Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babasa telling Bhabho that he took a decision for her good. Everyone prepare to welcome Bhabho. Sooraj and Babasa bring her home. The passengers also come to meet Bhabho. Sandhya does the aarti and smiles. Bhabho cries seeing her family. Taisa says Bhabhi is very brave. A balloon bursts and Bhabho gets unwell and feels scared. Meenakshi’s mum asks what happened to her. Babasa scolds the balloon vendor. Sandhya says let him go Babasa. Taisa says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Sandhya says she got something for Bhabho, and shows the bor/long tika. Bhabho asks did she get third memo. Sandhya smiles and says yes, with your blessings and I m able to give you your respect back today. She makes her wear it on her hairline. Meenakshi says Bhabho is looking very good.

Taisa asks Bhabho to meet Kanha. Bhabho hugs Kanha and gives him sweets. He goes out and makes Misri eat it. Bhabho smiles and is shocked seeing a toy gun. She recalls Prema making her shoot Ashu. She says I will lift this gun. Sooraj says its toy see and shows her. He hugs Bhabho and takes her to rest. Dr. Gautam looks on. Mohit talks to doctor and says Bhabho’s state. Vikram thanks everyone for coming and says Bhabho needs rest now. Gautam says we can understand and greets them. The passengers leave. Taisa says she will leave and asks Meenakshi to take care of her. She says Bhabho became weak, her courage has broken. The doctor checks Bhabho. Babasa gets sad.

Meenakshi says I m sorry, I did not know Kanha got that gun, else I would have thrown it. Sooraj says we all know what is Bhabho going through, but its not your mistake. Emily says she is worried for Bhabho. Sooraj says we have to be united and support Bhabho. Babasa says he can’t see Bhabho like this and wants a favor from Sooraj.

Sooraj says you don’t need to ask for favor, you just order it. Babasa says I want you and Sandhya to leave this house today itself and leave forever. Everyone is shocked. Babasa says do this favor on me for your mum, pack your bags, take your wife and leave this house. Vikram asks Babasa what is he saying, Sooraj and Sandhya, how can they go. Mohit says what are you saying. Even Sandhya asks the same. Sandhya says you are making us leave this house, I know you are annoyed with me, but I m your daughter, you can scold me, you can punish me, you are my father. Babasa says I m someone’s husband too, and I m saying this for my wife. He says just leave from here, you both leave.

Sandhya cries and says I know I did not time to explain you all, but I will explain and you will understand I was helpless, I did all this to save everyone. She says listen to me once. Babasa asks Sooraj to ask Sandhya, will Bhabho’s pain and fear end if she explains us. He says will the blood lost come back in body, did you all see Bhabho like this before, so afraid to get scared by a balloon burst sound. He says her body came here, her soul, courage and life is lost in that plane. Sandhya says Bhabho will be fine, we all will make her fine, trust me, we will be together and she will come out of this trauma soon. Babasa says no, nothing more now.

He folds hands and says we are already burdened by your doings, I can’t bear now, I just want a favor from you and your husband, just leave from here. He says Santosh is my responsibility, I m old but not weak. He says I told you before if anything happens to my Santosh, I will never forgive you. Babasa says children should find a roof after growing up, you both also find a place to live. He says you are my son and will always be my son, Sandhya will be my bahu, I m not ending relation, but just ending togetherness, as I know Sandhya gives imp to duty than family, so its better that she stays away, I know as I m with my wife, you are with Sandhya. Sandhya tells Sooraj that they won’t leave the house. She asks him not to be quiet and tell Babasa. Babasa says don’t say anything Sooraj, this decision is not easy for me, but I have taken it and it won’t change. Sooraj is shocked.

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Update Credit to: Amena

  1. huh babasa and his stupid drama

  2. It used be a great serial but now looks like director does not how to end it so making it a boring and crap show…

  3. Hate that eating donkey babasa…

  4. I guess uneducated and ignorant fools like Babasa come up with crap like this to do in their lives. He is old but not weak it seems but he has no problem sitting at home and not working for a long long time while his poor son worked so hard and took care of the whole family since he was a little kid. I am guessing that they will have Bhabo work on reuniting the family.

    1. totally agree,

  5. Suraj n sandhya shld leave…. then dis idiot will come to knw their importance. How they will run their house?? N will bhabho live without them??

  6. Uneducated people hv les mind he dnt understand that sandhya chose both family and duty stupid baba sa.everytime sandhya has 2 prove herself and evrytime sandhya facs prblm bz f ths so cald family .she lst her post bz f them

  7. Once DABH means happy,love,interesting etc…….but now dragging , irritating , disappointment….etc…fed upon this……
    But can’t stop see it 🙁

  8. Stupid Babasa… u know y Bhabo wanted to go Dubai,its for sooraj n now how can she get well if he z not at home….if sandya was not a police officer,they would have lost sooraj n bhabo by now.I think for next month ,it will very irritating

    1. Totally agree!!

  9. I guess tomorrow sandhya only will leave the house for the sake of Sooraj. Then serial can stretched to 100 more episodes …

    1. My guess is also same

    2. Add a few more zeros – 10000 episodes…….

  10. Sandhya is doing this much for the family, how can she be resposible for the hijack and what all happened. Dont know why sooraj is looking like this whether he is also angry with sandhya. After this RK group came diya is dragging especially hijack. Are they going to put and end to the serial

  11. Sandhya can be thrown out since Sooraj also hating her

  12. Director pls Show some nice episode. Always only sad,crying scene. Atleast show some intersting like sandhya is pregnant ,if tat happened then family wil be super dooper happy. And also thy ll accept her. Y the hel u r not thinking in tat way.

  13. There must some plan to streach the serial,after every story either there is new character entry or any turn is must. after all 3 to 4 years they are planning to entatain us.Its matter of bread n butter yaar. ENJOY AND SERIAL ZELO…

  14. I hope producers will not kill the flavor of the serial to meet 1000+ episodes target 🙁

  15. Omg guys u r supporting diya baati or enemy of this serial. …..always talking bad abt it

  16. So plz stop talking bad abt it…….plz guys I love diya baati it’s awesoem

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