Kumkum Bhagya 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya fears of losing Kiara

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Abhi asks Pragya why there is no pic of her in the room, Pragya tells Abhi that this is KIng’s room, he will do as he wants. Abhi says if you need anything then tell me, she says King will take care of things. Abhi says i will leave now. Abhi leaves abruptly from the house, King’s chachi wonders what is wrong with him,

Purab and Disha follow him. Purab asks her what happened, Abhi recollects Pragya’s words and says why does she take KIng’s name when it affects me, Pragya says i had to do this to Abhi as Kiara would come anytime and he would find out her truth.

Chachi comes to check with Pragya as why Abhi left so soon, she tells her that i am elder to you, i think you and King should stay in same room, she says i am sorry if i crossed limits, Pragya says it’s fine.

Aaliya asks Tanu, why you didn’t come to talk to me, Tanu taunts saying i like to stay with intelligent people, Tanu says your plan to kill Pragya has flopped, Alaiya says everyone taunted me why i didn’t meet Pragya at hospital, Tanu says i had to so so much drama to keep myself out of it.

Aaliya asks her what happened at the Police station, Tanu says i don’t know, she tells Tanu that Abhi, Disha and Purab went to King’s house to drop Pragya, Tanu says why was King at police station, Aaliya says if it is some other matter, then its fine, but what if we both are in danger. Tanu says no one will know about our plan, Aaliya says we can’t take things lightly, we should be alert, Tanu says you are thinking to much, she leaves.

Chachi helps Pragya settle in the room, Chachi says no one informed me and Tarun about your accident, she feels bad, she says i consider you, King and Kiara as my family, Chachi hugs her and says lets bygones be bygones. She says i should not complain to you as you were injured, but i will shout at King, Kiara comes, Pragya says, won’t you hug me, King says sorry to Chachi that he didn’t inform her, Kiara is upset with her mom that she had left her mother alone at the party and she got injured, King tells Kiara that Pragya got injured after falling off stairs. Pragya thinks of her mother Sarla as how she used to take care of her if she was injured in the past. She gets emotional and says Kiara that i remembered your Nani. Kiara says something, King says Kiara can make everyone smile, Pragya says she is like her father, she wonders what will Abhi do when he finds out the truth. Kiara goes to kitchen King also makes a excuse and the room, Pragya wonders why.

King says should i call Abhi and asks him to meet him urgently. Abhi agrees.

Kiara brings soup for Pragya, makes her drink, it turns out to a kadha. Pragya says you have become good at acting like me, you are being my mother now. Kiara gives a tight hug to Pragya, she asks what happened, Kiara says i am sorry i didn’t come to meet you at hospital, she reveals that i was in police station. She says that she witness the murder of a guy, who was apparently in the same party as you were and dadda (King) said that the jhumar that feel in the party was not accident but on purpose, pragya is shocked. Pragya wonders if King investigates this matter at Abhi’s house, Abhi might soon find out that Kaira is his daughter and what if he takes her away from me. She is tensed.

King asks Abhi do you know if anyone wanted to kill Pragya, Abhi says was Pragya attacked, it was not accident, he is shocked as Abhi says that the man who did this was present in the party.

  1. I was told by friends, “No, you can’t wear a red dress here! It will label you as a sl*t” several times when last in India. So we finally see Tanu in a new dress or nightgown. It’s red. All right, that’s definitive. Aliyah’s outfit is a drastic change from her usual. Was that a house-coat? Sleepwear? Or is Aliyah continuing the effort to soften her image?
    And why would Pragya worry about losing her daughter. If push came to shove all she has to do is threaten to expose the history of Abhi’s family? No court would send a child into a house of murder horror. That would put a few people in jail, hopefully also Abhi who started all this nonsense by agreeing to do a revenge marriage. Mind you, this is India. Further, we have been told that King is far wealthier than Ahbi. What’s to worry about? Unless of course Pragya as usual, will let everyone (Abhi, Tanu, Aliyah, Mithali and of course Tanu’s lover Nikhil) walk all over her life and spit on it. Pragya! Tell the truth. The whole truth! It doesn’t matter if feelings get hurt! The truth is more important than the feelings of people who require far more than a slap to bring back their sense of humanity.

  2. You really have to wonder, with Ekta’s and Tanu’s miraculous “I’m aging backwards!” treatments…. Are they using Hollywoods and the elite’s newest known remedy? Probably used for hundreds if not thousands of years and the use of this ingredient finally being exposed to the public at large. Adrenochrome
    C9H9NO3. What wikipedia does not mention is the current alleged source for this drug.

  3. Sach kahun toh mujhe isme koi interest nahin hai ki jhoomar ka girna haadsa tha ya saazish kyunki pata hai ki kuchh nahin hone wala…kuchh din tak sab yahi sochenge ki yeh kaun kar sakta hai aur bhool jayenge..at least king jaanane ki koshish toh kar raha hai. Abhi toh kuchh karta hi nahin tha aur toh aur jisne ( tanu ) hamesha pragya ko marna chaha, itni taqleef di; usi se abhi ne shadi kar li ( sab jante hue )..

  4. this show is gone so boring its about time the show ended. its always the story over and over again.


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