Kesari Nandan 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari helps the people stuck in storm

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Kesari Nandan 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kesari and her friends tying themselves with a rope and going ahead. They see Kalki and help her. They see a bus and try to take lift. Bhairav and Hanumant are on the way. They get stuck in the jam. The man says police isn’t letting us go to Dhanwa, there is danger. Bhairav says our family is stuck, we have to go, let us go. Hanumant says my family is alone, let us go. The constable stops them. The bus stops when the kids shout. The man asks them to come and board the bus. They board the bus. The driver says this storm won’t stop, I will make you reach the right place.

Kesari asks the people to calm down, they have to support each other and not lose. Kalki worries. The driver stops the bus. The people warn the villagers to stay inside the house and not come out in the storm. Madhavi looks for Kesari and falls aside. Jagat comes there to help her. He flies off in the stormy winds. The people ask the driver to help. The driver sees the stones in front and takes the bus reverse. Kesari says we got saved by the tree, take the bus ahead fast. The driver tries, but the bus gets stuck.

The driver says we can’t get saved now, its better to run away and save our lives. He runs out of the bus. The people shout. Kesari asks the people to go out one by one. Kalki says I will go out first, I m Rana ji’s daughter. Kesari asks her not to go out this way. Kalki goes. The tree gets breaking by the bus’ load. Pappu asks Kesari to save them. Hanumant prays. He asks Bhairav is he ready. They push the constables and run ahead of the barricade.

The people run out of the bus. Kesari vacates the bus. Kesari and her friends also try to get down. Kesari sends all of them out. Pappu asks her to come fast. Madhavi runs to save Jagat. They see a big wooden log falling down. Hanumant comes and holds it. Bhairav also comes to hold it. They push it away and save Madhavi and Jagat.

They make Jagat sit on the wheelchair. Madhavi says we should go and find Kesari, she has gone to Dhaba. Bhairav says that Dhaba has flown off. Madhavi and Hanumant say nothing will happen to Kesari, she is a brave girl, a warrior. Jagat says maybe she took some shelter anywhere. Kesari falls inside the bus. Pappu asks her to come out fast. She says the door got jammed. He says there is a rope inside the bus. She uses the rope. Madhavi prays for her. Hanumant and Bhairav look for her. Pappu holds the rope. They try to open the door by pulling the rope. The door opens. Kesari jumps out and the bus falls. Kesari thanks Pappu for his idea. Kalki argues with them. She gets worried seeing …. They turn and get shocked seeing the sandstorm.

Everyone gets worried seeing the huge storm. They all run. Madhavi says I can’t leave Kesari alone. Hanumant stops her from going towards the storm. Kesari sees the temple and asks everyone to hold hands and walk towards the temple, they shouldn’t leave their hands. Pandit asks everyone come inside fast. They all go inside. Kesari hears someone crying. Kesari tries to follow the voice and know who is trapped there. Pandit says we have to shut the door, come fast. Kesari thinks its some little kid stuck inside.

Kesari shouts for help. She says I will take you out of here. She tries to rescue the girl. The scorpion bites Kesari.

Update Credit to: Amena

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