Kumkum Bhagya 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rhea takes Pragya’s help to cure Abhi’s cold

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shaina asking Rhea if she didn’t go home. Rhea tells that bridge collapsed so they came here. Shaina asks her about Prachi. Rhea says I don’t want to hear her name, she is inauspicious for me. Dimpy asks her to give answer to Prachi. Rhea says she don’t want to do anything. Prachi comes there, looks at them and goes. Dimpy says she is showing attitude and tells Shaina that Prachi knows that they were with Rhea and will not leave us. Rhea comes to her room. Abhi is waiting for her and apologizes for shouting at her. Rhea says I am sorry as well and hugs him. Abhi says I shouldn’t have shouted and got upset with you and says I should have asked you why you did this. Rhea says she did this to get his attention and tells that since Prachi came, he is not loving her. Abhi says nobody can take your place, you are my life and says Prachi is a sweet girl and is like her sister. Rhea says she is not my sister. Abhi asks her not to have any hard feelings for Prachi and asks her to go and talk to her. Rhea says she was not in the tent when I went to talk to her. He asks her to meet Prachi.

Rhea comes to Pragya’s room and says I saw Prachi going from here. Pragya asks her to come inside. Rhea says Dad wants her to apologize to Prachi and her. Pragya says your dad is right and says your fight will end with her. Prachi comes there. Pragya asks Rhea to tell what she wants. Rhea recalls getting slaps from everyone and says I don’t want to say. She is about to go. Pragya holds her hand and says your dad will feel bad. Rhea comes to Prachi and says I want to say something. Prachi says you came here to meet my mum. Pragya says Prachi..Rhea says I want to apologize to you for whatever I did and goes. Prachi closes the door. Pragya tells Prachi why she showed attitude. Prachi says her dad must have asked us. Pragya asks her to forgive her. Prachi says I will try. Pragya goes. Prachi thinks don’t know how her Papa handles her. Abhi comes near the reception. The lady asks can I help you. Abhi says no. The lady says I want to say something. Abhi says I love someone and there is nobody like her. Abhi and Pragya towards each other. Just then electricity goes and they see each other in the flickering thunderstorm light. Abhi searches her. Pragya also searches for him. Allah wariyan plays…They come near the bus and check for each other. Allah wariyan plays…Pragya thinks I thought you are here, but it was a feeling. Abhi says it was not you, but your memory. Pragya thinks your memories are still in my heart. She goes inside the farm house. Abhi is still standing out. Prachi asks Pragya to come and says Shahana is waiting for dinner.

Abhi sneezes in his room. Vikram asks why did you go out and says you are not a kid. Ranbir comes there. Vikram asks where was he? Ranbir says I met Aryan. Ranbir says there is some lookalike of Aryan in our college. Abhi asks Vikram to leave Ranbir. Abhi sneezes. Rhea says you shall take something. Rhea and Ranbir go out. Rhea asks Receptionist to call doctor and tells that her dad got cold and now fever. Ranbir comes and says it is just cold and fever. Rhea asks her not to upset her. Receptionist calls Doctor and asks him to come as a guest is having cold and fever. She then asks Ranbir if he didn’t propose her yet. Ranbir asks how to propose her and blushes. Aryan and Shahana have an argument. Ranbir interferes. Aryan says she is calling him monkey etc. Shahana goes. Ranbir tells Aryan that it is difficult to impress Rhea. Rhea comes to Abhi’s room and tells that receptionist called doctor, but he is late. She says she knows whom to call and calls Pragya for help. She asks her to come to her room and tells that something happened to my dad. Pragya says I will come there. Vikram asks her if she trust her like Meera. Rhea says I do trust her like Meera and says I trust her. She says Prachi’s mum is a motherly figure and says she is not missing her mother who left her and says Prachi’s mum is best.

Pragya comes to reception and asks if there is any doctor here. Receptionist says she has called the doctor already for Mr. Mehra. Pragya asks her to send some icecubes. Vikram tells Rhea that he will go to reception and asks them to send the doctor fast. Pragya comes there. Vikram opens the door and checks for his phone. Pragya doesn’t see him as he is behind the door. She gets inside and looks at Abhi, but see his face. Rhea comes and asks her to see her dad. Pragya asks her to give handkerchief or any napkin. Rhea goes to bring napkin.

