Namah 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Samudradev Curses Narayan

Namah 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi Lakshmi feeds food to wish when Narayan walks to her. She tells Narayan that nobody is small in this world, a small fish can drag a big boat, if one wants even god has to take avatar to help him. Narayan says she is right. Devi Lakshmi asks why didn’t he inform her that she is also Ashtalakshmi. Narayan if someone informs, it can be forgotten, but if searched by oneself, it will be remembered forever. Devi Lakshmi then serves Narayan’s disciples served bhog/prasad and asks him to accept it. Narayan tastes bhog. Devi Lakshmi sees leaves and says disciples are so innocent that they served leaves as bhog. Narayan says he will taste even leaves. Devi Lakshmi puts leaves in ocean. Narayan thinks if it is served to him, he will taste them for sure and in his kurum/turtle avatar swims into water to taste leaves.

Shristi asks why Narayan took different avatars. Brahmadev says Narayan teaches a lesson in each avatar and describes how devtas under Narayan’s guidance fought with asurs and won repeatedly. Raja Bali bearing repeated defeat thinks Narayan is doing injustice to asurs and asks guru Shukracharya how to take revenge from Narayan. Shukracharya suggests him to separate Narayan from Lakshmi whom he loves most in the universe and is his biggest strength.

Asurs create havoc in ocean. Samudradev’s son Shank emerges and warns them that he will punish them for spoiling ocean’s peace. Raja Bali emerges and asks if can even dare to punish creatures staying in ocean for ages or at least take taxes from them. Shank says he will not spare anyone. Bali asks him to take collect taxes from Narayan who is staying in ocean since ages. Narayan is asleep while Devi Lakhsmi fans him. Shank emerges calling Narayan. Devi Lakshmi asks him to maintain silence as Narayan is sleeping. Shank shouts Narayan is staying in his dynasty since ages and has to pay taxes. Devi Lakshmi asks what taxes does he need, she will pay him right now. He says he needs Lakshmi as taxes as he wants to fill whole ocean with wealth. Narayan opens eyes hearing that and warns him to mind his tongue as Devi Lakshmi is his wife. Shank continues his misbehavior and insists Devi Lakshmi in taxes. Narayan warns him and gets his gadha/weapon. Shank says he is not afraid of his weapons and can kick him out of ocean right now. Narayan attacks him and he dies.

Samudradev emerges and yells at Narayan for killing his son. Devi Lakshmi says Shank was misbehaving. Samudradev says death is not the punishment, Narayan would have warned him. He curses Narayan to lose his dearest thing like he lost his dearest son because of Narayan. Devi Lakshmi asks Narayan what is his dearest thing. Narayan stands sad. Devi Lakshmi asks if its his sudharshan chakra or Seshnag, but nobody can dare to touch Seshnag. Narayan leaves her hand and says she is his most dearest thing.

Precap: Devi Lakhsmi takes reincarnation. Narayan forgets Devi Lakshmi’s past memories.

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