Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sangram stops Purab and Disha’s wedding

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The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Abhi that if she gets married to Purab then she is ready to do anything. She emotionally blackmails him taking Pragya’s name.. Abhi falls in her trap. Aaliya thinks now Abhi will talk to Purab and she will become Mrs. Purab Khanna. Disha thinks who is this man. Pandit ji asks bride and groom to stand for varmala ritual. Disha realizes he is Purab and thinks where is Sangram then. Purab gives his hand. She holds his hand and gets up. He makes her have garland, and then Disha makes him wear garland. Disha slowly asks are you Purab? She asks what you are doing here? Purab asks her not to talk and don’t worry about results, says if Sangram’s men see me then they will kill me. Disha thinks what he is doing for her and thinks God found this way to save her from Sangram. She thinks she don’t love him. They stand up for rounds. Purab takes round with Disha and thinks if this will be betrayal with Bulbul. They stop during rounds. Bua ji gets doubtful.

Disha tells that she don’t want to marry. Bua ji is going to kitchen and see the door open. She switches off lights and is about to fall. She then opens the light and sees Sangram on floor. She tries to wake him up. Purab tells Disha that he loves Bulbul and can’t give her love which is for her. He tells that he is thinking about her safety now. Disha says she don’t want to take Bulbul’s place. Purab says you have saved me and even Bulbul wants this. He asks her to wear jhumka and complete the marriage, before anyone comes else he will leave if she wants to marry Sangram. She wears jhuma and they take rounds. Sangram Singh comes and asks them to stop. Disha and Purab get shocked. Sangram Singh says this marriage can’t happen.

Munni tells Abhi that even she wants to have popcorn. Abhi says he have the special popcorn while watching horror film. She switches off lights. Abhi gets scared and switches off TV. Munni insists to watch TV. Abhi asks her to watch alone. She says no and says she will sleep too.

Sangram tells Bali that he is Sangram Singh Chautala. Bali says then who is here? Sangram says the one who broke up Pradeep and Disha’s wedding and now my wedding. He tells that Disha is betraying him and getting married to Purab. Bua ji defends Disha and says she is unaware that you are not on the mandap. She takes off sehra from Purab’s head and scolds and curses him. She asks Sangram to take and punish him. Sangram and his men hold Purab. Disha asks Bua to save Purab. The villagers tell that they will punish Purab. Sangram says they shall burn Purab alive in the havan kund. Disha says no. Bua asks her to keep quiet. Sangram asks his goons to put Sangram in havan and add ghee too so that he dies instantly. They try to put his head in the havan fire. Disha gets shocked.

Abhi asks Munni to wake up and says he saw something like ghost.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Seriously i don’t know what to comment because i am completely blank i am thinking whether is it kkb or any other serials because i am not able to connect myself as i am missing abhigya’s true love, care, affection and their understanding but now what i see is not that abhigya
    Unless they reveal whether she is our pragya or not i cant watch it completely
    Though today they showed abhigya scenes i am not able to enjoy it as their is no magic of abhigya but of abhi and munni’s crap
    Seriously i am not able to watch any other hindi serial because there also same crap only
    Now i am only watching kkb in tamil that is iniya Iru malargal and today’s episode was good
    I am only able to feel relaxed after watching that because in that i am seeing abhigya but here i am seeing not abhigya but two complete strangers
    Don’t know when these directors will show mercy on audience and fulfill their request

  2. Pranav

    How bout all the people who comment in this forum lets not comment unless this tanu and aliya drama is over. I want munnni to be pragya

  3. Pranav

    Remember when fake ekta kapoor said the show would go off air on the 14,15 or 21 of aug

    1. What’s your Point? KKB is still on…no matter how awful it is…

  4. CVS and actors have little shame n show some sensible scene.a good relation of husband and wife.watch the old movies of jeetendra how good n romantic is sriti n shabir gone mad simple TV serial also they can’t act.behaving so weird. Sriti is really gone case

  5. Do something outstanding.dating ,holidaying only is not life.do something out of box.wake up call for sriti n shabir.Good actors never take a backward step.sriti n shabir ur the inspiration for so many maintain ur dignity by good acting.

  6. This story with Muni reminds me serial ‘Rang Rasiya’, there Paro was killed and replaced with Myrah. Due to low rating creators took drastic turn and broke viewers hearts, but even that didn’t help the show was closed.
    RR lost its charm, same like KKB. The main characters are no longer together, the reason to watch the show is gone, but no matter how much we complain we are still here and following the kkb with hope that creators will hear us out and please us with reunian of Abhigya.
    In Rangrasiya, Myrah and Rudra fall in love and show had different happy ending. Creators killed beautiful love story and showed everyone that, no matter how strong love was, in time people fall in love again and can be happy with different partners.
    I believe that Pragya really died and Muni replaced her. Same love story may unfold here. Muni will slowly fall in love with Abhi and Abhi can’t see the difference between her and Pragya. behavier is not making him think it is strange…
    We hope that it is same Pragya, because Muni is wearing same ring, but maybe actris can’t take it off for some reason.

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