Kumkum Bhagya 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanu devises a plan

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Abhi and kiara are both sharing a very good moment together when she leaves and he sees Disha.
Disha say that Kiara and him have the came choices in a lot of thinking like food and dress, Abhi says that he also
felt the same but was hesitant to admit it now that she has said it he feels happy.
Disha says that he must have a connection with her, she says that he might have met her
when she was pregnant, Abhi says that he will meet her parents on the stage because sunny and Kiara have won.

Tanu thinks of what she will do to stop him from meeting Pragya,Aaliya is in the house and wondering what will happen
to her if she again come back to the house and then she will be thrown out, Aaliya decides to leave when Mitali comes saying that her daughter is coming from

the hostel and now some family members are also coming to see their daughter for marriage, Aaliya gets nervous and leaves.

King asks Pragya about Kiara but when they are talking Kiara comes from behind and they both start to have a talk filled with fun he says that h e came and now she must kiss him, she does this and then they both start to tickle each other,Pragya thinks of what will happen if she is called on stage but then what will Abhi do after he learns the truth, she decides that she will tell him the truth herself.

Tanu tries to make a plan to stop Abhi from meeting Pragya, she then decides that she will take the help of a peon, she then devises a plan, the peon comes and she gives him a bribe after that he agrees to help her saying that he will lock Abhi in the storage room, Tanu agrees.

Disha is thinking of her plan and wondering if Pragya is happy with King and what will happen after they both know the truth, she is thinking when Someone bumps into her, she turns and it is
Pragya who asks her what is wrong with her, she turns when Disha says that she doesn’t trust her and Pragya is left shocked.

Abhi is talking with someone when the Peon comes and ask if he knows Kiara, Abhi says that he knows, Peon says that she is calling him and he must follow him as he leads, he starts to walk,
Tanu is hiding and thinks that she will all that she can to make Pragya stay away from him.
The peon leads Abhi but he stops him asking where he is taking him, Peon says that she told him to not say anything as this is a surprise but he can tell him,Abhi says that he doesn’t want to know.
He walks by a teacher who says that why did he get married so early, Tanu touches her and warns her to not say things like this, she doesn’t listen to anything the teacher has to say and then gets
angry asking her to leave, when she turns King is standing behind,he comes to her and asks about her problem against Pragya, he says that when Pragya was attacked at her house then she must tell the
person to stay away from Pragya,she says that she doesn’t know, he is adamant when Kiara asks him to come, he goes after her after giving Tanu a serious warning to stay away from his family,Picking Kaira
up and walking away.

Pragya ask Disha the reason for saying this, she says that sh feels that Pragya does not consider her sister, she says that he felt that Pragya was hiding something and will tell everyone the truth or at least
her,she says that she is not doing something wrong but then Disha asks if she loves Abhi, Pragya says that she loved him a lot but he was not supposed to be with her and so this cannot happen, Disha says that
she tried but nothing happened.

Precap: Pragya says that she likes King a lot and he also respects her, Disha asks if she loves him

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh dis is so blo*dy frustrating,come on already man.

  2. Seeing Aliyah’s flounce on her hips sort sets up the type of episode, for today. The extra cloth just doesn’t do it. In the same way, today’s episode just doesn’t do it. Once again we are in normal KKB. Extra nothing over here. Extra nothing everywhere. Disha continues to live in a dreamland where reality (Tuna and Aliyah and Nikhil dead. Mithali should be gone) is a leftover that she is not interested in seeing. And the Tuna fish. Well, she continues to wade through the slime. Her new acting attitude has lifted her age up to five years old. Possibly. Maybe she is not wading through the slime, but rather creating the slime wherever she walks. And here we are, the viewers, locked in a school hallway jailed by the writers and Ekta’s money demands, to keep us running around in circles so fast that it feels like we are standing still and the only thing that we can see is the evil tuna fish in her white costume which no longer looks beautiful because we have seen just too much it. And what the heck is going on with the little fishy’s navel? Why is that the attention getter, in this outfit? I thought Kiara was the child star, partnered with Sunny. But oh no, it’s the little evil girl crying for help from old criminals (Aliyah) and new criminals (school employee). Someone should just spear the little fishie, cook her up in a fire and feed her to Aliyah. Maybe Aliyah will get sick or choke on a fish bone, go to the hospital and never come back. So bored now. I no longer care about Abhi/Pragya. I just want to see the criminals fried. Please bring the “stupid little story” to a swift end!!! If the viewers are fools then the biggest fool is Ekta Kapoor who knows exactly what she is doing but has not understood that this game has consequences.
    What do you do when there is no plot mechanisms present. Well, you end up focusing on everything else. But the ‘everything else’ is becoming stupendously boring. Like Ekta’s so-called talent. As Kalika has pointed out. Ekta is only in this business because her Daddy had to make sure she had something to call herself, while she pretends to actually create programming.

