Chandra Nandni 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Nandini Learns about the Truth

Chandra Nandni 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindusara asks Amartya lady, about who is behind her and says keep the torcher on till she doesn’t answer,Kartikeya says we have done a lot but she isn’t answering,bindusara says okay kill her,she says sorry don’t kill me,I shall tell everything,but you will kill me even after it,Chanakya says no we won’t,she says it’s Amartya rakshas,Chanakya says this man still hasn’t given up,he just wants to dethrone Chandragupta,bindusara says today Nandini isn’t alive but he still dared attack us,I won’t leave him alive,bindusara sees Chandra starring at him,Chandra walks to him,says she is your choti ma,bindusara says no she isn’t,she is the reason behind destruction and every attack,even today you were in danger because of that Nandini,she killed my mother and you,Chandra raises his hand but stops,bindusara says good you stopped today, few years back I couldn’t answer you but now situations are different,and bindusara leaves.

Nandini hears this and says what that Queen killed bindusara mother. Bindusara very angry, he is busy drinking,he is stopped and said you need to be conscious don’t drink,bindusara picks his sword and says try one hand and let’s see who is in senses,he says I have learnt from your father Chandragupta,bindusara says and me from your father maliketu let’s see who is better,adornus hides as he is scared,while both are busy one lady walks in and puts sword over adornus and he gets scared,bindusara looks at him and starts smiling,adornus says leave me I shall give everything even mahal,she says but it isn’t yours,adornus says bindusara give it,bindusara says no I won’t risk my mahal for you,it’s elis,adornus sees her and says this is how you trouble your elder brother,bindusara says elis why are you so late and didn’t even attend my engagement ,she hugs bindusara and says now I’m here.

Nandini walks into a room,she admires the bed and all beautiful things in the room,it’s nandinis room,she picks up the clothes and jewellery there and tries them out of curiosity and sees the sketch behind and sees how similar she is to it,and says now I know why I’m mistaken,guards walk in and take her away,dharma shoots Nandini and says ma no one is taking you away,Nandini hugs her and says I dreamt everyone learnt I look like Nandini and arrested me,dharma says ma that will never happen but what has Nandini done that Helina wants to kill her,Nandini tells dharma about what she heard,dharma says now I know, why Helina is always behind Nandini,Nandini says but strange thing is maharaj Chandragupta is always upset when it comes to Nandini,and restless and bindusara is against his father about this,dharma says ma let’s not worry about it.

Elis and charumati playing with each other, while bathing, chitralekha princess of Champa,joins them,she sees dharma and asks to join them in hamam,charumati says she isn’t here to join us but entertain us,dress us,groom us,like a dasi,chitralekha says enough,elis says no charumati is so right,they need to learn the difference between us royals and this common lady. One of the princess calls dharma and takes her along with her and says today it’s said what ever you ask from moon you get it,all come Magad and celebrate it with joy,dharma says yes I know it,husband and wife see each other in water reflection we celebrate in Champa as well,she says ok dharma take this sindoor plate, I have to go see dadi and leaves.

Bindusara very angry and dharma comes in front of him,he says move away,dharma says rajmata is waiting for me you move aside I have this heavy plate too,please move aside,bindusara says this is my mahal,and you don’t understand warning,dharma says right now you should move aside and all will be sorted,bindusara gets angry and pushes the plate and sindoor falls over dharma,bindusara says this is what happens when you try mess with me,go check your self in mirror,and leaves,dasi says this isn’t good,this was shagun sindoor.

Chandra to Nandini sketch says look I got so jewellery and this Payal we both love it right and today is moon wish day, and I’m waiting for you on this day,Nandini applies sindoor,and says it’s been ten years I’m celebrating this festival alone,I don’t know who my my husband is,and i wish I see my husband today.

Pre cap… Nandini scolds dharma and says he is prince couldn’t you act sensible and move aside,and look at yourself you look like monkey,Nandini has monkey word ringing in her mind.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Slowly slowly Nandini is recalling his memory. Helena Apama will never let come Nandini in the life of Chandra. Bindusar still hates Nandini. Seems shagun is going in favor of Dharama and Bindusar marriage. Will this hate relation will turn to love when Bindusar will find Nandini as innocent and caring mother?
    Missed complete and comment part of maha episode yesterday.

  2. You were right Satya Thambi, ‘monkey’(vanar) is the magical word.I couldn’t help but to laugh when I heard that.It reminds me of your comment.I forgot whatever I want to comment because I’m so excited after seeing the precap.

