Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Salim learns Anarkali’s state

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anarkali coming to meet Akbar. He asks did you come to apologize, did your fear or pain get you here. She says I m worried for this country. He shouts Anarkali. She reminds him her childhood, and his promise. She says you did a favor on me, I have came here to do a favor, I came to save the country from breaking. He shouts on her. Salim and Hakim argue. They point weapons at each other. Hakim says my army has captured your area, you can’t go alive. Salim takes the gun from here and says I will take you along before dying. Mahabat looks outside and sees the soldiers. He signs to Salim.

Akbar says you dreamt to become the queen. Anarkali says I just dreamt to get my love, many stories of love turn true, like Salim and Anarkali’s love story. Akbar shouts shut

up, how dare you join Salim’s name with you. She says you have separated Salim and me, when Salim knows what you did with his love, he will rebel, this will shaken up the entire country. Akbar says I will stop Salim. Anarkali says love can never be stopped. He says Salim is my blood, I don’t need you to stop him. She says then you didn’t understand your son and his love. He asks her to shut up, else he will kill her. She says I can’t die without Salim’s permission. He gets angry. Hakim says I m not your enemy, I m your dad’s enemy, Akbar got all the luxuries. Salim says he has earned it. Hakim says he has snatched it. Salim says he has given you freedom many times. Hakim says he is cruel and tortures people. Salim says he does justice. Hakim says he hates me. Salim says a king just does justice, not love or hatred.

Anarkali says I had come here to give you news, I have become a dancer, love doesn’t know giving up. Akbar asks why did you come. She says I have come to make a deal, free Jodha. He reminds that she and Jhillan are also in prison. She says I m in love with Salim and I m not scared, I can’t see you losing so I have come here to talk, free Jodha and then I will become a dancer. Hakim says so much love for Akbar. Salim says you don’t have a heart to understand love, you can never be equal to my dad. Salim tricks and gets gun from Hakim again. He says all of your men got killed, if you don’t believe, then go and see. Hakim goes to see.

Anarkali begs Akbar. She says I will wait for your decision. She leaves. Nargis hears Anarkali and recalls her words. She says Anarkali has taught me a lot today. Hakim asks Salim to pity him. Salim says I will kill you. Hakim says no, will you kill me, give me one chance, I will reform. Salim says I can’t trust traitors. He is about to shoot Hakim. Hakim says no. Hassan comes and says its an imp news about Anarkali. Salim asks Mahabat to behead Hakim in morning. Hakim is taken away. Hassan says Akbar didn’t like your and Anarkali’s marriage decision, Akbar has….. He faints down. Salim and Mahabat check him and find him dead. Salim reads the letter. He learns Akbar’s move to make Anarkali a dancer. He gets angry and cries. He says Anarkali you don’t worry, I m coming to you. Mahabat reads the letter too and gets shocked. Salim says I will battle the king of India now.

Maan Singh says try to understand Akbar. Salim says Maan Singh, go and tell Akbar that I have loved by heart and will rebel intensely too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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