Kumkum Bhagya 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dadi stops Aaliya from harming Disha

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mitali breaking the news that Purab and Disha agreed to marry and that’s why they have to stick to their plan. Munni tells Abhi that she is happy and it is a good deed to unite two people. Abhi holds her romantically and gives credit to her for Purab’s decison. She feels love for him. Adha Ishq song plays…..Sangram Singh asks the men on road about Abhishek Mehra’s house. He says I am coming to change Disha’s life and end Purab’s life. Munni helps Disha get ready for the marriage. Abhi makes Purab ready and says he is very happy today. He says Dadi used to say that whatever happens is by God, and says Sangram is an angel as because of him only you met Disha and came here with her. He says he will dance in his marriage and hugs him. Munni tells Disha that she is looking ghajab and asks her to apply black spot.

Aaliya comes there and asks Munni to go.. Munni goes. Aaliya thinks of her conversation and decides to kill her. She introduces herself lifts show piece and asks if she is nervous. Disha thanks her and says she never met such good family. Aaliya keeps the vase and puts chloroform on the tissue to make her smell it, so that she dies. Dadi comes there and stops Aaliya. She tells Disha that she has work with Aaliya and takes her out. Aaliya asks don’t you have any responsibility towards me and asks why did you become my enemy. Dadi tells her that if she don’t mend her ways then she will tell everything to Abhi. Aaliya says if you don’t stop the marriage then the consequences will be very bad.

At the party, Dancer Shreya dances on the stage. Sangram Singh and his goons come there. Purab asks Abhi why did he throw party. Abhi says to celebrate your marriage.

Aaliya tells Purab that you have agreed for marriage, you said that you will live your life in Bulbul’s memories. She asks if that girl did something and asks him to answer. Purab says it is difficult to make you understand.

Munni falls. Abhi catches her. Everyone is surprised as they have a romantic eye lock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Oh no now munni definitely falls 4 abhi please dont do this pragya when will u come

  2. 100000 times pragya falls.and it is the duty to catch her for rock star . How he became famous simply catching her ..Is it not worst that aliya and tanu are always wants to kill her and abhi came to save her always .same story repeats once Abhi got memory loss and next pragya.next aliya bext grandma but not the story writer .The samestory begins withanother four couple with same type of troubles .change the story write some thing which is help ful to people .dont eat their minds.dint spoil the moods It is our request.

  3. Ekta kapoor is married ? Divorced or single?looks like she gone thru lots if trouble in her relationships and thats what she is plotting that lovers or married people never meet each other
    She is writing her own depressed story in KKB

  4. See i know this will happen because these directors are making fool of us by showing pragya they are just trying to keep the audience engaged to the show
    But now i am sure until pragya and abhi get united i will only read written updates
    I don’t know how many of you are ready to see abhi and munni in kkb but for me it is only abhi and pragya that is abhigya

    1. Mythili now it is getting too filmy. Firstly, double role and now this love triangle. Munni’s heart melting towards love of abhi which he is giving her by assuming her Pragya and every girl needs this much love from her husband or lover. Munni has started liking abhi’s way of love and romance. But if she starts expecting this love from abhi for her not for Pragya then she will own self buying pain for her becoz Firstly, munni knows it very well that abhi is already married and he loves only Pragya and he is just assuming Pragya in munni. That’s why in this misunderstanding, he is showering love on her. In actually, he will never give that love and place to any one in his life which he kept deserved for only Pragya. And when he will find out that munni is just look like of Pragya and was cheated with him by using Pragya’s face identity then he will hate her even more from taaliya. Abhi will never tolerate that anybody use his feelings and love for Pragya. So for now, if munni starts developing feelings for him and starts to getting him then it will b she who will wrong, not abhi, who is showering his love on her just becoz he is assuming her as Pragya. There were no reasons to abhi and rest of the peoples to not believing munni is Pragya becoz she is totally looks like as it is Pragya,only her behavior was changed and it’s cause they were thinking her trauma of accident. But now when real Pragya will come back then abhi’s love will test that if he will able to identify his love, real Pragya or not? And with abhi it will b other’s test too who claims to love Pragya a lot. Tension is not with munni’s growing feelings for abhi becoz taaliya, specially tanu will never let her close to abhi and until tanu is there and abhi is married with Pragya and loves her, munni has no chances to get abhi. Actual tension will start then, when after Pragya’s come back, if abhi will unable to identify real Pragya and munni will too doesn’t tell them about her real identity in greed of abhi’s love. So story will b able to watch only after Pragya’s return. I don’t no rest of the people’s but me too will only accept abhi with Pragya, not with anybody else and mythili if they r bringing Pragya back then definitely only Pragya is in abhi’s destiny, it can’t be anybody else. And to play double role for long time, and then also by the actress which is in lead role, is not possible. I m 100% sure that it will b munni who will b out and Pragya will remain in the story at the end becoz kkb is story of abhigya’s fate which is destined to b with each other, not with anybody else. They r just showing the different circumstances becoz of which they gets separate again and again but at the end gets unite becoz of their fate. My favorites r only abhigya and only them, I will want to watch and I m sure most of the audience will too wants the same. So don’t worry mythili, I will still say that just wait and watch till then u can follow only update, no need to watch it before the gud.

    2. You are only giving me strength sisy
      Otherwise i will be feeling very hurted because seriously i love abhigya a lot
      Hope what you told should happen

    3. I am with you…I barely even read the pdates any more. This is really stupid. What is the point of replacing Pragya with herself….. Dumb, dumb, dumb

  5. Eeeew i only have one word to say about the show DISGUSTING!!!

  6. Maybe it’s actually Pragya now pretending to be Munni to keep the Aliya/Tanu game going so she can trap them. They only showed Pragya regaining consciousness briefly but never showed her again. Maybe they will eventually show a flashback where she woke up came to Mehra’s house and did a switcharoo with Munni. Well that would be a better story than having Munni fall for Abhi then a whole long drawn out BS when Pragya returns.

