Pehredaar Piya Ki 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Maan transfers his Power of Attorney in Diya’s Name

Pehredaar Piya Ki 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivani teaches Ratan and Yash target practice with guns. They both stand in attention position. Shivani says Yash is holding gun wrong and teaches him. She says Ratan came for practice aftr a long time. Diya on the other side over video call informs her sister about Ratan’s insistence for honeymoon trip. Sister says Ratan is a kid and does not know anything. Diya hears bullet sound and runs towards sound and is shocked to see Shivani holding gun towards Ratan and Ratan falling down. She pushes gun and runs to Ratan and shakes him, she scolds Shivani how dare she is to shoot her own brother, if she is so ruthless. Ratan says he was just acting like dead and they were playing. Shivani shouts she came here 2 days ago and is doubting people staying here since 4 generations, what she thinks of herself, she should be taught a lesson. She drags Diya out. Ratan tries to stop her, but she does not and throws Diya near main door. Ratan says he will not let Diya go away as she is also part of this family.

Maan’s lawyer enters and says Daata Hukum Ratan is right, Diya cannot go from here and if she wants she can kick anyone out of here. Bhuvan asks if he is drunk. Lawyer says swargiya Maan Singhji gave this right to Diya and transferred everything in Diya’s name. CT asks him to come in and speak. Lawyer asks Diya to enter first and asks Ayush to play Maan’s last video recording. He says Maan transferred Maan’s whole properties, Kesar Mahal, Kesar Group of Hotels, London home, etc. in Diya’s name and made her power of attorney till Ratan turns 21 years old. Bhuvan and family stands shocked.

Bhuvan shouts how can Maan give whole property to an 18-year-old girl and not give a penny to his brother. Lawyer says Maan gave Udaipur’s property in Bhuvan’s name, hotel’s small stake in Mohak and Ayush’s name and set monthly expenses to each family member. Ratan says that is like my father, he is protecting him from heaven, now Diya will not go out of this house. He says Shivani that her and Diya’s fight is finished and does hi fi with her. He then hugs Yash happily. Priya sends Yash and Ratan to do their homework. Bhuvan shouts he does not accept this legal will and will go to court. Lawyer says it is of no use. He recorded Maan’s live statement with evidence and submitted them in court, nobody can challenge this legal will in court. He gives all property papers to Diya and asks her to sign paper, Maan’s blessings wilb e with her always.

Precap: Bhuvan yells at Diya that she got all property in her name as per her wish, now she will rule. She runs towards her room. Ayush gives her papers and they fall down.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Superb update.Maan Singh even after his death protected Diya from his witch family.Loved the way Ratan supported Diya??? I hate shivani to the core.Such a headstrong and arrogant girl she is..Hope Diya handles all the responsibilities efficiently..

    1. Angelk1

      I gree as well, shivani is too arrogant, she can never remove ratan trust in di ya lol none Of them can, well until his older

  2. IQRA222

    hello there!!! i hope you all are fine!! see guys pls be calm and have faith in God that he will not let have anything happen to our ppk.. and just keep loving , supporting PPK and keep praying for it .
    coming to the episod it was simply wonderful!! so so hated the scene where that shivani was throwing my princess. but the rest episode was a compenstation.. so happy that maan had transfered all his property on diya’s name.. he is so nice!!!!
    i really loved to see the shock looks on the evil family’s face. it was worth seeing!!
    sorry as i cannot give a long comment today!!
    take care
    keep smiling and commenting love you all

  3. Angelk1

    Great eps, maan is a very smart king, Im glad he transfered everything to diya. I would hate for them to trick ratan into giving them the property. The look on the family face was hilarious ?. I wonder what the family will cook up

  4. Asw

    Amazing Diya may be rule meher mahal & protected ratan from enemies keep going Diya ?

  5. God's own country

    Now it’s danger for diyas life they will try to kill her

  6. Frozengirl16

    Hello,my ppk family…I hope u all are fine..

    Thank u for update MA…

    Coming to the episode I hate that Shivani…how dare she to push Diya at main door…n I liked the most is to see all the shocked faces of evil…I really like it…I really appreciate Maan’s decision over the will…He took a good decision…until now i cant judge Ayush…is he good person or bad person??Rest of the episode is nice…

    Tc n keep smiling???

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