  3. I think Pragya should go with King .Her life’ll be more safe & happy with him.If she goes with Abhi then she’ll have to face same old blame game of Abhi…Tanu & Alya ‘ll make her life more miserable…

  4. *sigh* thank you for the updates. What a waste of time it would have been to watch. You know what is funny about Abhi always falling for the trap and getting locked in some room/closet, etc.? The doors are so flimsy that a man with his stature could easily break it down using one hand, yet it becomes like being locked in a bank vault…..so ridiculous!!! WOW,


    2. same old shit just different pile.

    3. That’s just Ekta’s need to make viewers believe that all men are stupid because that seems to be her own world view. She’s possibly still angry with Daddy for not giving her enough attention. She obviously has no respect for marriage but who would, if the serial is an honest depiction of marriage in India. Ekta does seemingly have a tremendous amount of respect for criminal, sl*t like women. I find a lot of comedy in the acting and costumes. I keep watching for the actresses who play Aliyah and Tuna to lose their focus whenever they are cast to be talking with Abhi. We don’t get to see Abhi’s face to see if he is teasing the two, during the acting work. But we do get to see when Aliyah and Tanu momentarily revert back to their actual selves and love the personal attention from the actor who plays Abhi. I don’t think we are supposed to see that. Were all the takes of the scene the same? Was that the best take of the scene? I like watching Tuna’s lips. They keep changing . Although I haven’t seen it lately, sometimes half of her lip doesn’t move like the other half. Now that I have heard from the gossip sites that Sriti Jha considers Leena Jumani her best friend and even asks that her lines are not mean to the Tuna character, I have lost any respect that I had for the actress. Omg. Doesn’t she understand what a victim is? She plays one on tv. And possibly she’s so good at it because she thinks like one in real life. Can you imagine? Giving away what you have earned in the public realm to an actress who is not as good as you are? Talk about being conned… and liking it. That’s a typical victim stance. All the while, the crew that plays Abhi, Tuna and Aliyah are quietly playing footsies with each other and the viewers are being sold the line that Sriti Jha is the menace to the marriage of Shabir/Kanchi. All ‘Ekta’ style. Meanwhile trying to convince viewers that these actors are all sweet, normal people, happily married. (With a little ‘fun’ on the side, which viewers aren’t supposed to learn about). Nothing happening in the show. What else is there to talk about? It would be neat if King went spear-fishing.

      1. Means I could not understand your line before u mentioned the name of the person acting as abhi and his wife these three people something you said no that day then you said no sriti is menace that line what actually it is.

  5. Leisa s morris

    Hmmm again with d plots and never endin evil. Im honestly bored stiff outta my mind with dis serial just wen u start to get excited bout it ekta and her team manages to put us right back to slp hmmm

  6. Round and Around and around we go, same crap but in a different multi layered dish.
    I so do not understand why this show is so popular. same bullshit for the past how many years.

  7. I think pragya should give king a chance n tell him the truth about abhi

  8. Oh Lorrrrrddddddd… So boring. Episode is enough to put me to sleep, these writers are wondering what to write about while they write crap. I wonder if Mithali would still behave like an adolescent even though she has a daughter to marry. I like what King said to Tuna, fitting words but it’s if she understands because she’s like a six year old these days, still playing hide and seek and thinks that locking a grown hard back man like Abhi in a closet is fun. …and so it goes, Tuna plotting again, to take down another human being, only thing is that this time it’s a child, I tell you friends, Tuna is very delusional, hopefully that this time she’ll be caught and thrown away in jail…maybe she and Aliya will marry in jail…end of those slimy bimbos. Sigh… I wish Pragya could marry a real man, like King… Abhi doesn’t come close. I also can’t figure out how KKB wins every year at zeetv awards…

  9. I wonder how low the mind of the writers and the creative team of KKB is, the entire 4 years they are only thinking evil that now I guess their minds are so tuned to evil that they can’t think good.
    Today’s episode pragya emotions and acting was too good, guess she is just being wasted. Sheer waste of talent, what should we say about abhi, he remains to be a cartoon and can’t think straight, keeps getting conned or influenced by stupid people like aliya, tanu and now the peon. Pragya you are better off without him.
    Today king was too good, telling off Tanu, and warning her to stay away from pragya and dare not think about harming her. Though he is not married to pragya and not being Kiara biological father he cares and his concern for them is real and is like a true man who protects his family. Pragya think think.. Please go with king and let abhi the a*sh*le be with the ugly tanu and let his family suffer in front of his eyes being controlled and harassed by the two b*t*hes maybe then he will know what he has lost…

  10. I suspect it would have a lot to do with the producer’s last name. And all the connections that would entail. It almost appears as if the whole family joins or is given a place in the ‘family business’.

  11. Boring is KKB and KKB is boring

  12. Means I could not understand your line before u mentioned the name of the person acting as abhi and his wife these three people something you said no that day then you said no sriti is menace that line what actually it is.

    1. Oahu, I have to agree with you! Why do you thinks so?

  13. Akituster…….”spear-fishing”…..that was funny!! At least it would be interesting…..

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