Kumkum Bhagya 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi stopping Pragya and Suresh’s marriage and pouring water in havan. Aaliya asks why is he doing mistake and asks why did not he stop when she told he is doing wrong by getting Pragya marriage. He says he knows the truth now and he got suspicious when she signed divorce papers without any alimony, so he wanted time to know the truth behind MMS and played this fake marriage drama. Aaliya asks when he has seen MMS, why is he believing Pragya, she must have lured him with her emotional atyachar. He says he has proof of Pragya’s innocence and says they all saw the video till Pragya was taken to bed and didn’t see what happened after that. He asks servant to play video and in video, Suresh says he came to teach Mitali’s children as she asked him and rest of the incident. Aaliya asks how did he get this video. He tells he was tensed that Daadi will get into shock again when she will see Pragya’s marriage and he saw his nephew’s car which he gifted and went to return it to him. Nephew said car has recording option and asked him to show it on his laptop. While watching laptop, he saw this video. He says Pragya’s fate made him show this video, else he would have made a big mistake.

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Abhi apologizes Pragya for his mistake. She says he does not have to apologize as his intention was good, she felt bad that he did not understand her, but she is happy now. Sarla asks why did not he stop marriage after knowing the truth and continued till now. He says he wanted to know who is behind this, so he made this fake marriage drama. He investigated and interrogated his friends and enemy, but did not find them culprit. Then, he realized someone know to his family must have done it. He got suspicious when he got MMS from Akash’s mobile, the he started watching who is relaxed and who is tensed, etc. Then, he realized who must have done it and hope he would have not found it. Tanu asks who is it. He says Aaliya. Everyone is surprised to hear that. Aaliya asks how can he think she did all this and this is so disgusting. He says yes it is disgusting and he is feeling bad more than her that his sister betrayed him, he used to think her as his shadow and always used to tell her that she cannot harm him at all, how can she do this to another woman, he is feeling bad as she did not think about Dadi at all and sent her into coma. She says he got so many proofs for his wife and if he got any proof for her. He says he has many proofs and shows sim from which she sent MMS and then stealing envelope from his pocket and burning it, etc.

Abhi takes out envelope from havan and asks what she has to say. He says Pragya tried to prove her innocence many times, but he ignored her, he hates Aaliya now.

Precap: Aaliya tries to kick Pragya out of house. Abhi stops Aaliya, but she is adamant. He slaps her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Watched an episode finally after many weeks. Took a while for an episode worth watching.

  2. I tot of daddi is de will stop the marriage but wow…haha! finnally truth releved! love this episode so much


  4. There’s a lot of slapping in this serial. It’s becoming really funny- I’m not even surprised anymore if anyone gets slapped. Anyway, keep up the good work kkb team! 🙂

  5. wow !!! abhigya !!! it was just awesome

  6. wowww what a episode yar.. but what about tanu and mithlyi even they should get punishment even abhi because he tortured pragya lot naa

  7. hey what about tanu she should pay for what she done and what about maitahali she must also suffer for this .and atlast abhi should be punished for what he done for pragya.
    i’m feeling happy for pragya now

  8. ohh…finally…
    waiting for that special episode for a long time…
    finally pragya proved to be innocent…
    now waiting for whats gonna happen with tanu….

  9. I thought tanu will get punished …. Anyway well done abhi !

    1. I predict Abhi is going to end up dumping Tanu at the altar….for good

  10. I am happy pragya is proved innocent but i want abhi to find out that tanu and mitali bhabhi had a part as well. He should kick that witch tanu out of his life. Also, abhi should know that pragya loves him and never broke his special guitar and has always done good things for him and his family.

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