to Abhi. Purab says Abhi is busy and says lock is not opening. He asks her not to call again and says he gets tensed. Abhi opens the locker’s room with a pin.

Tanu rings the door bell. Pragya thinks if Kiara wakes up again then she will not sleep. She opens the door. Tanu asks where is Abhi? Pragya says he is not here? Tanu asks what you do with him and blames her for calling him to her place. She accuses her for snatching Abhi from her. Pragya tells that it was she who snatched him. Tanu says she will go and check inside. Pragya stops her and says she is not here? Tanu says my doubt is confirmed now and goes to her room. Disha thinks once Abhi gets the papers then Kiara and Pragya come back home, and thinks Tanu have to leave them, and hopes Pragya will return to save them from dangerous and mad Tanu. Tanu pulls the blanket saying this is too much Abhi. Kiara cries and says Mamma. Pragya asks her to sleep and says mumma is here. She makes Kiara sleep. Pragya asks Tanu to leave immediately.

Pragya kisses Kiara and tells that she won’t let anything happen to her. She says I will be with you always. Abhi searches for the form and thinks of Pragya’s words that Principal locked the form in the locker. He asks can you see any locker here? Purab says no. Abhi thinks where is locker and thinks Pragya will not lie to him. He sees certificate and says OMG. They see locker behind the certificate. Abhi says thanks to pragya and says it was destiny. Purab asks him to take her to dinner. Abhi says I have fake keys and puts the keys in the locker to open it. They hear the police jeep sound and find the door locked, and lights on. Pragya senses Abhi’s life is in danger. She tells that she is worried for her papa. Kiara says he must be fine and says he asked her to take care of her.

Police comes there and opens the door. Purab says they will take us to Police station. Abhi asks Purab to run, and runs. Police catches Purab and asks Abhi to stop.

Pragya tells Abhi that she will accept his condition, but what about the past 7 years, and asks if he will bring the past and asks if she will forgive him. She says this can’t happen. Abhi holds her hand and asks her to tell what to do to make this possible.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Cathy

    Naz!!! Thank you!! im in a constant state of sugar overload AND a week behind all the stuff i should have done 2 weeks ago, but that’s me always a beat behind, LOL, i may have my grinch face on but i also love this time of year too!!

    Akituster!!! Naughty me? always. 😉

    While on the subject of Ekta..you mentioned that she’s patterned this show after her life, is there an article that you can link me to that goes into detail about this? i must admit i’m just a bit curious.

    1. Dear Cathy, I am hoping that will be my article that you link to! It is her attitude that I was referring, to. (damn a dangling something from grammar lessons). I am waiting for some material that is being forwarded to me through snail mail. I truly don’t know the quality of what is coming. That research, remains ongoing.
      And I’m off to the races as well, anticipating our Christmas ‘feast’ tonight! A very Merry Xmas to you and all those that celebrate Christmas!
      How charming to learn that the KKB crew held a Xmas staff party! It’s funny how the very normal annual Xmas staff Party across the offices of North America are being forced to call the annual event a holiday celebration but in India where celebrating Xmas is a relatively new trend, they are able to call it a Xmas Party!

      1. Cathy

        Merry Christmas to you to Akituster And Naz!! thank you for the well wishes, Lakshmi if your lurking i hope you are well..and peace to all whether you celebrate or not.

        Ah yes the PC mind set that frowns about a religious holiday..makes me twitch lol, but i say it out loud anyway. LOL,

    2. Most welcome Cathy. .enjoy the Christmas festivities dear…and chat soon 🎊🎈🎊🍷

  2. How dare disha say such a thing,so pragya is their protector wow.so selfish and whats happening to tanu,she going nuts,badging into someone else house looking for your husband,isn’t that just stupid.and anyway what was pragya saying to abhi hope she’s putting abhi in his place.

  3. Plz someone tell ekta to end the sirial as soon as possible. Is there anyone?

    1. Many have tried, Puja. But Ekta lives in a special palace. We, mere mortals, are like ants and monkeys who really wouldn’t attract her attention. She would likely say, “Stop watching” , which is a fair statement on her part. Why in heaven’s name should she change her behaviour? After all, when we comment or complain here… we are helping her. I write, even as I know that I am helping her maintain a buzz around her “stupid little show”. I too, desire an ending, to this gerbil wheel (forever going around in circles) production.

