Shani 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Devi Sanghya is freed!

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|| A mother’s place is of highest importance in anyone’s life and she is equivalent to God. Shani teaches that relation between mother and kids is inseparable. Everyone’s respect towards their mother is equivalent to how they respect God. ||

Epi begins with Shani casting his Drishti on Simhika. Simhika says you have decided my future but I will also make sure you are under someone’s feet one day. Your Drishti will bend down that day! Shani replies that he believes in present. Mahadev will decide what will happen. Simhika also vows to swallow Hanuman one day by catching hold of his shadow. Hanuman promises her that that will be her last day. I will free you that day! Simhika shouts in pain as Hanuman has tied her in his tail. He pushes her high in air thereby freeing her. Shani looks at him. Hanuman says I sent her where she has to spend her entire life. Did I do right? Shani nods. Hanuman walks up to his Guru Dev. I am sure you would now believe that you dint do anything wrong by teaching me. I understand the responsibilities associated with my powers. Surya Dev nods. I am proud to have taught you. Whosoever will make you his ideal will always succeed! This is my blessing to you. Hanuman gives credit to Shani for guiding him all along. Devraj gets upset.

Chhaya is praying to Shivlinga. I know there is a very big motive behind whatever you do. I know there must be something for Shani in whatever happened. I am sure you will always bless him. Shani calls out to his mother. Lullaby plays in the background as she walks to her son teary eyed. Shani hugs his mother. Don’t say anything. I don’t need your words to understand your love and wait. I only need your loving touch. She shares how she thought she will never see him again. Shani assures her that time wont come ever. I am devoid of anyone or anything but your love is that one boundation which I would never like to give up. You always wanted to unite Surya Dev’s family. You will have to do something because of which entire family will become one.

Dev Vishwakarma is unable to understand why Sanghya isn’t well till now. Simhika’s effect is gone. Surya Dev says there must be a solution. Shani says there is a solution. I apologize to everyone for breaking Devi Sanghya’s statue. You would have understood by now that the intention wasn’t wrong. Yam tells him to tell the solution. Shani points at his mother. Devi Sanghya and Mata Chhaya are bound by the same source of energy. Devi Sanghya made my mother and now my mother will share her energy with her to bring her back to life. Chhaya succeeds in waking up Devi Sanghya. Everyone is relieved. Surya Dev calls for a celebration. My family is complete once again. Both my wives are with me and they are also healthy. Chhaya says first Hanuman has to eat. He is hungry and has worked really hard. Hanuman affirms. I will go with you this time while SHani will go with Mata Anjana so no one can create a hindrance in our path. Chhaya hopes nothing goes wrong.

Rahu is irked at the turn of events. Devraj appears there. Rahu warns him not to cheat him again. Consequences will be worst! Devraj says you always misunderstand people. You attack those who are in your favour. First you brought your mother and now you are again interfering in Hanuman’s training. Rahu reasons it is complete. Devraj points out that the last stage is still left. Our biggest enemy is not Hanuman but Shani. We will trap him in 3 ways. Bring Sumali to me. that will mark the second phase of our plan. He will create enmity between Shani and Hanuman. Rahu calls it impossible. Devraj insists it isn’t impossible. Do as I say. Third phase will be when Shani and Hanuman will fight with each other. They will be thirsty for one another’s life. This will put an end to your revenge, i.e., Karamfaldata!

Hanuman is looking forward to the bhog. You saved my mother from Rahu while I protected your mother from Makarasur. I am still indebted to you as you saved my mother from Simhika too. Shani says there is no debt in friendship. You have already paid me back. You protected Yam and Surya Dev too. Hanuman nods. I dint think of it. Shani tells Kakol. I can never pay him back as he stood by me like always. Thank you! Kakol reminds him that he is friends with Hanuman because of him only.

Devraj says it doesn’t take much time for best friends to turn foes. We only need a chance. That chance is right now. We cannot fool Shani but Hanuman is still a kid. His strength comes from his devotion. We can easily pit a devotee against Karamfaldata. Karamfaldata Shani is surely going to lose in this fight! Right then, a guy comes to invite him to Surya Loka for grand celebrations. Devraj decides to use this opportunity to create a rift between Shani and Hanuman. Bring Sumali to me. Hanuman will become the reason of your defeat Shani!

Shani tells Hanuman one can never lose if they have a friend like him. Hnauman agrees. I am thinking to collect fruits for lunch. Shani tells him to go ahead. Even I cannot stop your hunger. Mata Anjana tells Hanuman not to create any problem there. Hanuman agrees.

Matang Rishi instructs his disciples to make sure Hanuman is nowhere near the yagya. This yagya has been organized especially for Surya Dev and his family. Hanuman and his friends are perched atop the branches of the trees. Hanuman gets thinking. I would have left if this was an ordinary yagya but this is for my Acharya. I must give Aahuti too. I would do it at any cost. I would give Aahuti in this yagya come what may.

Mata Anjana hopes Hanuman wont fall in any problem once again. Shani tells her not to worry. He has become little matured and smart now.

Hanuman plans as to how he will give Aahuti. Matang Rishi wont even realise it. His friends tell him against it but Hanuman is sure of it. Suddenly, the branch he was holding falls down right in the havan kund. Matang Rishi shouts Hanuman’s name. Mata Anjana, Shani, Kakol and Chhaya hear him too. Mata Anjana understands Hanuman must have done something again. He will surely curse Hanuman this time. Shani and Kakol leave to help him.

Hanuman comes down from the tree. Matang Rishi says you dint stop creating a nuisance even after gaining knowledge from Surya Dev. You ruined the yagya which was done for your Guru only. Hanuman denies but Matang Rishi does not let him continue. He reminds him how he said he would curse him this time if he creates any nuisance. Get ready now. Shani and Kakol are shown running towards Matang Rishi’s asharm.

Precap: Brahma Dev says till the time they are together there wont be any problem either on them or the world. Indra Dev brings Sumali before Surya Loka. Shani insists that Sumali should be punished but Hanuman is against it. They later engage in a fight.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Any body here who knows hindi may tell me the answer of this question? The question is (hindi) hum jab Hawa ki baat karte hain tab hum kahate hain ki Hawa ya Pawan bah Rahi hai aur hamari mythology me ye to sab janate hain ki Hanumaan ji ke pita Pawan Dev hain to question yah hai ki ye normally baaton main Pawan dev ka gender change kyon?

    1. it’s true. I had never thought this before. but there may be a answer ,who knows it please let give solution.

    2. Thank you sngram ji for being with me.

    3. Raunak

      iska answer ye hai ki………..Pawan Dev ….Pawan ke Devta hai………khud Pawan nahi hai…

      Jaise Agni Dev …Agni ke Debvta hai……Khud Agni nahi hai !!

      waise hi Pawan dev Pawan ko control karte hai ya yu kaho dharan karte hai ya yu kaho ki Pawan ya Vaayu ya Hawaa ko Niyantrit karte hai…

      Isiliye Pawan aur Pawan dev alag alag hai….

      “Pawan Dev male hai aur Pawan female”

    4. Thank you Raunak ji. Aisa bhi maan sakte hain ki Hawa ke pati hain Pawan dev jo unhe niyantrit karate hain.

    5. Jab Hawa tez ho jati hai.

  2. luv u kartikeya ur acting is superb. fantastic.

  3. Nice episode

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