Siddhi Vinayak 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Theft at Kundra Mansion

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Siddhi Vinayak 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vin says I couldn’t become a better husband as I only focused on becoming a good son. I remained a coward husband till now but not anymore! I trusted everyone except my wife. My wedding is about to break because of Urvashi yet you (Manjari) are supporting her instead of me today? Think something! He gives Urvashi 2 days. Her birthday is due in two days. I have promised myself that I will pacify her and bring her back in 2 days. You only have 2 days. Pack your bags and leave! If you don’t leave then I will throw you out of this house with your stuff only, even if that means I have to go against my mother! Urvashi gets tensed. Manjari looks upset.

Siddhi peeks out of the house. Seems like Vin went home. Her phone rings. It is Prachi. She calls Vin Jiju which surprises Siddhi. Prachi tells

her everything that happened at Kundra Mansion today and of Urvashi’s pregnancy. Vin Bhaiya scolded Chachi ji for the first item. He was fighting for you. He has changed. He is beginning to look beyond Chachi ji and was vouching for you today! He is doing it from his heart. He needs you very much. If you both get together then everything will become fine. Siddhi replies that she does not care what Vin or anyone else does or thinks. It is his problem and not mine! She ends the call. I am tired of this daily drama. Sometimes it is better to leave behind everything and just go!

Gauri is pressing Urvashi’s head while she keeps wondering how she will find a reason to stay at Kundra Mansion after 2 days. She asks Gauri to press her feet instead. Urvashi is worried that no one will even ask her once she becomes a mother. Gauri advises her to abort the baby if she has so much hesitation over her pregnancy but Urvashi rejects the idea. Manjari warns them not to even think of that. Urvashi asks her what else she should do. Manjari tells her she wont go anywhere. Whatever I say happens in this house. Urvashi nods. Manjari takes Gauri with her to kitchen. Urvashi decides to do something before Vin throws her out. I cannot depend on this old woman! She calls someone.

Vin comes to Siddhi’s house but it is locked. He tries her number but it is switched off. He calls Prachi. Prachi tells him that she was very angry. She said she does not want to keep any relation with Kundra Mansion or any family member. Vin suggests her to keep trying her number. Let me know if you are able to get in touch with her. Prachi agrees. He ends the call and wonders where Siddhi might have gone to. Did she get upset with me and just left? He asks the ladies of the Chawl but no one knows anything. Siddhi comes just then. Vin runs to her worriedly. Where were you? The house was locked and your phone was off. I was so worried! She retorts that she went to buy veggies so the phone was off. Who are you to ask me all this? Let me remind you that we are divorced now. You have no right to ask me anything! Vin says you show hatred but you still cry for me. I saw the video recorded by the journalist. You were crying in your room. She denies. You are mistaken. Stop following me. If you will trouble me again then I will leave this house too. She opens the door and gets inside hurriedly but he holds her hand. You will surely leave this house but you will come to our house. Siddhi replies that she would prefer to die instead of going with him! He looks at her stunned as she pulls her hand free from his grip. She closes the door on his face.

Urvashi starts shouting loudly for help. Manjari comes there hearing the commotion. She makes Gauri call the pest control guy right away but there is no solution for that. Urvashi starts shouting that she wont live here. Manjari agrees to think of something but Urvashi suggests calling someone over who has a solution for this. Manjari allows her to call the guys.

4 guys come to Kundra Mansion for pest control purpose. They wear masks and take out some powder. They start sprinkling it in the living room itself. Manjari questions them but Urvashi tells her to let them do their work. They will start from here and cover every room. Lots of smoke is created. Urvashi covers her nose / mouth. Other ladies begin to feel dizzy.

Vin stands outside the door rooted in shock. Siddhi’s words echo in his head. He wipes his tears. It might be possible that you might not want to come to your own house with me but I also wont leave from here without you! He walks away. Siddhi peeks outside from the window and notices him going.

Everyone is lying unconscious on the floor except Urvashi and her men. She smiles looking at them. They have collected every valuable and packed it too.

Vin looks at the same kids again. The girl gets hit and falls down. Her aarti thaal has spilled. Before Vin can reach out to her, the boy asks her if she is fine. She tells him to go ahead for the aarti but he refuses to leave without her. We are one only. I wont do aarti without you. She smiles and so does Vin. They both walk away happily. Vin smiles recalling their childhood. We too are not alone. I promised you that I wont leave you ever but I couldn’t fulfil my promise. Whatever has happened has happened. It is your birthday tonight. I promise you I will convince you tonight at any cost and will take you home with me!

Precap: Ladies gossip about Siddhi Vinayak’s fate. One of the ladies wonders why he was holding a big knife in his hand. Another one says he might try to hurt himself with it. Siddhi gets worried for Vin and runs outside to look for him. It is all dark outside. Lights come on suddenly and she looks at the decor. Vin wishes her happy birthday.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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