Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Disha saves Purab from Sangram

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sangram’s men about to put Purab’s head in havan. Disha picks the firewood and threatens to kill Sangram. She tells everything to everyone that Purab has saved her when Sangram tried to molest her. She tells her father that he trusted Sangram, but not her. Sangram hits on her hand making firewood fall. Purab pushes them and asks Disha to come with him. Abhi is scared after watching horror film. Munni makes him mores scared. Sangram Singh asks his goon to kill Purab and tells that he will marry Disha and will make her shoes. Disha’s dad asks what you are saying? Sangram slaps him and make him fall down. Bua tells Sangram that she is with him and asks him to bring Disha. They leave.

Purab appreciates Disha for her idea and says nobody will search us on terrace. Bua asks someone if he came to know about Disha. He says no. Purab tells that they have to leave from there soon. Disha says she knows a way to get out from here. He says we will go to Mumbai. Abhi gets scared and calls fuggi. He says there is someone like ghost. Munni says she didn’t hear anyone. She goes near the window. Song plays…..main tumko bhool na pawunga plays….Purab says if Sangram comes there, then also he can’t do anything. He says you are my responsibility and I won’t let anything happen to you. Sangram and his men search the bus. They couldn’t find them. Sangram asks driver about bride and groom in bus. Conductor says no. Purab and Disha sit in the tempo and says they will take flight to Mumbai. Disha says you have saved me. Purab sings khoob ladi mardani wo toh haryani wali thi. They see Sangram’s jeep and hides. Sangram scolds his goon for laughing.

Purab asks disha why did she burn her hand. She says you have also risked your life for me. Song plays…Mitali thinks she should have been maharani f the house. A girl of new show comes and asks if she was day dreaming and making stories. Mitali asks if she got her prince charming. Girl says she got strength and will face the rakshas. She says I will meet you later and goes. Munni gets ready in Pragya’s dress and thinks she never thought to wear shalwar kameez. She wears jewellery and thinks it is beautiful and she never thought she will wear it. Shamil Hai Tu Mujhme plays as Abhi admires her beauty thinking her to be Pragya.

Munni refuses to have sindoor and says she is having problem. Abhi asks her to apply. She pushes him and it falls on floor. Abhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shivampahar

    Hey everyone read my new FanFiction of Kundali Bhagya THE FATE hope u will like it. PLZZ do try to read.

  2. What a bundle serial

    What they showed up with abhi n pragya that goons behind them showing same track since last two weeks
    OMG writer needs to see doctor urgent-;)

  3. Kkb is no more like before. Everything has finished with the disappearance of the character of Pragya. Now I believe this MUNNI is MUNNI not Pragya. She is not like Pragya from any way. She is totally different from Pragya, she only look like Pragya. Her habits, Her behavior, her attitude everything is different from Pragya. If she was Pragya who has been list her complete memory than she gets flashes of her past and she feels some connection with every thing and person which is related with Pragya after getting about Pragya and her related things and persons but no she is behaving all like a stranger, for whom, everything is new. Peoples r saying that the way she treats taaliya is awesome but the way she behaves with abhi and her activities r irritating and annoying becoz abhigya’s magic has vanished from the show as abhi with munni have no chemistry, even it doesn’t give any gud feeling. I m not watching kkb but I read updates and reviews of episodes, through which I reached on this conclusion that for now, Pragya is nowhere in the show except in abhi’s dream and memories and munni is munni, a look like of Pragya. I m saying that, what makers r trying to show us. They have been shown every possible thing, by which it proves that munni is just Pragya’s look like. They r making the audience fool by using Sriti’s face again in different character becoz they believes that fans like Sriti a lot and if she presents in the show in any look or character, fans will not leave the show from watching and audience will hope that Pragya is still alive becoz Sriti didn’t quit from the show or munni might b Pragya. This is all their strategy to keep the audience engaged with the show. For me, I will want to watch only Pragya and as Pragya only, not any look like. Feeling very sad for all the loyal fans and audience. Those who r hoping MUNNI is Pragya, I will suggest that leave this hope becoz it will disturb and hurt u more and more and do not accept anything on the name of hope. Do not trap in their any trick and do not accept the show until u doesn’t get the show in it’s original way, with original characters, like before. Leave the show on it’s condition for sometimes, when it’s condition gets worst with it’s huge fall then u may get, for what u r waiting.