    We shall see because we all know the writers have no brains and love to have long drawn out merry go round

  7. I don’t think diksha will let aaliya the snake do anything to her where is the real pragya I can’t stand munni

  8. NEW PROMO –

    28th August Shandhaar Somvaar

    Abhi is remembering Pragya and thinks today I will make you mine forever Pragya..

    Voiceover : Abhi is going to fill Pragya’s sindoor in Munni’s Maang..

    Abhi going to fill sindoor to Munni (Last Wednesday scene), and Pragya screams ‘Abhi’ and wakes up..

    Pragya is shown standing before mirror and thinks “Wait for me, Your Pragya is coming”

    Voiceover : Will Pragya lose her Sindoor ka Adhikaar..(right) ??

    1. I am already not able to bare the suspense of purab wedding promo and now this sindoor promo
      Seriously i don’t know what to do sisy

    2. Mythili This promo is purely a TRP stunt targeting Indian audienceaudienceoand just creating hype between the audience for grabbing their attention . Even on Monday Sangram & goons drama and their rampage in Abhi’s house may continue as part of purab-disha’s wedding. Cast has been shooting last 5 days continuously with Sangram & goons so there may be lot more scenes to air till climax of the wedding.

      Also Abhi insisting to fill Munni’s forehead with sindoor scene shown in new promo was already telecast during last wed episode and we have seen the outcome that munni has started carrying mangalsutra firstly and now started filling sindoor too but not by abhi, in fact by her own. She is living as Pragya, wife of abhi only for name sake. so nothing new and not that much hype like they r showing in promo. Since Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s KBC starts from Mon 9pm on SonyTV on a grand scale exactly at KKB’s timeslot, Zee and Balaji teams are trying hard to grab audience attention with such promos so that they stick to their show.

      Even last weeks promo was also a TRP stunt. Reality may be Pragya is already out of coma and Abhi is fine.. and shoot has already been done.They showed us Abhi suffering some head injury in Sangram’s hands endangering his life making Pragya wide awake on patient bed in last promo, which was also misleading.. That promo was to hold onto drifting away audience from KKB and assure them that Pragya isn’t dead and will be back soon, this promo was also to compete with KBC launch.

      We all knows that abhigya r destined to b together that’s why abhigya wins again and again on all over the circumstances which makes them separate but at last they gets unite everything. When tanu couldn’t take Pragya’s place in these three years even after by trying hook or crook becoz abhigya r destined to b together then who is this MUNNI. She might use Pragya’s face and identity but she never become Pragya and can’t take Pragya’s place in abhi’s life. Munni will b definitely out one day by her own wish, by others or by destiny but she will b out surely some day. Only it will b seen that when and how? So just relax and wait till the Pragya’s return. Before it, many things will happen till the climax of purab-disha’s wedding and it has almost two weeks to done,this week and upcoming too. They might shift focus on abhigya and munni before the end of upcoming week after finishing with the wedding sequence of purab and DISHA. Till then as I said just follow update.

    3. Kkb is story of abhigya and they r leads so don’t worry.

    4. Oh my God! I hope this abomination wont happen this promos are always leaving bitterness and suspense in viewers heart

    5. Instead of all this why cant they show pragya’s entry back in the show

    6. I too seen promo but iam not understanding what they are trying to show us but one thing i say that if munni falls for abhi also it doesnt show any effect because she to know he loves pragya very much so if pragya returns she will happily leave him and ahe too waiting fr her arrival so nothing will happen but ciming back to pragya it is very difficult to her to come back lets see how she will return back to abhi but one thing will be sure atlast our abhigya will be united no obe can seperate them it will be tanuaaliya r munni no one can seperate them too keep suspense and fr trp they r showing this much nonsense but atlast our abhigya will be united

    7. not ahe she is waiting fr her arrival



    In an upcoming sequence of the Zee TV show, the audience will get to know that Pragya (essayed by Sriti) is not dead, and her lookalike Munni has taken her place in her home.

    Sriti feels blessed to play a dual role.

    “As an actor, I will work twice as hard as I will now play two roles — Pragya and Munni. Both are very close to my heart,” Sriti said in a statement.

    “I’ve been missing playing Pragya ever since I started shooting as Munni. I hope viewers will be happy to see their favourite character Pragya back on ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ and will welcome me back with the same love they have been showering all this time. I am excited to see the reaction of viewers on Pragya’s comeback in the show,” she added.

    1. Well I will say for Sriti that it will work only then, when audience will see abhigya together somehow after missing them since almost two months. Audience badly missed abhigya together and their chemistry so it’s better to CVS to bring Pragya back in abhi’s life too by keeping munni aside. If Pragya and munni gets together against taaliya and pragya replaces munni in mehra house silently and then munni and Pragya both works to works together to search munni’s sister’s kids who r kidnapped by taaliya and other side to unmasked taaliya and their plan, then it will b worthy to watch. Like this, Sriti’s double role will b tolerable when audience will see abhigya together and munni playing as side role until her character doesn’t find her end in the show. But if CVS plans something else and audience will have to wait to watch abhigya together for more long time then Pragya’s come back will also not work. They have already ruined their show since two months and have peen payed for it by losing their audience and now after kbc launch it will get too difficult and necessary for CVS to impress the audience to keep them engaged with show to improve their position in trp ratings and in between the audience. Well let’s see what they have planned for it. But till then it’s better to follow only updates.

    2. Hope to see your guessing of upcoming story becomes true

  10. waiting for pragya though.guys anyway abhi and pragya r going to unite in the end.then wt’s the matter.

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