Beyhadh 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya’s Evil Plans Continue

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Beyhadh 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lady jailer and her team bring Maya toward jail cells. Inmates laugh on her. Three intimates discuss she is Maya Sharma and soon will be hanged soon. Jailer scolds inmates to shut up. Maya thinks Arjun rejected her and she is hearing people yelling at her. Arjun messages Saanjh go give him a chance. She replies he is his best friend and will be always, cannot be her love. Jailer pushes Maya into her jail cell and asks to step right foot first. Maya stares at her. She scolds to lower her eyes and leaves. Maya shed tears reminiscing Arjun showing divorce papers and thanking her for signing them and letting him start a new life with Dusky.

Arjun comes near Saanjh’s apartment holding flower bouquet and climbs pipe to enter her flat. Saanjh gets reporter’s call who says he wants to publish her and Arjun’s news, if they are married. Saanjh says no. Saanjh reminisces Arjun entering her room via window and telling he loves her. She says he does not. He says it is his love that he bought her favorite flowers at this time and climbed pipe to meet her. She comes out of flashback hearing reporter’s voice and sees Arjun around her flat sadly. She tells reporter that she and Arjun are only friends and nothing more than that. Suman watches Arjun from window and thinks Maya’s evilness spoilt her children’s lives. Arjun returns home. Suman suggests him to change himself, build some buddy and groom himself if he wants to marry Saanjh.

Constable brings pregnant lady Asha to Maya’s room and says Asha will stay here and not to trouble her. Asha asks if she is Maya Sharma. Maya says yes, even she can insult her. Lady says she herself is insulted, holding her tummy, why will she insult her. Maya smiles and gets water for lady. Asha says she does not seem bad like being portrayed. She starts feeling labor pains. Maya tries to help her and calls constables. Constables come and yell it is Asha’s usual drama, she troubles every 2 days. Maya pleads to help Asha. Constable asks if she did not feel pity while killing her mother and mother-in-law. Maya says she knows how it is losing a child and requests again. Constable calls jailer. Jailer asks to shift Asha to dispensary. Asha says Maya took care of her whole night, she will not go anywhere without Maya. Maya convinces jailer that constable will be with them, so she need not worry. Constable takes Asha and Maya to dispensary. Maya acts as collapsing and falling on chair, injuring her head. Constable runs to call doc. Maya opens eyes and smirks thinking she will not let Arjun go near Saanjh, she is coming.

Precap: Maya promises Asha that she will not take care of her baby, she should just help her escape from jail. Asha agrees. Maya with her goons kidnap Arjun.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. you know what guys i feel sad for maya she just loved arjun and she didnt want to harm him just becuase sanjh came in between many people in the story died becuase of amya and it potrayed maya wrong pls guys i know may not like what i said . i apolgize for that

    1. Yeah i m also feeling bad for maya ….she did all these for arjun…and wat she got at the end…so sad …

    2. U r feeling srry 4 maya watching her current state but what abt murders she had done. Dont tell me that its bcoz she luvs Arjun. Btw saanjh was never between them. Maya is herself responsible 4 her state due to her overpossesive nature, she always feels saanjh is btw them but she never was. Infact saanjh herself said that she does want to cme btw them and that she is just helping ayan frm false rape case. I luv saanjh and i hav soft corner for her frm the start.
      I luv jennifer but not maya’s character

      1. Agree! If Saanjh was really between them then why would she go out of India and get into relationship with Samay? Also, right now she isn’t agreeing to marry Arjun. That’s clear enough to say she’s not to be blamed.

    3. Ya I do agree wid you..Maya did all that only for arjun..As Vandana tried to keep Arjuna and Maya from starting Maya killed her..everytime same thing happened..Saanjh is the one who always comes in between Maya and Arjun..She is the reason for everything

  2. Maya isn’t mentally stable. Stop saying Sanjh broke her house. Sanjh was just trying to help her friend (who she was in love with). Sanjh would have tried breaking Maya’s house if she went on a killing spree. Maya is responsible for everything that is happening in this serial. How can so many people be dead and fans still support Maya. Come on i am not a Sanjh fan either but what’s wrong is wrong.
    This entire story is moving in favor of Maya and Maya fans are still not happy. I don’t understand. So many murders and she seems like she will escape prison. Oh come on for crying out loud put an end to this nonsense.

