Qubool Hai 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence and on the road
Meanwhile, an old lady is shown to be walking on the road. In the middle of the night, while sanam is sleeping, on a desolate road somewhere, the same old lady gets hit by a car, which is actually seher, sanam’s long lost twin sister, and she falls on the ground. Creating the twin repurcussion in sanam, she too falls off ther bed, and wakes up with a startle, as she finds blood coming out of the corner of her head, at the same place that seher has actually got hurt. the old lady starts throwing a tantrum that she is severely hurt, while the driver apologises for hitting her, and offers to give her a lift, to the nearby village. They both sit in the car. The old lady pulls a gun and asks her not to move, or even look back. The person is surprised. The lady clearly tells him that he should empty all the money, or else she would straightaway kill him. She gets out of the car’s back seat, and takes the briefcase from the front seat, and asks him to get lost, and as she reprimands him, for getting scared, she asks him to get lost. He drives off. The lady drops the gun and the briefcase on the floor, and then takes off the disguise of the old lady, and seher, the more daring of the two sisters, is revealed. She is happy to see money, some of which she happily waves off in the air. She thinks that now she wont have to work for another one month. Both the sisters are concerned about their wounds at the exact same place.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
faiz excitedly rants to rahat, for picking a dress as a gift for haya. rahat remembers her in a black saree and tells him the same advise. faiz agrees, while rahat sleeps off. Faiz starts ranting about honeymoon locations then. rahat remembers haya wanting to go to Mecca and medina. faiz goes to ask haya herself. rahat makes him wait as its very late. Faiz says that he wont be able to sleep, till he knows the answer. Faiz leaves, while rahat is tensed.

Faiz finds that haya is asleep, and emotionally eyes her. He wakes her up, and she is concerned for dilshad. faiz says that she is okay and that he came to ask something. she is boggled to look at the time. he says that he and rahat were discussing about wedding, and decides the decor, and then the dress and everything, while rahat eyes her from the door opened. haya thinks that she didnt know rahat was so teasing, and sent faiz for discussing, while himself stealthily eyeing her. faiz asks how would be the day after tomorrow for marriage. haya shyly eyes rahat, while faiz eyes haya. He leaves, while haya agrees, and faiz is happy.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Sanam talks to tanveer, in the car, as the driver goes for a tyre change. tanveer asks how is she now, as she was pretty disturbed last night. sanam says that she is better now. tanveer thinks that she is taking her along, so that she cant busy herself with investigation. tanveer advises her that its very difficult for her to stay alon, and what happened recently, can lead her to bad thoughts, but she shouldnt let them overpower her. tanveer says that there’s one more thing that she wants to say which she might not like, but wants to say, that she shouldnt dig the past about her parents and let it be. tanveer says that where she is leading, there isnt anything, and the wounds always hurt when scraped be it old or new. Sanam agrees and says that she thinks that tanveer is right in thinking that she should leave her past behind, and look ahead, but still feels that if she just looks behind, she might just get someone her own. just then, as fate would have it, seher pulls up in another taxi, and tensedly eyes sanam from her back side, as she wakes up in the car, due to the jerk that the taxi gives her, while getting stuck in the jam. seher looks around boggled, while tanveer tells sanam that she shouldnt bother herself as it would just lead to heartache and pain. As seher gets out, her face is covered by the hair that flow due to the gushing winds, and even though sanam sees her, she isnt able to recognise her. sanam turns to tanveer and she asks sanam to not bother and go and find out whats taking so long. sanam copmplies, and then gets busy talking to latif. Shere gets down, and the driver says that he just stopped here, as she didnt tell him where to go. Seher starts ranting about how she should just keep changing the place. She pays off the driver. Seher goes and talks to tanveer, while she gets stuck, and is waiting impatiently in the car, and tanveer misconstrues it as sanam, by identifying the voice. But when it isnt sanam, she is baffled. Seher asks her what is this place and tanveer tensedly replies that she is in bhopal. seher says that she feels she would just like this city and has a connection to it. When sanam returns and tells tanveer that it would just be two minutes, tanveer notices the uncanny resemblance in the voice and tells it to sanam, and points that the other girl just went. sanam looks ahead and finds seher going, and views her from thre back, unable to see her face. She asks tanveer who was it. tanveer says that she didnt know, but for once she felt that it was her, and again points that it must have been a stranger, and she started thinking that she was known to her. sanam eyes seher. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: As tanveer is tensed in her room, sanam enters angrily, and starts reprimanding tanveer, that she knows her true face now, which dilshad exposed to her, and that she now knows that she killed her parents mercilessly, in this very house. Sanam grabs her by the throat, and says that she wont let her live todsay, and would kill her right here and now. Tanveer gasps for breath, as sanam strongly strangulates her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I bet tanveer is imagining sanam strangling her

  2. That’s a stupid imagination………. Die Tanveer Die

  3. Tanu sapna Dekh rahi hogi

  4. dream sequence is the precap….no ahil or even rehan today

  5. no ahil and sanam today…sad…..

  6. Please tell me this is NOT a dream!

  7. O I wish its the truth n not a dream I think it time sanam get rid of tanveer plzzz ppl don’t let evil tanveer win again

  8. I am sure tanveer is just dreaming.sanam will not find that secret so easily

    1. its a drm 4 sure as da truth wudnt cum out so fast…n bst of luck 2 rahat 2 win haya..faiz plz go away u r making thngs cmplicatd

  9. I hope they will not interverser the role and take the place of saher sanam

  10. I like Faiz and all, but he pisses em off badly. why did they bring him in the show? His character is making me so angry.
    And Ahil is now not in every episode. What’s all this? I only watch because of Ahil and Sanam scenes!

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