Krishna Chali London 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohan gets arrested

Krishna Chali London 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohan saying I just have a warning, I will shoot him next time. Krishna asks Veer are you there. Mohan says he is there, send me my money. Krishna says if anything happens to them, you won’t get any money. Mohan says she is very sharp tongued. He asks Veer to pray that Krishna gets money soon. He says Sunaina got me here. Gajanan asks what did she do this. Shuklain says I understand, why she did this, parents can go to any extent to save children, she did this, I m not feeling bad. Sunaina apologizes. Bela says I think the evil will lose this time. Krishna says Mohan will do anything if he doesn’t get money, there is no guarantee that he will keep his promise if he gets money, we have to get them out, I have a way. Everyone is in lobby. I can go in. Inspector says I can’t take this risk. Krishna says trust me, give me some tear gas containers. Lali says its risky. Bela says I worked with you and love you now.

She hugs Krishna and says don’t go. Lali also hugs her. Krishna says just pray and then see who stops me, nothing will happen to me. She asks inspector to let her go. Shuklain asks how is Shukla’s state now. Veer says he is fine, don’t worry, just think how to get out of here. Krishna gets inside. She flashes her phone light. Veer sees her. She signs him to take everyone and go. He signs there are two people near the door. Veer says Mohan, if anything happens to the patients… Mohan says they won’t go. Veer says you are getting your money, why did you keep them here, think again, if anything happens to them, you won’t get money, send them with me, I will treat them, send your men, you shoot me if we do anything wrong. Bilal nods. Mohan says take all of them. Veer takes everyone. He makes them out of the hospital.

Veer goes. Krishna throws the tear gas cans. Mohan asks from where is this smoke coming. Veer beats the goon. Veer and Gajanan beat Mohan and Bilal. Mohan runs away seeing police. He enters Shukla’s ward and shouts stop there, let me go. He points gun at Krishna and Veer. Krishna says leave him, its over. Gajanan says I m going in, Mohan is inside. Sunaina says Shukla’s life is in danger, I will also go. Bela says let us go in. Inspector stops them.

Mohan says get back. Veer says we are moving back. Mohan removes the oxygen mask. He shoots. Veer gets back. Mohan runs to the window. Shukla gets up and looks around. Mohan sees him. Shukla asks how did you come here. Mohan says you didn’t die. He points gun. Shukla throws some tray and shouts catch him. Police catches Mohan. Inspector picks the gun. Mohan says Veer I won’t spare you, Krishna you didn’t do right, I will come back. Krishna hugs Shukla and says thank God Papa, you are fine. Shukla gets emotional.

Krishna asks are you fine Veer. He says yes. Sunaina hugs Veer. She apologizes. She says I did wrong, my son hates me. Krishna asks who told this, Veer loves you a lot, he risked his life for you, and about me, I lost my mum in childhood, I can never hate any mum, I thought I have two mum but its fine, you did this being a mum, forget it. Sunaina hugs her and apologizes.

Lali and Bela ask Shuklain is he fine. Gajanan says Shukla is taken to Radhe krishna hospital for check up, this hospital will be shut for some time. Shuklain sees Mohan arrested. She says I was so foolish and loved him thinking Radhe has come back. Krishna sees them.

Veer says we will give them a happiness, by becoming their son and bahu. Krishna smiles. Shuklain says you both did a big thing, you saved all of us. Shukla agrees. Shuklain says I know Radhe can never come back, seeing you two, I feel I have four children.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Happy unusual ending. like it. I am waiting for new tv show by megha chakrabarty. I wish for her.
    krishna chali london a remarked memoriable drama show.

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    All the best.. krishveer <3 <3 🙂

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