Rate Kumkum Bhagya’s Dramatic Marriage Twist?

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Kumkum Bhagya is going good by Pragya and Suresh’s marriage twist. When Abhi was forcing Pragya to marry Suresh, even her suicide attempt did not work, and Abhi dragged her back to the mandap after saving her. Someone sends a message to the three vamps Aaliya, Mitali and Tanu, about their evil doings, which makes them worried. They decide to find out about the person behind the message by reading the faces of everybody present at the wedding. After trying to study all the faces Aaliya comes to the conclusion that it is Pragya who was behind this. Meanwhile, Pragya’s marriage with Suresh continues and one by one every ritual is conducted and Abhi too becomes a part of the rituals. Later, Mitali finds out that an envelope has come for Abhi and she passes on this information to Tanu and Aaliya. Later, the three of them somehow manage to steal the envelope from Abhi’s pocket and they throw the envelope along with the wood into the burning fire.

While, the marriage is reaching it’s last stage, Abhi suddenly pours water into the fire and diminishes it. Abhi says Aaliya that Pragya’s marriage cannot happen. He says that MMS is fake. Abhi then exposes the person behind the MMS making and stops Pragya from marrying Suresh against her will. Pragya feels it’s a dream, as Abhi is supporting her infront of the world for the very first time. Abhi realizes his mistake and hugs Pragya, apologizing to her for troubling her always. He assures her that he will be with her all their lives and be a constant support. Suresh’s dreams have broken once again. But did Suresh or Abhi play any role in proving Pragya innocent? The drama is on a high, and the show is making the most by Pragya’s marriage cancellation. What do you think about the full on drama track, which has Abhi’s craziness in divorcing his wife and getting her married to Suresh, and then stopping the marriage in nick of the time, and showering love on her? Let us know.

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  1. Its good because abhi will stop the marriage

  2. itz super duper amazing…..waiting for the person who reveal pragya’s innocence…..salute to him/her 🙂

    1. Its aaliya

  3. The scenario is a bit weak… Will have been better if Abhi shows some compassion for Pragya … Maybe the writers could have revealed his thoughts of how awful he was feeling doing all this instead of playing stupid and being so light hearted in face of her sufferings and always siding with the vamps, This could have made Abhi less heartless. Because of this harshness of Abhi all along now Pragya and her family should show some dignity and makes Abhi pay for being so harsh. ABHI DESERVES A GOOD LESSON after all this along with his tanu and aliya! Come on writers show some imagination. GIVE PRAGYA HER DIGNITY BACK! Don’t give us all this trash again!!!!

    1. “a bit weak”!! It has been ridiculous……. and Dragged out “forever”.

  4. Hopefully Abhi won’t ruin it and say. I did it for Daadi.

    1. Finally Abhi got to know Pragya’s innocence.
      Now tanu n Aaliya hav to get punishment soon..

  5. The people that voted 1 and 2 i highly doubt are from the kb fandom. Cuz the kb fandom is crazy over this new revelation. Kb fans would at least give it a 3 and higher.

    1. oh ya the first time it was a dream. But the second time i dont think so because in pragya’s dream only abhi talks. this has to be reality since aliya is arguing.

    2. So you are qualified to tell people what they should think or how they should feel….REALLY !?!?!

  6. booringserial

    awful slow …………………

  7. i am so happy for this turn in events but abhi needs to be taught a GOOD LESSON for treating pragya like a nobody

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  9. Wow!!!i really like dis bcoz this drama made my bulbul &purab become so close. That s y ivreally like it i luv u rabul

  10. Will abhi remarry pragya???

    1. Right – everyone is so happy BUT they seem to forget that they are divorced – NOW!

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  12. Its not so bad but i hate the fact that they take so long to unmask the culprit and i hate that TANU hasnt been found out….i want to see her humiliated as much as pragya was and then thrown out of the house as well as abhi’s life by abhi himself

  13. I didn’t really like this track- it made Abhi look stupid, it was way too slow and even if Pragya has been proven innocent (not very well though), she still has lost some dignity. I feel like the writers are dragging this serial because after Abhi and Pragya fall for each other completely, what else is there to show? Purab and Bulbul wedding, Tanu getting kicked out or finding someone else to fall for, Akash and Rachna ke shaadi, Pragya becoming friends with Aaliya and Mithali, maybe Aaliya falling for someone else but then what? It will get boring…
    They need a track where Abhi is jealous because someone else is falling for and getting close to Pragya or a track where Abhi loses everything- his fame, glory, etc but just as Pragya to support him. Maybe even a track where Pragya sings a song with Abhi!

  14. For years, we have seen a serial called “Everyone Loves Raymond”, and it is humorous and also has Drama. There is no need to have evil characters and people suffering to be entertained, in fact is it not entertaining but a strain on the mind, when already there is a lot going on in life itself. Instead why cant the serial now take a nice turn where Aliya slowly sees the value of maturity, and understands things. Suresh realizes he doesn’t really love Bulbul. There are ways and means of entertainment without showing bad elements such as jealousy, anger, enmity, and so on. Just humor, some good times, good memories, these are also good. Please give some rest to the viewers!

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