Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with police reaching Abhi’s house with Suresh and panwala to arrest Abhi. Pragya says she insisted Abhi to teach her driving and made an accident, but Abhi took it on himself. Inspector says panwala you told Abhi was driving. Panwala says Suresh told him and he insisted to file a complaint. Suresh says panwala has agreed to take back the case. Inspector praises Abhi for protecting his wife and says he is a real life hero. Daadi thanks panwala for taking back case. Panwala says he came to thank Pragya instead who gave her mom’s jewellery to start back his business. Abhi realizes Pragya was helping him instead. Tanu sees inspector going back without arresting Abhi and thinks who did this happen. Panwala says Daadi that he changed his perception towards rich people after seeing Pragya. Daadi asks panwala to give back Pragya’s jewelry and she will give him money instead. Panwala gives back jewelry. Daadi gives it to Pragya and asks her not to lose it again. She asks Akash to give money to panwala. Tanu takes Abhi to the side and asks if he did not take her name, says he is a big rockstar and can escape, but she is a small time model. Abhi says Pragya took all the blame on herself. Cousin daadi says Abhi that Pragya is a savitri for him. Daadi says she chose a right girl for Abhi and praises Pragya. She says only a middle class girl can think of her family’s wellbeing and can become husband’s life partner. Abhi repents for his mistake. Daadi thanks Suresh for helping her family and says she hopes Akash get his conscience and accept Rachna. Aaksh thinks Daadi is telling right, only money cannot buy anything.

Aaliya sees Tanu walking tensely and asks her to calm down. Tanu says Pragya is getting closer to Abhi and becoming a key for his solutions. Aaliya says she is key for Abhi’s problems. Tanu says Pragya planned big and is slowly getting Abhi from her. Aaliya says she will get back her brother and Tanu’s boyfriend and says Tanu has to do the same drama. Tanu says she is a model and not an actor. Aaliya says she should be patient like Pragya and wait till the right time comes. Tanu says Pragya will get Abhi if they wait for the right time.

Abhi is exercising and reminisces Pragya taking blame on herslf and other incidents. He thinks he tortures Pragya a lot, but she rescued him instead of putting him in trouble. Pragya comes to their room and plays Abhi’s rock music. Abhi gets irked and switches off music. He sees Pragya cleaning the house and then reading her book. Pragya sees him looking at her and hides her face in book. She then sees Abhi reading book and asks him to help her get book. She falls on him while picking book and he holds her. He then asks if she hates him so much, why did she rescue him and says she would have become owner of his house. She says she could have become owner, but she does not need his house and says she just cares for her family and its people. She says she cannot see Daadi feeling bad seeing him going to jail and she does not want Sarla to know that he and Tanu are in a relationship. Saving him was her to protect her family.

Aaliya sees Pragya carrying soup for daadi and says tanu she may pour it on herself. Tanu says her face will glow with soup. Aaliya says Pragya that she will have to leave this house after her marriage. Tanu keeps her leg in Pragya’s way and tries to make her fall. PRagya sees that and says soup may fall on her face and ruin her model face. Aaliya says she should ask Abhi to torture Pragya more and kick her out.

Precap: Daadi asks Abhi to take Pragya out and let Aaliya go with Purab.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  4. Really lve u abhiiiii…..I lve ur character…..n ur attitude..

  5. I don’t like protagonist portraying pratigya, she’s too boring and her voice is extremely annoying!

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    Love pragya

  8. can anyone tell me, which is that background music which is played when there is sad scenes, its very old, played in almost all serials, pls help me

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    awsome episode go abhi and praghiya

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