Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Aaliya confronts Priyanka and Rhea

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya thinking of Abhi’s words and comes to Rhea’s room. Rhea asks her what is she thinking? Aaliya says she is thinking about outsiders, if they manipulate family members home then how to handle them. She asks whose idea it was. Priyanka asks what? Aaliya says I am sure that this idea is yours, referring to Priyanka. Rhea asks which idea? Aaliya asks who planned this. Rhea says we have done this, but the idea was of Priyanka. Aaliya asks did you lost your mind and asks if the waiter had got caught then what would have happen. She says you wanted to lower Prachi and tells that your own level is getting down and you didn’t think of your image. She says Prachi’s level is already low and tells that may be Prachi wanted to trap Sanju and you both got trapped in her plan. Rhea says sorry. Aaliya asks Priyanka not to give such dirty ideas to Rhea and says it is not going to be nice. Priyanka and Rhea say sorry. Aaliya holds Rhea’s hands and says I love you and can’t see you in pain. She says you might have got jailed if waiter was caught, and asks him not to listen to nonsense ideas and do anything as such. Rhea promises her and says I love you. Aaliya says love you too and leaves. She thinks Prachi is in Rhea’s mind and I have to take her out from her mind, else Rhea creates some problems for herself. She says why God sends middle class girl to our family and don’t know who is that God who sends them. She says first Pragya had come, Disha and now this Prachi. She thinks where is Purab?

Rhea tells Priyanka that if the waiter has opened his mouth then we would have gone to jail and Dad. Priyanka says if we have become successful then we would have got a big achievement and thinks of Rishi. Rhea asks what are you thinking? Priyanka says if I you don’t do anything so soon then you will lose your dad and also Ranbir. She says Abhi hugged her as hugging his daughter and tells that Ranbir showed trust on Prachi, asks are you sure that he has no feelings for Prachi. Rhea says absolutely not. Priyanka provokes her against Prachi and asks him to focus and keep eye on Ranbir, else Prachi will fly away with him. Rhea says close the door while leaving.

Shahana comes to Prachi. Prachi says Maa must have went to Disha Maasi. She says it is good that she didn’t come for party and asks her to forget everything. Shahana says I will forget, but the good thing is that Ranbir supported you. she says Abhi always supports you, but this time Ranbir supported you as a hero, came to you and wiped your tears. He also took a stand for you. Prachi feels bad about her behavior towards him. Shahana asks her to say him sorry tomorrow. Prachi calls Pragya. Pragya tells Purab that she got a call from home. She attends Prachi’s call and tells that she stopped on the way for an important work. Prachi asks her to come soon. Pragya says ok. Purab gets Aaliya’s call and tells that he is coming home.

Meera is in the kitchen and tells Abhi that she is making turmeric milk for Rhea. Abhi thanks her for messaging him about Prachi. Meera says she messaged him as he only knows about her. Abhi says why you wanted to save her. Meera says even I trust her like you and tells that everyone was badmouthing about her. She says Ranbir took a stand for her. Abhi says he is a man now and tells that someone is behind Prachi and wants to ruin her life, whenever she comes here. He says first it was Rhea, and now…He doubts on Priyanka. Meera thinks who is behind this. Rhea recalls Ranbir taking a stand for Prachi and gets thinking. Ranbir comes there and asks are you ok? Rhea says you took so much time to return. She asks why did you support Prachi today. Ranbir says Prachi is irritating, but she is not like that what people was saying. He appreciates her for switching off the projector. Rhea says I didn’t like the way you supported her and I thought that you like her and asked us to apologize to her. She says Dimpy and Shaina are my best friends and you made them apologize to Prachi.

Ranbir says I would have done the same thing with any other girl too and says this matter is about her, family, background. He says if you was on my place then would have done the same thing. She says you can break her heart, but can’t ruin her life. Rhea says I got a little jealous and says I am proud of you. Ranbir says I am proud of you and hugs her. He says good night.

Pragya is at home and recalls Prachi calling her. Prachi comes to her. Pragya says I am your mum and knows you better than yourself. She says you missed and need me so tell me what had happened. Prachi says I will tell tomorrow, will sleep in your lap now. Pragya asks what happened? Prachi says it was a small problem, sorted by Mehra sir. She rests on her lap. Pragya recalls Prachi telling that Mehra sir handled the problem. Pragya messages thank you to Abhi.

Precap: Abhi tells Pragya that they will keep the argument limited to court hearing and says whatever mistake Rishi has done. Pragya says he has not done anything. Priyanka asks Rishi to marry him. He refuses.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. gs krishnamoorthy

    alia keeps saying middle class girls who talks like this

    1. Exacty moorty, all that this woman knows is CLASS, I think she never went any classes in SCHOOL

    2. We must assume, Ekta talks and thinks this way. It’s her show.

  2. Meetushri🤓👩‍⚕️

    Want more pranbir scene

  3. Today, I finally felt it better that Prach accepted that she had been all the way WRONG abt Ranbir, Hope she really gives him A GOOD APOLOGY😌😌😌.
    Ranbir should rethink on what Rhea said, that he is having feelings for Prachi😉😉😉.
    And what he said today, about the reason for which he stood with Prachi was absolutely awesome😍😍😍, I really like MEN who respect WOMEN AND VALUES THEM🥰🥰🥰.

  4. Steeva

    Pls, replace Prachi!!

    1. Or make sure that mini-aliyah murders her so that Pragya will remember who she is married to….
      she married Aliyah. Abhi will never become a complete man until aliyah is dead. Abhi is not worth it.
      he is able to pretend for moments here and there, but Abhi is a complete loser male. What does one expect? Look at the family he comes from? Priyanka, mini-aliyah, aliyah and all the other multitude of losers, liars, thieves and murderers. Is Mithali truly reformed? Wouldn’t count on it. She has not been made responsible for her previous criminality. And as usual Abhi is paying for a whore (Meera) to live in the house. First it was the tuna-fish, now it is Meera. Most ‘good’ parents check out their kids employment and friends especially when they come home crying on a regular basis. Not Pragya. Like a ‘good’ Indian woman, Pragya runs towards the chance of being abused… or so Ekta is teaching the world. It is doubtful that ekta has ever experienced an honest adult male in a relationship (heteros*xual and not her dad/brother) and she can only create stories from her personal experience of men and women…. so… really, what can one expect?

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