Shani 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Simhika traps Yam!

Shani 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| When people accept difficult situations as a challenge then sometimes even their loved ones doubt their chosen path. Shani teaches that if your motive is right then you don’t need to give any explanation. Truth comes in front on its own. ||

Shani reaches the peak of Kailash where Tridev’s are. Brahma Dev says I was afraid of something wrong when I gave Simhika that boon. I dint expect it from Shani to bend down before Simhika; become her pet and come here to take Sudarshan Chakra from Narayan! Narayan tells Shani to answer Brahma Dev. Shani says you all created me then why I have to explain anything. Narayan asks him if they should remind him of his promise back in Kailash that he will never ask for anything for himself. Flashback of the same is shown.

Chhaya shouts Hanuman’s name. She frees her hand from Makarasur. He uses his power to make her and himself invisible. Hanuman notices the entrance to a cave and goes inside. Makarasur welcomes him. Hanuman says you wont be alive to welcome anyone else. He tries attacking him but Makarasur disappears. I know you got this mace from Vishnu. It always attacks but it must attack the real thing. You are in Talatal though. It isn’t as it appears here. The real is always invisible to the eyes here. You wont return from here alive now! Hanuman heads further inside. Makarasur calls out to Pishachs who appear there just then. Makarasur explains that they are undefeatable. No one can fight with them and survive against them. I will see how this monkey from earth will face them. Pishachs inch closer to Hanuman.

Simhika challenges Surya Dev for a fight. Accept it and come outside. Devraj looks irked. Yami tells his father not to go outside. Maybe this is the problem which Shani warned us against. This is why he told us not to step outside.

Simhika keeps shouting to Surya Dev. Did the one who gives light to entire world bend down before Simhika’s warning? Don’t you care about your other wife CHhaya? Surya Dev wants to go but Yami tells him against it. Shukracharya also seconds her. I know why Chhaya has been made captive by Simhika and why Sanghya is in this condition. Shani’s actions might not be understood by everyone but he thinks before doing anything. Don’t go outside. Surya Dev asks him what he means. Shukracharya tells that Shani did everything for their well being only.

Narayan asks Shani if he will break his promise. Maahdev explains that Tridev’s dint intervene till now as they had faith on him. We wanted you to choose the right path yourself but you are asking for Sudarshan Chakra from Narayan knowing it well how big

Simhika shouts that he has Chhaya. Fight with me if you want her. Shukracharya warns Surya Dev that the entire world will also fall in a problem if Surya Dev falls in trouble. Devraj doubts Shukracharya. Shukracharya says I am Asura Guru. I want to take them on the path of progress and not downfall! Trust me Surya Dev. Simhika’s arrival here is a bigger thing than any Dev-Asura Sangram.

Simhika keeps challenging Surya Dev. Did you become coward in your wife’s absence? Yami tells his father she is instigating him to fall in her trap. She will use your shadow. Surya Dev reasons that his shadow isn’t made as he is the source of light. Devraj decides to get Dev sena. Shukracharya also decides to go to Pataal to pray. He advises Surya Dev to be careful. Simhika isn’t ordinary Asura. Surya Dev replies that now she will have to face the unordinary light of sun.

Simhika covers her eyes to avoid the bright light emanating from Surya Dev as he steps closer. Surya Dev says I never refuse anyone’s challenge.
Hanuman looks at Pishachs. Talatal is full of maya meaning that what happens in Mrityu Loka doesn’t happen here and vice versa. Pishachs nod. Hanuman confuses them with his logic. They point out that he has gone mad here. Hanuman points out that it has happened the other ways. Pishachs say he doesn’t know he cannot kill us here. Hanuman turns to go but stops. I understood everything my friends but you did not. What is true on earth isn’t true here. If you cannot kill Pishachs on earth then! He ties them in their tail one by one and completes his sentence. It means I can kill Pishachs here! He beats them badly. They end up apologising to him. Please spare us our lives. Hanuman says it will be fun to do what I cannot do in Mrityu Loka. They promise not to come before him ever. We will not even appear before those who will take your name. Hanuman spares their lives.

Simhika appreciates Surya Dev’s plan. You became the source of light so your shadow isn’t made but I have solution to everything. Rahu and Ketu appear behind her. Surya Dev tells her she cannot even control his conscience. She nods. My son Ketu will be able to divert everyone else though. Ketu shouts in Surya Dev’s voice. Yam gets alert. I must go. Yami advises him against it. Ketu shouts for Yam (in Surya Dev’s voice) who does not pay heed to Yami’s words and heads outside.

Once outside, Surya Dev tells Yam to return but Simhika traps his shadow at that very moment. Yam becomes her puppet. Surya Dev looks at him in shock. Simhika says now your foolish son is in my control. This is your family’s problem – emotions. I cannot get your shadow in my control but I can make Yam follow my commands. Tell me if you will accept to become my servant or would you like to see your own son committing suicide right before your eyes?

Shani says I was quiet till now I have learnt that we must listen to those who we respect. I have right to every question though. I did come here to take Sudarshan Chakra remembering my swear well. I am still not related to anyone. If Brahma Dev made a mistake then why should my or anyone’s mother go through problems because of it. I am Karamfaldata so you too under my Drishti. We are in this problem because of the boon given by a part of Tridev. Now the other part of Tridev must comply with Simhika’s demand and give me the Sudarshan Chakra.

Precap: Simhika reasons that Surya Dev can burn her but don’t forget that I have your son and wife under my control. Sun must not set tonight. He insists that there will be problem then. She insists that that must not happen or there will be dire consequences.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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