Tumhari Pakhi 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vaswani allowing Pakhi to take the blueprints as Poonam too feels the same. Pakhi thanks them and leaves. Veer talks to the investors and says Pakhi will soon. Anuja calls him and asks about Pakhi. He says she did not come. He calls Pakhi and gets her number switch off. Veer says the apology but Pakhi comes smiling and greets them. She brings the CD of the blueprints and says she will start the presentation with the blueprints. Lavanya interviews Riya as she wants to hire her as her assistant. Riya says she loves her designs. The baby cries. Lavanya asks the maid and says she went out. Shea sks Girish to come, but he has earplugs in his ears and does not hear. Lavanya takes the baby. Riya asks may I help you.

Lavanya says yes, bring her feed from the kitchen. Riya goes and brings it. Lavanya sees Girish with the earplugs and says she was calling him. he says he was listening to lyrics of Ghazals. He says sorry, we decided we will take care of baby in alternate days, but its your turn today. But I will manage and flirts. Riya smiles seeing them. Ayaan shows the parent consent form and gives to Aditya. Aditya asks Ayaan to tolerate ice for 5mins and Ayaan agrees to prove him he is capable. Everyone likes the presentation and claps. The investors are very glad.

Pakhi thanks them and says its because of your support. They say they will always support her and leave. Veer says well done, how. She says oh, I told you if you are determined, you can do anything. He says did you keep any advisor in my place. She says he is always with me. He says you did not tell me. She says you know him, and even you have taken his help and advice. He says I don’t remember. She says about the Lord. He says come on now.

She says sometimes plans don’t work, trust and straight way works. She says your smart things failed and my trust won again. She says don’t see in my eyes, else you will be ashamed of your smartness. She leaves. Veer smiles. Anuja talks to Lavanya and says how did Pakhi convince Vaswani, it means Aryaman won’t come back. She will not forgive Aryaman. Veer comes and says she just got blueprints, not the password, till when she won’t get money. Anuja says she will get money in 10 days.

She won’t need Aryaman now. He says she will need them, as investors won’t wait till 10 days. Riya calls Laavnya for help and Lavanya asks her to take servant’s help. Riya says how mean and speaks against Lavanya. Girish hears this. Lavanya tells Veera what if Pakhi gets the password. Veer says its tough, but Pakhi is very smart, commendable, we have to change plans seeing her. Ayaan comes back home and sees his back in the room mirror. Pakhi comes to him smiling with the good news.

She says I had important meeting and it went very well with no loss. Everyone clapped for me and says congrats, wonderful, thanks. She says she is happy as no one can stop her from fulfilling Anshuman’s project. Ayaan says its good news, we will go to party, me, you and dad. Pakhi looks at her.

Pakhi throws a party at home as its good win for Rathore’s group. Veer says we will play Chinese whispers and explains the rules that everyone has to pass the word and the last one will be punished. Ayaan, Pakhi and Veer are remaining and Pakhi gets out and has to act like Gabbar Singh. She wears a beard and has a belt in her hand acting like Gabbar Singh. Ayaan and Veer play and Veer gets out. Ayaan says we will play dumb charades and says the word asking Veer to show in signs. Veer explains and Pakhi guesses it as Mujhse Dosti Karoge. Veer comes to her and says yes.

Pakhi asks Ayaan to dance on his fav song. Ayan dances and is hurt. Pakhi notices his back’s discomfort and gets worried. She stops the music and lifts his shirt to see big red marks on his back. She is shocked. Anuja and Veer see it and are shocked too.

Anuja is arrested and Pakhi stops her asking for any solution. The man asks Pakhi to give Rs 25 crores and take her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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