Precap: Abhi is shivering with cold. Pragya keeps hand on his shoulder and doesn’t see his face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    If after being so close to abhi d writers will still have dem not c each other then I would say its confirmed and all zee writers r on crack and or r little babies,cause lets face it even bigger children has more intelligence than dat.

  2. I wonder why she enters his room to treat him yet will not see his face. congrats to the writers, directors and every one involved in this crap. continue disregarding our views and comments your time will surely come and this nonsense will definitely end. how I wish a higher power would ask this crap to be taken off the television

  3. this is too much you guys stop dragging this show and end it already
    abhi was a famous rockstar doesnt prachi and rhea use the internet to see their parents together

  4. Whoever is the writer of this soapie. .please remember His name and don’t ever watch another one of his soaoies…he makes us look like idiots in front of other races in my country of south Africa…

    1. The creator, Ekta Kapoor, makes Indians look ridiculous, stupid, greedy, abusive and incredibly corrupt in ALL countries. This show is a reflection of Ekta Kapoor’s own mind and heart. She claims that she knows what the viewers want. And she is giving the viewers, just that. I would suggest that she is very focused on her own limited mind/heart. Both, very small places. It would appear that she hates straight people and normal families. The saddest part is that India/Indians allow this ‘creative’ person to still, be on air, during family time.

  5. Writers you need to get a frogging brain stop going around in circles sooner or later all the fans will stop watching this bullshit
    You the Ekta stop this nonsense. Viewers are getting disgusted by the nonsense you write get ABHI and Pragya together enough already

  6. We don’t need to see rhea and Prachi all the time
    This about Abhi and Pragya. This is getting boring boring

  7. People like us fools watching so they love fooling us again n again. ?????????. Next year they will see face to face.

  8. This is nosense how can someone touch the other without seeing his face at first u show us that they can feel each other nlw this what a acrap these shows from indie do. Pliz do not bring it back to africa we are tired of ur nosense there is no love nor truth in ur shows. We will vote to close this zee world africa hakweee

    1. Leisa s morris

      Exactly!!!! Without seeing each other dey can feel each others presence yet in d same room touching each other dey cant,smh, just ridiculous. Pragya has been with abhi through lots of cold r dry really gonna show us dat she doesnt recognise him here or dat he doesnt feel her touch and know its her. Wat utter crap I mean if u r gonna make it realistic then continue msking dem have near misses not having dem soooo close and still no recognition. U writers have gone way below d realm of intelligent writing and story telling, with big holes and no closure. Y up to now we dont really know y disha a woman who loved her husband and their family would ups and take her son and disappear leaving him in d arms of d woman who wanted him all this time. Even if she was disenchanted with d break up of abhiya wouldnt it b more reasonable to move out with her whole family ie purab and sunny and live separately from abhi dem than tearing apart her own family. Always zee change script without explanation and we d viewers have to rack our brains to figure out” how come”. Just like how come aliyah and purab even came together considering how much he despise her for all she has done and was it dat one time dey were intimate dat brought about a son and dey”ve been celibate for d last 20 yrs hmmmm or did dey try and have a normal marriage? Come on writers answers pls. Among all dis crap atleast give us some blo*dy answers.

  9. Merri go round. I have read somewhere kiara is back but in negative role but why?even king n disha andsunny will be back. Ok can someone tell me when are they going to make rhea n prachi meet as twin sisters and how. Ekta k has really lost her direction script. This show has gone way to farrr…even kundali bhag is like coachroach

  10. Dreamer and Leisa, this is Ekta Kapoor’s version of ‘suspense’. She really truly believes that she is creating suspense. Someone with her particular condition of ‘self-adoration’ believes that she is creating new concepts. All she seems capable of doing is stealing scripts, repetition and insuring that her inflow of money continues. Well, and there is thing of the particular type of female actress that she hires. Miss Kapoor likes creating anger, jealousy and a bunch of other negative emotions. That makes her feel powerful and all-knowing. The one in control. Remember, we are all her entertainment and her income.

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