    1. Yes so true! It’s crazy how some people on here go on to defend Maya and blame other characters for her crimes. #insanity

      1. You guys are right in one sense that Maya should not give importance to itching saanj and she lost everything.v will meet people like saanj “”unnecesarly interfering and blamewali”” in real life also who is a psycho behind Arjun who think olny she is right .just avoid those people and move on in our life.

    2. Mona146

      sideeffects of watching psycho series made them think so. if u observe a psycho a lot you start liking him/her unknowingly. it is true. there is some psychological term for it. i dont remember.
      Also people like beautiful faces even if they are bad people and criticize nice people even if they are good. that is the reason shaadi ke liye har koi kuhbsoorat ladki ko doodthe hain lekin nature is never their priority. They get judged by their photos only.

  3. I think Maya should win.
    I totally approve of her.
    Ya she is mentally ill but she should get the right help. There is still hope for her.
    I know she should not have killed but she fell in love with that guy. She should repent and create a beautiful life for herself and forget him. No human being should value someone else more than themselves coz it makes them lose rationale.

  4. always the psychotic female lover gets a pass and end up with her love.just like ragini who tried to kill swara ands she end up with ;laksh.Maya is obssessive and a criminal.s no one made her do anything she just wants to own Arjun that isnt love. maya needs to die in this show…same story of kidnapping .forst sanjh now arjun same stupid story.

    1. So swara is saanjh,they wants married man or wants any boy in life,one side saanjh said no,again she is dreaming romance with Arjun,after marriage ArYa consumed as husband and wife,if saas don’t likes you,if husband wants freedom,if you caught your husband romancing with mistress,you people will bear calmly,but maya is different,affair is affair.ArYa consumed romanced many times in front saanjh.still this people rather than patch up wants to break marriage relationship selfishly to get their favorite bahu/to get their love.any wife will turn criminal or will do Maya will suicide at guys can encourage affairs,even will send your husbands near mistress to enjoy for his freedom/happiness.

      1. It’s better to have affair with another woman rather than sticking with a dangerous and criminal wife…

      2. Be practical man.. If my daughter is such a criminal girl, and never wants to get treatment for living a better life, I will definitely make my son-in-law marry another woman… Not because I want my daughter to go through painful life (I will take care of her myself though) and let her be alone but for the betterment of a person who is a human being, not an animal (to be kept in a cage).

      3. Hate maya-you are failed as husband
        Beyhadh -you are failed as father
        I feel sympathy on ur girls,who wil share part wife or daughter in ur life’s.
        Maya failed as wife/daughter after giving more chances to her mom/husband.which her husband/wife failed to give support in a normal person you can’t tolerate your wife/daughter in real,how maya will bear,after all she is more extreme.

      4. Hello beyhad
        If your daughter is a criminal she will be in jail or mental hospital if she is pycho .nobody will wait for her permission to give treatment.

        If someone like saanj disturb people like this what any one can do.

      5. @hatemaya, having an affair is not better at any condition. Please stop glorifying affairs. It’s sick! It’s not a solution. It’s simply escaping from the problems. If you can’t tolerate your wife just divorce her. If she is not ready to do that and threatens to commit suicide, but you still love her, get her medical help. Here arjun didn’t do that, did he? It’s shown that during the three years Maya tried to commit suicide more than once but nothing was shown about arjun trying to get her medical treatment.

        @beyhadh!! Maya didn’t say anything about not wanting treatment. What happened is no-one even bothered to offer her help. If no-one suggested getting treatment to Maya, how could you assume she didn’t want to change? At last when she got admitted in the asylum, then also the initiative was taken by Maya herself. But yes there she didn’t follow through the treatment and discontinued the medication. But that was not because she didn’t want to change. She was having hallucinations and she was afraid that’ll only make her condition worse. And there are several instances in the show which reveal Maya did want to change and actually expected someone, anyone to help her. She desperately wanted it to happen. But the truth is no-one cared enough to let that happen.

