Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Rajjo’s nightmare about to come true

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo telling Happu that she saw beni playing harmonium when she was singing song for their livelihood. Happu asks her not to worry. Rajjo says I am worried for all. Happu says I will bring water for you. Amma takes out wallets from the box and recalls a fb, a girl steals wallets of the men on road. Fb ends. Happu comes and asks whose wallet is this? Amma says it is your Nana’s wallets. He asks about the blade. She says he used to shave the beard. Happu says he was clean shaven. Amma says he used to shave off others’ beard whoever had beard. Happu says you said that he was in Police. Amma slaps him and asks do I lie? Happu goes. Dada ji asks Amma to tell truth to him that she was once a thief. Later Rajjo brings tea and gives to Amma. Amma teases her asking her to do mannat.

Amma asks Rajjo to offer 11 rs Prasad to God and tells about her mannat. Rajjo asks which mannat? Amma says so that you give me tea. Rajjo says I will get 22 Rs laddoo and tells that she has done mannat of 11 Rs. Amma asks for what? Rajjo doesn’t tell her and leaves.

Kamlesh comes home and calls Kat. Happu scolds him and asks what is the way to call her again and again like a crow. He says you never ask me if I need some money. Kamlesh says that day will come also. Happu says I will beat you with shoes, you are standing near me. He polishes his shoes and tells Kamlesh that Commissioner asked him to come to police station with clean shoes and tells about the cleanliness program. The baby cries. Happu goes to him. Baby urinates on his face. Happu says he is mine. Rajjo is in the kitchen and sees the money lender there. She gets worried. Beni asks him to come with him somewhere in night and tells about the imported wine. Happu asks him to bring his clothes and says he will change in the Police station. They eat Pan.

Amma asks Rajjo to bring chaat masala and taunts her. Rajjo brings chaat masala and sprinkles on the plate. Amma asks what happened to you, you didn’t react to my taunt. Rajjo says I didn’t hear anything. Amma asks her to tell what happened? Rajjo tells that she had seen a bad dream that Happu lost his job and a money lender took away their house, and kicked them out. Amma taunts him and then asks her not to worry. She says she has God’s blessings on their house and tells that when you got married and came here, I asked God you send Suparnakha instead of Lakshmi and says my house bear you so nothing will happen. Rajjo says I saw that money lender behind the house. Amma gets worried and tells that she can’t eat fruits. She asks if her dream will be fulfilled. Rajjo says no, else you would have gone by now. Amma gets happy with her reply and says this is my bahu.

Kamlesh meets Kat. Kat tells him that she is a coconut and everyone takes advantage of her. Kamlesh tells her that he will take her to watch film, have pani puri etc, but I forgot my wallet today. Kat says you are also like others and says you are snake in sleeves. She goes crying.

Happu and Beni are heavily drunk and tell each other about pan shop near by their house. They kiss each other on their cheeks. Rajjo tells Amma that happu didn’t come home. Amma says my brave son might be running behind a thief etc. Rajjo says he must have called. Amma says how we will call while on work. Rajjo says my heart is very worried. Amma says I am happy and my heart says that something good will happen with Happu and he will have medal on his uniform. Commissioner and Manohar are going in the car, when they see crowd standing. Manohar and Commissioner gets down the car and look at happu on the garbage bags. Manohar wakes up happu. Happu says I didn’t know how I came here. Commissioner says you are black spot on police and suspends him. The people on the road laugh at happu.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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