  3. Will code word Vanar let CN reunion?

  4. The way nandini teased Dharma was so cute!

  5. When Chandra see nandini? When bindu know the truth??

  6. Please translate the full meha episode

  7. I’m here only for u sidd

  8. Missed u too much siddharth

  9. Till now chandra is not reveal the truth that apama killed DD .
    Then how bindusar will know the truth??
    i think till the end bindusar will be anger on nandini
    Then chandra and nandini will go out of palace then slowly bindusar knows about evil helena and people may start hate bindusar

  10. Who is this Elis ? Why she is calling Adonis and Bindusara brother ? Please dont tell me she is Helena daughter !?

    1. Yes, it is really sickening.Really hard to digest.Now, the mahal is full of teenagers.

    2. Malayketu and Chaya have also a son.

  11. Chandra Nandini are saving grace of the show .

  12. please writers dont drag the episode.
    The word vanar may provoke nandini mind.Again we all will hope positive lets see what will happen.

    1. It seems her memory is coming slowly, even Chandra touch she does not feel but i am also disappointed with Chandra, she is so near,he felt her touch,he shd recongnized her ring , or even her eyes, yet keeping a distance. If he suspect, why can’t he spy Dharma n Nandini. if it is Helena, by now she knows

  13. Wow again another boring episode.
    I can’t digest this episode.Always Rajat is sidelined.Why Chandra-Chanakya stand dumbest.They have to open the death secret to Bindusar.Makers if they want to show Bindusar as lead do one thing end CN track as soon as possible.Rename it as Bindu-Dharma.Dont insult RT he has his own fan base.If they are obsessed with Sid,if they think Sid is trp puller then fine end RT track.

  14. Entire episode only one -2scenes to lead pair rest those unwanted characters.They are showing Malai kids where is Malai?chaya?Malathi-Madhav?who is that Greek gal?without proper introductions why suddenly these no.if characters entered today?

  15. When is Chandra sees Nandini above all the young magical bindusar should know Nandini is innocent how many children Chandra has got with Helena one more girl indpite of that she hates Nandini and wants to kill her evil is ruling very badly.

  16. Friends, How many children did Chandra have with Helena ? He loves Nandini and is waiting for her for 10 years….like Devdas…..but he fathered Helena`s children….I find this disgusting and top it all Chandra and Nandini don`t have a child together !!!! Did he father Helena`s daughter after Nandini went missing…. This is NOT a love story anymore to me……So, Chandra loves Nandini and she is his life but he had an on going physical relationship with Helena…..unrealistic, ridiculous story….I`m finding it hard to believe that Chandra loves Nandini……he is waiting for Nandini while also being with Helena….Their story has lost it`s charm…..

    1. Yes Aditi, the story has not only lost its charm but it has also lost its pivot point of the Great King, his achievements and his love story. This show is all about evil, how to make plans, perform the act and get away with your crime with your head held high. Wow…. just perfect.
      I have given up with the writers of this show. The saddest part of this show is that the viewers keep pointing out the errors and the writers still do not pay any attention for amendments.
      My question is : is this page where we comment read by the production house of each channel or not because if it was the case, then they would understand what exactly is been commented by the viewers.
      We support Chandra Nandini only and only for RAJAT TOKAS and no one else. If Rajat’s role ends then so does this show for me but till he is in the show I will keep watching it for him.

    2. Aditi, very disappointed how many kids Chandra has with this evil lady. As for Nandini,they killed her child, hoping her child is somewhere. Crazy makers,very disappointed.
      Yesterday episode is so boring, all the viewers are so disappointed in facebook comments.
      Bindu does not even respect his father, brought up by the evil ladies, character same like them.

  17. Bindusara chandranandni

    Bindusar dharma story is getting intense ?????

  18. Till now Chandra did not revealed who is the murderer of DD to Bindu, why even Archarya knows. 10 years is gone, Nandini is still the killer, can;t they clear her name.

    I am confused too many teenagers in the Mahal, Helena got one or two children, anway not interested. I just don’t know how long they going to drag this Chandra n Nandini reunion.

    Nowdays, they are very slow on loading the video n the serial updates, started from last Friday. Maybe they don;t wants us to watch online, i have no choice as we are staying abroad. Online viewrs gaining good trp rather than watching on TV. They are wrong, their storyline is going nowhere, still evils are not caught,n also bringing the the leap n now they have sidelined the main characters.

  19. Happy Independence Day, everyone.

  20. I hate it when Chandra makes a promise because In the end he would suffer because of that promise.In the maha episode, he promised nandini that he will grant any of her wishes.I hope that if she regain her memory, she won’t wish for their separation forever because we know nandini so well , she is willing to suffer for other people’s happiness.

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