  5. always the psychotic female lover gets a pass and end up with her love.just like ragini who tried to kill swara ands she end up with ;laksh.Maya is obssessive and a criminal.s no one made her do anything she just wants to own Arjun that isnt love. maya needs to die in this show…same story of kidnapping .forst sanjh now arjun same stupid story.

  6. I’m completely agree with Naz and Priya. Maya deserve the dead and arjun deserves only saanj . I hope the two will be together

  7. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Common maya you have to win

  8. This serial is becoming a joke now. She gets away within a day evrytime. Is police officers that dumb. Make the show abit realistic. Just because Maya is in lead role doesn’t mean she can get away with everything and the show has to make her win. Its just dragging on for too long now and its getting boring.

  9. What time has beyhad been moved to
    Seriously… now maya kidnaps arjun
    While in jail she got to know goons
    I cant wait for this serial to end…

  10. What time has the show been noved to…
    I missed craxy maya…..

  11. This serial is a big joke. But the biggest joke is blaming someone else for your sins. Mentally ill or not, sin is sin. Maya planned and executed exactly what Maya wanted to do. No one forced her to kill. Love is selfless, not selfish. Maya’s true love is MAYA…

  12. maya thing Arjun &sanjh friendship something wrong .ppl scold maya they r friends blah blah . ppl say psycho never understand friendship meaning scold her very badly. but now arjun propose Sanji.every one says accept d love it is pure etc.. double standard???…Maya is always right tat Saanjh always loves Arjun married man even she didn’t want samay to marry her earlier..saanjh need to stop thing abt wrong affair..once your close friend married to someone else then he s someone’s husband not your friend should ve known your limit..saanjh crossed everything she just want Arjun no matter wat Saanjh blames Maya to Arjun….gud to see Maya back common Maya kill all those f***** loosers….nobody deserved to live

  13. The f**kIN makers have given that dusky n duffer the background music of #Arya . That music was only meant for Arya. My ears are bleeding. Spare us please. Don’t show such a lovestory that has no chemistry whatsoever . Storyline change karo or else baandh kar do yaar. No one is here to watch #sajun lovestory. We are only here to watch #maya n #Arya . Not crappy shit . U ppl r using maya for trps n look how u ppl ruined her character . A character which was unique on INDIANTV. How mean makers. We are …

  14. Raise ur hand if u r watching by cutting all arjun n saanjh scenes.. Watching only maya’s portion….Arjun is a spineless creature.. After loving maya, now he need saanjh, so disgusting. And Sanjh is such a nasty girl, first used to mingle with arjun everytime due to which maya got angry and she became a criminal just to get Arjun’s sole attention. And Saanjh, after doing her deeds, landed her into a jail , now she is making arjun relaise that her true love is Saanjh by doing all the tantrums. I hate Saanjh. If a guy, has a friend like Saanjh , then his married life would be over very soon. She doesn’t know…

    1. Right who loves saanjh,they will support their husbands to spend time with mistress.all married life’s will destroy.

  15. All those girls supporting Saanjh …if u r married and your husband loves his friend like saanjh more than you try’s to be with friend all d time just saying we r friends from childhood always be like this would be happy for your husband ? lol big noo every one will turn into evil like Maya run towards your husband to save your life..same Maya character portrayed… don’t support extra martial affairs like Arjun Saanjh… love your husband he is all yours no body has rights to hold him…beyhad should be between husband and wife not just with third person mind it….