    1. Hi sisy
      How are you ? Hope you are doing good
      What you said is exactly and cent percent correct sisy
      You know seeing audience hope i also started to trust this munni is our pragya but seeing today’s preview i felt i am wrong
      But you don’t know sisy in twitter some audience of kkb started to accept munni and even started giving names like abinni,mubhi and all
      And i felt ultimately our three years watching is ultimately waste and i think these directors are playing with our emotions and hopes
      I feel really bad for sriti and shabbir because they are really talented and because of them only we watched kkb and following kkb even though the current story is not good but these directors are spoiling their skill of acting by showing them as dumb
      Even i am also following only written updates but reading that i feel only hurted
      I beg these directors please bring our pragya back and show abhigya love and happy life

      1. Mythili, for the present condition of kkb, star casts r also responsible as much as it’s makers r responsible. Sriti and shabbir r well aware about their show, it’s story and the response of audience. But they don’t have any care of it. Kundali bhagya has succeeded in making it’s place in top-5 shows from it’s start and slowly – slowly grabbing the attention of more and more audience. Even SBS news people were saying that kundali bhagya is doing gud than kkb but kkb has fallen down even after giving base to kundali bhagya and both the show’s makers r same , kundali bhagya got successful but kkb has dropped. News people were saying that kundali bhagya’s star cast r happy and feeling proud that they have become toppers. So will this thing make star cast of kkb alert and they will ask producers for change the story, becoz of which they again gets number-1 on trp chart. But it seems mythili that they still don’t have any care of this. I know actors works is only acting but they have right to ask the producers to bring changes in story, when it is affecting their show, on which their earnings depends. So mythili I will say makers and star cast both responsible for the current bad condition of kkb. And mythili off course some of obsessed peoples with kkb, will try to search every possibility to watch the show and they will keep busy themselves in making their mind and heart satisfied with their predictions, imaginations and illusions, only this type of audience will watch kkb but I m seeing that most of audience r not taking interest even in commenting. MUNNI track was disliked by the most of audience from the day one of it’s start becoz the love story of abhigya and the magic of their chemistry, for which fans were crazy and always keeps excited to watch their story since three years, this all has gone and vanished from the show now. So when the reason is no more to watching it then their is no use to take any interest or keeping expectations from it. Another purab-DISHA track also audience r not liking so much. The show is going through such a rare, weak and worst face. Their show is on stake. Let’s see where and when they will wake up. I m hoping more and more for it’s fall. Until I will not get the show in it’s original way with original characters for which we were watchin the show and taking interest in it since its start, I will not accept any crap and their irritating experiments in the story of the show. And I expects this with sensible audience too. That’s it.

  4. I like kumkum Bhagya

  5. that’s nice

  6. Wts going on. In kkb? Last month abhi’s marriage going on..now purab’s wedding..pls separate atleast disha and purab this is what expected..

  7. This director again apply separation drama in purab’s story also..once purab’s married disha, we are happy.. But no way

  8. sorry people but i think this is the most brainwashing show i have ever watched in my life .
    i dont this people take break and start a new project

  9. Okay, so what is the point of a lookalike in this story? Where exactly is it taking the audience? Obviously if it is not Pragya with memory loss then what is the point really.

    Still don’t get the choppiness of the the story. It’s totally all over the place with no clear conclusion on anything. Total nonsense but it’s not like any comments make a difference to the writers. For all the insult hurled at them, they must have a tough skin to continue lol

  10. I love KKB,but what the hell is goin on im getting angry too much drama..it looks lyk munni is munni..whereby i need her to be pragya either with a memory loss or just tryin in a diplomatic way to expose tanu and aliya..so directors if munni is juss munni/pragya luk alike…i am goin to stop watching this series..purab needs some happiness as well…he has been helpin everyone so far to be happy but all he gets to play is the poor little depress guy,,

  11. My god wat a show it is .worst epis…i heared that it is going to end on aug21st.is it true

    1. Take KKB off the Air

      We can only hope…..

    2. Never it is just a rumor to keep audience engaged with them
      It is not an official news so dont think they will do that
      They will keep irritating us

    3. Not so fast they are going to air kkb until 2030? this guys are insane

  12. where are our pragya. abhi condition is really sad… abhi did single romance. pragya believe kumkum and love kumkum.

  13. Really we should stop wasting time on kkb, i hv quit to watch since month, now i will quit to read about it also. I insted waching another shows. Not such ridiculous show.

  14. What nonsense!! Really this show has been irritating since bulbul’s death they have been coming up with the most stupid plots and abhigya are still acting this crap what they are forgetting is if this show could make them famous then it could also strip their fame a series should be such that when it comes to an end fans are always left hanging and yearning to see the characters chemistry again and again but kkb pple are yearning to see it come to an end coz its annoying

  15. i hate munni she is not pragya i love abhigya only please show us pragya

  16. I like kkb coz of disha and purab and its going good .

    1. by anychance did u watch kkb wen it was bulbul and Purab. u will hate this disha business. KKB IS DEAD period

  17. I always tell that sriti is the cause bcoz see yesterday’s episode she is not going close to shabir I think either she has got infectious disease or some misundersting BTW tisha .this all happened bcoz of her secret romance once I saw her photo she is sitting in water tank like a Buffalo even her boyfriend a singer should take care of her throat and actors should take care of inner n outer look bcoz actresses comes in close contact.shriti did a mistake by choosing kunal c the result she present but she can’t give romantic scene.then ekta also will not accept such actor even ur best actor.why she chose such life.without abhigya magic there is taste hope somebody tells her to take good decession of life.

  18. Don’t misunderstand sriti should have bright future we r missing abhigya magic .I just watch old videos.but her choice is too bad.

  19. kumkum bhagya is old

    Chil kumkum bhagya starts new drama every july and this will go to july 2018.Chill

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