Chupke Chupke 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ganga raises Kundli Issue

Chupke Chupke 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera gets a call from Mausami. Mausami asks about Abhi’s condition. Meera says he is better and asks about Gajodhar. Mausami says Dadi ji is worried for him and tells everything. Meera says thank god, nothing happened to you both. She says she will come to meet him once Abhi gets fine. Mausami asks if Abhi is pained much. Meera says yes and says she called doctor. Mausami says if you need help tell me. Meera says you are younger than me, you can ask for my help. Mausami says everyone is worried about him. Meera asks her to tell everyone that she is there for Abhi. Mausami says yes. Meera says I a m there for Abhi. Doctor checks Abhi. Abhi feels pain. Doctor asks him to turn.

Ganga asks if Xray needs to be taken. Doctor says no need, it is just muscle pain and asks Abhi to tie belt. He prescribes medicines for him. Bua comes home. Ganga serves her moong ki dal ka halwa and tea. Bua tells that she heard about Gajodhar’s accident and says even Abhi got his muscle cramped. She says both daughters are having dosh in their kundlis and says both damads are in trouble. Ganga says she will show her kundli to Pandit ji. Bua says there is a big trouble, 100 percent.

Ganga tells dadiya that it can’t be coincidence that Abhi and Gajodhar are unwell. Dadiya says it is mere coincidence. Ganga says we shall show the kundlis to Pandit. Dadiya says Meera and Mausami will not like it. Ganga says do you want me to stay in fear. Dadiya says we shall not force Meera to do anything against her wish.

Abhi tells Meera that he don’t like rajma chawal. Meera makes him have rajma. He says he is having just today. She makes the portions in the food and takes family members name. Abhi says he is not a kid and will eat. Meera says you act like kid and asks him to have Gopal chacha’s food. Abhi says I will eat. Meera asks him not to spill it. He have the food.. Meera signs him to clear gravy from his face. She wipes it off. Chori Chori chupke chupke plays……He says I should warn you, you are getting romantic. Meera says rajma was on your lips. He says I can have food with my hand. She sees him finding hard to eat and makes him eat with her hand. They smile looking at each other.

Later meera tells Ganga that Abhi had food finally. She asks what happened? Ganga is sitting sad. Meera asks him not to worry about him. She asks if I hurt you. Ganga tells her that pandit ji told that there is dosh in the grahs . Meera says you mean to say that I am responsible for his condition. Ganga says Pandit ji can tell this.

Meera asks what do you want? Ganga says she wants to show her kundli to Pandit ji and also of mausami, and says it is for Abhi and Gajodhar’s betterment. Meera agrees. Ganga says I know you will agree. Meera asks her not to worry.

Abhi opens the gifts given by Gopal. He sees kishore kumar collection and says nice. He is about to open Meera’s gift, but seeing her, he hides her gift. He sings Kishore kumar song and asks what happened? Meera tells him that Ganga raised kundli topic again. Abhi asks her not to take her words seriously. Meera thinks how to convince her, and thinks to meet Dadiya. She goes. Abhi checks the gift given by Meera.

Pandit ji asks Meera and Mausami to keep fast for their respective husbands. Abhi asks Meera not to keep the fast and gives his promise.

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