Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajmata learns the truth

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanchan looking at Saurabh and thinking of his words. She gives him the locket. She thinks of Vishesh’s words and faints. Vishesh gets restless there. Everyone worries for Kanchan. Vishesh thinks if Kanchan is fine. Aman says sometimes, this happens by exertion, its normal, she will feel normal when she gets up. Vishesh calls Kanchan. Rajmata asks Dhara to talk to him and not say anything about Kanchan. Vishesh asks where is Kanchan, is she fine. Dhara says yes. Vishesh says I want to talk to her. Dhara says she is sleeping. He says ask her to talk to me. Dhara thinks Shubham isn’t concerned like Vishesh. Ananya says I will stay back. Trishna asks her to stay back. Saurabh says I shall leave now. He worriedly leaves. Kanchan talks in sleep and gets tensed. Rajmata looks at her and gets shocked when Kanchan names Saurabh.

Rajmata recalls Saurabh taking his locket and Kanchan fainting. Ananya comes to Kanchan. She says let Kanchan rest, come with me, I have to tell something. Ananya shows her some kids socks and shoes. Rajmata gets Ananya’s good news and hugs Ananya. Ananya says I didn’t tell anyone yet, I understood the feeling of being a mother, sorry to hurt your heart. Rajmata says I m very happy. Rajmata worries. Ananya says Saurabh was waiting for Sumer’s child, I will tell everyone. Rajmata worries. Saurabh gets tensed when his phone rings. He attends the call and gets angry. Trishna worries. Saurabh thinks what’s happening there. Kanchan wakes up and says Saurabh is the culprit. Rajmata comes to her.

Kanchan hugs her and says Maa, that culprit is Saurabh. She cries. She says I respected him so much, Vishesh respects him, he is worse than an animal. Rajmata cries. Ananya says I won’t leave him. Rajmata recalls Ananya’s words. Kanchan says I will tell this to Vishesh. Rajmata stops her and says you won’t say anything to Vishesh. Kanchan says I m saying the truth, trust me. Rajmata says I trust you, I know a woman can never lie in such things. Kanchan says its imp to tell him. Rajmata says no, come with me. She takes her to temple and says I had to take tough decisions for my children, I always loved Vishesh more than Ananya, this time I want to think for Ananya, I want you to promise that you will hide this truth, you won’t let this come out, its about Ananya’s happiness, her life will be ruined. Kanchan says that man is an animal.

Rajmata says I know everything, I promised Ananya, she is pregnant, if you tell everything to Vishesh, he will take a big step, this will ruin Ananya’s life, they will send Ananya back to her Maayka and prove your accusations wrong, you have no proof, none will believe you, I know what you are going through, that’s your past, we can’t help it, you can’t ruin Ananya’s future, so I want to promise you will never tell this to anyone, especially to Vishesh. Vishesh calls Kanchan.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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