    1. See go on wid ur stupid characterless maya no one is stoping u… u want to be like her go onnn kill ur family put ur wife in jail kill evrybody okkkk fine to u…… nd yes everyone is watching the whole serial not like u skipping the scenes thats why u dont know the story of saanjh becoz u skipped those scenes na how come u wud know that she went abroad nd find her so called boyfrnd that clearly shows that she moved on. C’mon yaar usne engagement bhi kar li thi samay se but then again maya came in nd spoil evrything tell me now here whts saanjh fault nd before that she was going to singapore but who stopped her arjun maya’s husband now whts saanjh fault here. 2 situation Cleary shows that saanjh was moving on her life forgetting arjun per kabhi maya beech me aa jati tw kabhi uska kutta

      Now maya lovers have no option rather then blaming saanjh.. maya is in her current state becoz of her mistakes no1 provoked her to do unlimited crimes she herself went on she removed evry1 on her path who was trying to interfere btw her nd arjun…..her funda was if any1 come btw her nd arjun she killed even vandana nd jhanvi she didnt feared by killing her mother.. basically she kills that person whom arjun love y can’t she understand love cannot be taken forcefully by some1
      Stupid maya nd her fans

    2. Stupid Maya haters always remembers result (murders) but they will never see who tortured& impacts on Maya from ArYa love..
      First ashwin tried to separate Arjun from Maya
      2nd vandana tried to separate Arjun from maya
      3rd saanjh trying to separate Arjun from maya
      4th Arjun wants to separate from maya for freedom/lies/flirting with girls /alcohol/affair with saanjh
      5th Ayaan tried to separate Arjun from maya
      6th samay tried to separate Arjun from Maya
      So lastly Maya turned blody criminal.all want to snatch her life,they provoked her result will get its Maya’s revenge season.we don’t care ArYa,now story is
      Nayi waqt Nayi Eirade.. phele beyhadh pyaar the ab Beyhadh Nafrat… Badle ki intezer.

  16. They are no longer husband and wife……. everyone has right to remarry …… poor maya die soon and end the serial

  17. Love saanjh….just stop opposing her…she always tried to save arjun…even when she was insulated and hurt by arjun…she always wished for best of arjun…she is a true friend and lover of arjun….she even was ready to give her life for arjun….how can u say bad about her??…love arjun @ saanjh together…maya was always evil and will always be the same….hate maya

  18. Maya was also ready to kill arjun…when he proposed saanjh…unlike saanjh who was ready to give her life to save can u all just support maya??

  19. I really don’t know why people forget the fact that Maya and Arjun loved a lot each other.
    That time saanj used to cry saying I lost Arjun to almost every one.
    In the first season they were in love and saanj tried all possible way to break their relation.tried to prove Maya is paagal.

    Still people are saying they are just friends in what way.

    1. Ya they loved each other…but the crimes that maya had done wht about them??she is not in love but it’s just her obsession….i seen people like this….they can do anything to get the person whom they feel close….even crimes…so she is dangerous….saanjh is just honest and always tries to save arjun….

    2. Neha this may sound in an angry tone but I mildly ask you….you said still people are saying they are friends but in what way ….do you mean people like Me??I am not angry with u but I just wanna know ….so that if it’s Me I can explain

  20. woow wht a pple seriously cant they see how much always saanjh is chipku with that so called Arjun .who all r supporting Saanjh obviously they gonna free their hubby to get close with other woman if i would hve in d mayas place i to hve done d same thing wht maya did …actually our indians mentality is used to watch those fu*** king serials saas bahuvala rona dhona where lead role is shown as mahan…and weak and always ready to sacrifice her happiness. n here maya is strong intelligent n tit for tat character… u guys (sanjh supportrs) r blaming my maya baby ..ooops disgusting

  21. Stop opposing saanjh she is at her best…she is true lover and friend….she was even ready to give her life for arjun unlike Maya…love to see arjun send saanjh together…#beyhad arjun @ saanjh fan….

  22. Want to see the truth win @ Arjun and saanjh together….in upcoming episode….in love with beyhadh…by a #behyadly fan??

  23. @sonia, 17 Aug reply..
    Oh dear! I’ve said before. I never justified Maya and said what she did was right. I just say what situations led her to do it. Not using that situations or circumstances to defend her. When I feel like people are only concentrating on her mistakes without thinking about what might’ve made her to commit the same, I just try to put forth my views in her perspective. So no. I’ll never advise to follow your example about breaking in your neighbour’s house to get back at them.

