Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bheem meets Hanuman. Hanuman teaches Bheem a lesson of life.

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with krishna telling radha that yes bheem, the pandav brother was tested by hanuman this time as he had grown egoistic of his power. As Krishna says, in the story, yudhisthira tells his brothers that they need to bring purush mrig from heaven. Bheem gets up and says don’t worry brother, I mahabali bheem will bring the purush mrig to you brother. Bheem takes his gadha and goes.
Krishna tells everyone that this way bheem went to bring the purush mrig.
As bheem walks from the forest to go to heaven, he comes across a long tail and says this tail here? he says an old monkey resting on a rock. Bheem says this monkey is resting here, I cannot cross his tail as it will be an insult to this old monkey, I have to ask the monkey to remove his tail from the path as if I cross it then my task will not be over properly. Bheem goes to hanuman and says old monkey, remove your tail from the path as I have to go from here. hanuman says I am just an old monkey resting here, I am very weak and don’t have strength, I have to carry the weight of this long tail which even I cannot pick up, please you only pick the tail and go. bheem says okay monkey, as you say I will pick your tail. Bheem keeps his gadha down and with a tree branch, he tries picking the tail up but fails. Hanuman says you must be a powerful warrior, with the branch don’t pick me only up. Bheem says with my power, I am intelligent too monkey, I will not hurt you. hanuman smiles. Bheem tries hard with the branch but fails. Hanuman says I thought you must be very strong but you are not able to pick my tail, I thought you could easily pick my tail. Bheem says monkey angrily and says you insult me, do you know who I am? Monkey says If I could see properly I could have said who you are. Bheem says monkey, I am th mahabali bheem, one of the five pandava brothers. Hanuman says oh my god, you are bheem? My weak eyes can see some of you, yes you look like bheem. Bheem says I will pick your tail from here. bheem throws the branch and now bends down to pick the tail. Bheem holds the tail and with all his power tries picking the tail but it doesn’t move an inch. Bheem is shocked and thinks what type of monkey is he? Bheem says monkey are you doing any maya with me? This tail doesn’t move at all, I think you are someone else. Hanuman says how can you say that? look at me I am so old, I don’t have any strength and why will I do any maya with you? but looking at you, I think you are doing a maya with me as you look like bheem but don’t have his power and strength that I have heard of. Bheem is angry and says monkey, you doubt me? I will show my true power to you. bheem tries picking the tail with all his strength but fails again and says monkey do you eat rocks? This tail is too heavy for me. Hanuman says no I eat bananas and you also eat as you will get strength from it because I don’t think you must be getting proper food to eat. Bheem is angry and says you insult me with your words monkey but I don’t have time to talk to you as I have to go for an important work, I cannot waste time here I have to cross your tail just like mahabali hanuman crossed the sea to reach lanka. Bheem says I am called mahabali hanuman’s ansh and that is why also called as pavan putra. Hanuman says who is hanuman? bheem says you don’t know hanuman being a monkey? What kind of a monkey are you? hanuman says no I don’t know any hanuman and looking at you I think there is no hanuman and bheem too. Bheem is angry and says now I will cross your tail. Bheem tries crossing the tail but it becomes huge and bheem is pushed away, the tail becomes normal again. bheem says monkey you are playing with me, this tail is suddenly becoming huge. Hanuman says I am not doing anything, you can do what you wish. Bheem tries many times to cross the tail but cannot, bheem then says I will go from the other way, it is better to not waste time here. hanuman smiles and says sure, do what you want. Bheem starts running in the other way but cannot run forward and runs on the same place, bheem tries hard to run ahead but cannot. Hanuman smiles. Bheem then realizes and comes to hanuman, he keeps his gadha down. Bheem is tired and says old monkey I have understood that you are someone else, I thought you must be a demon or gandharava but you are not, you are a god who has come here to test me, please show me your true form old monkey and I will be honored and lucky. Hanuman gets up and smiles, he gets back to his normal form of hanuman. bheem is very amazed and he sits on one knee and does pranam, bheem says hanuman ji? Bheem says I am very grateful to have met you in my life. Bheem says I was a fool who couldn’t recognize you, you made me realize that I had ego on my power, I am really thankful to you hanuman ji for teaching me the right lesson of modesty and decency. Hanuman says bheem you are right, ego is not good for a warrior. Bheem says hanuman ji, please give me your darshan in your huge form for the one which you are known. Hanuman says bheem that form was the one I used to take in treat yug and this is dwapar yug, you wont be able to look at my form and handle the power. Bheem says it would be fine if I died looking at that form of yours hanuman ji, then I would be lucky but please give me your blessings in that form. Hanuman says okay and says jai shree ram, he starts becoming huge. Hanuman becomes very huge and all his forms are seen behind hanuman. hanuman shines and bheem is amazed to see hanuman as he does pranam.

Precap: hanuman says to bheem that do you know who purush mrig is? He is very powerful and undefeatable. Bheem says I have to go to heaven to bring him here as it is my brother’s task. Bheem goes to purush mrig in heaven and says I have come here to take you onmy brother’s orders.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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