  4. Pragya watches as her daughter chats with Superman. Now that there is a theft occurring, with Purab in a white suit, the music informs us that we are watching a comedy again. Very nice to see Purab active again. The orange tornado is looking a little frightened. Good to know that the little wretch will finally get a little taste of her make-believe world finally falling apart. Clearly, her long sought after prize is still not hers. She’s known that all along but omigawd… the whole world might find out that she is a sordid little failure as a thief. liar and murderer. And of course if Abhi is with Pragya the tuna fish will punish Pragya! The little thieving twit remains a bastion of logic and rational. And as usual Pragya behaves like a total wimp. It would take one simple little trick to stop the tornado! But Pragya, everybody’s victim, everybody’s prey, just lets the little orange bimbette tornado through. Disha music fills our ears alongside her soft voice. Manipulation , even with a sweet voice is still manipulation! We watch Pragya allow the tornado wander through her home. Why hasn’t Pragya dealt with this tuna fish. We know Pragya can handle herself. Remember all the goondas. Why does Pragya become a wilted rose in front of this murdering fish? The thieving comedians return, with Abhi referring to Pragya as Purab’s sister. BulBul who was the reason for Pragya becoming “Di” has been long forgotten. And we get a taste of Pragya, maybe, perhaps demanding that Abhi become responsible for his past actions. And all I can really think of is Tuna and the Jane Fonda movie “They Kill Horses, Don’t They”

    1. Merry Christmas Akituster.. Hope you are well and enjoying the festivities as I think that you should… I have a scrumptious meal planned for today, I’ll share it with you and Cathy in my thoughts.. Just popped in to say hi to you and Cathy… 🍷🍷🍷🎉🎊🎇🎁🎁🎶🎵chat soon…

  5. Disha, disha, disha… Do u even realise hw selfish u sound? I hated ur monologue so much, like why wud pragya return to save u and ur home from tanu? That was the most ridiculous thing ever said. That woman almost died saving that stupid mehra madmen 7 yrs ago… Nd u want her to go through all that again! I can’t blv it. And cmng to the mastermind thief the abhishek mehra, when u cud just ask Kiara her birthday, why do u hv to do all this shit? Does it seem so simple, that u decided not to do it? It’s just so much of time waste to do all this nonsense when u simply can ask Kiara itself! Dumb. Just One word-dumb. I wish the pragya tries to put some sense into abhi and stop him from dng all this. And To answer his question, there is nothing that cud change what happened before 7yrs. Nothing… Not even ur sob story of being stupid and senseless, coz she already knows wat a dumbass u r.

    Anyways, Merry Christmas guys.

    1. Because disha is safer in that house without any harm unlike.prahya who sufferef in that junglian selfish dumb mehra I hate that lady to the core nowdaye she wwants her jiju and Kiara fk unite for that she will cross everylimits

    2. Leisa s morris

      Same ting I said. D source is right there all he gotta do is ask kiara instead of all dis dumb drama

  6. This should have ended long back with short and sweet story remembered for ages instead of stretched towards the dead end…
    A mad man does whatever he wants to do without thinking for once and his family become the silent spectator of whatever he does..Heroine is not less…She keeps her self respect at stake every freaking time and shed tears for the one who does not deserve it. The one who is with her and respects her unconditionally is betrayed and fooled.
    Now when finally the heroine had some peace, away from the mad man and family, her KUMKUM and all shit are reminisced by her… This show has made fun of kumkum and bhagya several times… When the damage is done and the one who did all of it is still in their lives, these selfish people want heroine to set everything right… Crying like a maniac and delivering senseless dialogues are not gonna help. Even kids are shown as wanna be grown ups, the makers are doing all the shit stuff to show that the kid is gonna relate kumkum bhagya… Show is already down the drain and the new character introduced is being sidelined for the sake of mad gang… A show that could have done well among viewers and remembered for good story has now turned into a crap …
    The actors should think about something else….rather than the crap

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