    What Maya did was extreme. But again she was always like that. Remember the time when she simply went into the ocean to wash off the cake on her face which was smeared by arjun and him commenting about her being weird and strange. That time also she could’ve simply washed it in the office itself. But she chose the extreme. Why, because she’s not normal. And this extremeness was extended to her all other activities like dealing with other aspects of life.
    So just like she wouldn’t opt to drown in the ocean to wash her face if she were normal, she wouldn’t have taken all the other extreme steps too. But still doesn’t make her right. If drowning in the ocean holds the threat of killing herself, which is a crime in itself, killing others are also crime be it in self defense, revenge or anything else.
    So again I was simply trying to understand what led Maya into doing this and explaining the circumstances which led to it.

    It was never my intention to say whatever Maya done was the only thing which could’ve been done at that situation.
    Still that doesn’t make ayaan innocent. I’ve said that before. And I’ll say so any day. See if Maya were a man there’s a difference. If ayaan beat the hell out of Maya nobody would say anything. A lot of heroes have already used this cliche dialogue of how they’re gonna spare a person despite their cruel acts only because they’re female. Any self respecting man will do the same. They wouldn’t pick on those who are weaker than them. And Maya definitely was weaker and not fit or in a condition to physically deal with ayaan.

    And yes Maya did hide the key in her dress. So what. He had the strength to go after her and tear her dress but was strangely not strong enough to break the door or something. If she had thrown the key away though the window, would he still go outside and search for it? What, is he such a gentleman who wouldn’t think twice about tearing a girl’s dress but will never open a door without a key? Afraid of causing damage to bhabhi’s house by destroying the door and causing a bad impression? Wow ayaan, how chivalrous of you!
    Even if Maya hid that key in her dress but ayaan chose to open the door by breaking it, how would Maya be able to trap him? There’ll be no cctv visuals showing him chasing her and tearing her dress. In a way he was digging his own grave. Even if the dress tore accidentally he could’ve stopped right there. Because whatever happened Maya was still a woman and his bhabhi. But he didn’t stop there and still gone after her. But of course, if Maya was a man the story would be different. But as it is, I believe no-one should touch a woman’s body no matter however cruel or evil the woman is, without her consent. And ayaan just did that. Sorry to break it to you, that’s still molesting.
    But this is not to say what Maya did was right. False rape cases are a serious issue in our country. Women often frame unsuspecting men in cases. And it’ll adversely affect the real rape victims too. So I resent beyhadh showing a classic example of framing the rape as it may be a bad influence for the society. It may give ideas for women waiting for a perfect revenge and brings the additional danger of looking down upon actual victims.

    But like I said earlier, Maya being wrong doesn’t mean ayaan is right and vice versa.ayaan had every options to avoid this situation. But since he opted to attack Maya instead of going straight for the door, things were easy for Maya to frame him. Both are at fault.

    And we’ve already established that Maya is extreme. But what about your so-called normal characters. Have they did the right thing to do, the normal things? Tried to discuss matters maturely? Did vandana ask arjun to get Maya medical help because she thought Maya is mental? What about saanjh,ayaan.. you expect an abnormal Maya to do the normal thing and behave but cut slack for other normal characters. Well talk about double standards! To her credit Maya at least TRIED to do the right thing. She tried to change herself.

  24. Looks like all Saanjh lovers loves extramarital affairs wow congrats maybe their future husband lucky enough their wives’ encourages to do affairs…idk y Indian mentality changed into western culture…serial need to end soon its just giving wrong way of living…irk to see affairs friendship need to stay away from personal life otherwise it will spoil your life tats wat crap Arjun life going…useless guy can’t even stand on his own enjoying wife money wants other women

  25. @Dinesh To have such kind of husband, we are not a bi*** like Maya. If you are good and value your relation, only a dumb person cheat their wife. And it is time to leave that dump…

    1. Arjun is the dumb.not maya

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