Preeran SS ; Realization Part 33

Practice field

Preeta makes schedule for all players about exercise and practice.

Coach : amazing i must say you are very particular

Preeta ; coach this is part of my job and you know this international is so important for whole team and you

Coach ; yes but my hopes are more on Karan he is captain of team, all responsibility are on his shoulder

Preeta ; don’t worry coach I know he will make you all win by hook or crook

Coach : where is captain? these days you have kept him on toes for work outs

Preeta : of course, I make him wake up at 4 and do all exercise

Coach ; if this continues I am sure our captain will come on right track there he is

Karan ; coach all set for the day

Coach ; okay you can go, and be on time tomorrow

Karan : sure

The duo leaves in car

Preeta : why is your FM quiet today?

“Because you took my sleep, during day make him work like labor then in night also you don’t let me sleep and in morning you sound like an alarm Karan gets irritated

Preeta : cool down so much anger, and how did I take your sleep at night

Karan : I won’t tell you that, you will make fun of me

Preeta : I will not please say if you don’t I will tell Rakhi aunty and whole family

Karan : you know what I thought you were simple and innocent but you are totally opposite like really

Preeta ; you ask anybody I am very decent but for lazy bones like you this is how I am

Karan stops the car on road

Preeta : hello why did we stop

Karan : get off the car right now

Preeta : what?

“Didn’t you hear get off Karan says with frustration

Preeta gets down from car seeing his anger

“Can you please tell me whats going on Preeta asks him

Karan climbs on the roof of the car much to her surprise

Preeta : what are you doing

“Hey villagers today I want to confess something important  Karan pretends to be drunk calling to people

Preeta looks around and him to get down

“This girl standing here is my Basanti, I was supposed to marry her but now she is refusing me, if she don’t say yes I will jump from here and do suicide Karan enacts Sholay part

Vendor : please say yes na, he will jump

“Karan I am ready please get down, I will marry you Preeta begs him

Karan ; villagers suicide cancel, this Basanti agreed to marry me (comes down)

Preeta sighs relief but next moment Karan bends down on his knees showing her ring

Karan : will you tolerate this bajarbattu for lifetime baby doll

Preeta (gets in tears) : you are so stupid, I am always yours

Karan makes her wear ring in front of whole crowd who gathered to take selfie with him

Preeta : go your fans are waiting

Everybody takes his autographs and selfie. Karan Preeta up and twirling around

Oooh Ho…

Tum Ho

Tum Ho Paas Mere

Saath Mere Ho

Tum Yun

Jitna Mehsoos Karoon Tumko

Utna Hi Paa Bhi Loon

Tum Ho Mere Liye

Mere Liye Ho Tum Yun

Khud Ko Main Haar Gaya

Tum Ko, Tumko Main Jeeta Hoon

Oooh Ho…

Tum Ho


Aaah Haa Aa…

Kahin Se.. Kahin Ko.. Bhi

Aao Bewajah Chale

Poochhe Bina Kisi Se

Hum Mile

Bandishein Naa Rahi Koi Baaqi

Tum Ho

Tum Ho Paas Mere

Saath Mere Ho Tum Yun

Jitna Mehsoos Karooon Tumko

Utna Hi Paa Bhi Loon

Oooh Ho Ho…

Preeta : Karan what was all this?

“Baby doll, you forgot that in few weeks we are going for international and Kritika’s marriage is on head, we won’t have time for engagement Karan tells her

Preeta : by the way very nice ring, this heart diamond

Karan : yesterday me and Kritika went in whole mall to find it

Preeta : thanks love you

Both smiles at each other

Arora house

Preeta organizes her cupboard when Shrishti ends up messing it again

“What the hell? I just cleaned it while ago and madam have enmity with my work Preeta scolds her

Shrishti ; di you are getting angry for no reason you don’t love me anymore

Preeta : stop with your emotional blackmail and clean this mess up

Shrishti ; okay fine no need to get angry by the way mom has given me some work

Preeta : as usual you might have not done that right

Shrishti : di I didn’t have time, you know I am so busy with Kritika’s marriage arrangement

Preeta : what is that?

Shrishti : I had to pick up Dadi’s medical reports from hospital

Preeta : you could have told me I had picked it up one thing you don’t do properly

Shrishti : you are there na to take care

“What if someday I am not with you Preeta asks her

Shrishti : don’t say that I will die if you ever think of something like that

Preeta : I am so lucky so many people love me this much you, mom dadi Karan

Shrishti ; don’t you think its high time you and Karan sir should get engaged

Preeta : but mom and rakhi aunty will decide that and right now Karan is super busy with his practice there is no time

Shrishti ; then make one, before going to South Africa you both get engaged, if you want I will talk to mom

Preeta : you let it be I will talk with her later, and I am going to hospital and I have to get Karan’s dadi’s report also

Shrishti : okay

Bharadwaj house

“Suraj I was thinking in short time we got so close with Luthra family should we call them for dinner at our house Elina asks him while doing something in kitchen

Suraj ; of course why not, you took my words, I will invite them tomorrow but really you will cook na I mean remember last time

Elina : except you all of them will eat, I will order from outside for you happy my love

Suraj : yaar why do you get offended I was just joking you know me (holds her from back lovingly )

Elina ; let it be I know everything

Suraj (kisses her neck) ; sorry what are you thinking

Elina : how strange is life, god took one family and gave us two in return such nice people

Suraj : when I see Rakhi aunty I remember mom she was exactly same, so innocent pure (gets emotional talking about his mom)

Elina : hey look here in my presence I won’t let you feel alone promise (wipes his tears)

Both are about to share hug when interrupted by Kabir who is equally shocked to see them

“I didn’t see anything Kabir turns around

Suraj : sometime I feel you are born in wrong in timing thats why always you come like that

Elina ; don’t be so mean

Suraj : you have pampered him more than mom and see results

Kabir : don’t say anything to my bhabhi

Suraj : what will you do

“Stop both of you no fighting here Elina pulls them apart

Kabir : bhabhi I have brought this things you said (gives her bag)

Elina : thanks

Suraj : so you want me to invite Luthra family for dinner

Kabir ; how about me? i will personally go

Suraj : you are so eager to go there, may I know the reason

Elina : stop doubting him, you go and tell them to come at dinner

Kabir : love you bhabhi

Elina looks at Suraj who is staring with red eyes on both

Kabir ; bye bhai (leaves hurriedly)

Luthra house

Kareena tells Shrishti about decoration for Akshay and Kritika’s next ceremony.

Kabir ; good evening

“Good evening you here? Kareena asks him smilingly

Kabir : actually bhabhi invited you all for dinner at our house tomorrow, since you all could not come to their wedding

Rakhi ; but we have to call at our place, tell her we will definitely come

Kareena : of course why not, we will be there

“Okay aunty I will take leave Kabir says

Rakhi : no sit for a while, I will send something for you

Kabir : nobody seem to be at home

Rakhi ; all of them are in room, you can go and talk I will send juice for you

Kareena : bhabhi we have to go out for some work lets leave

Rakhi ; oh yes sorry dear, we are in hurry right now but we will see you tomorrow

Kabir ; thanks aunty (goes upstairs)

Upstairs Roo puts on loud music messing up her room with clothes and CD’s

Kabir ; oh my god what is this? junkyard

Roo ; excuse me this is my room be respectful

Kabir : sorry what are you doing?

Roo ; I have fashion show tomorrow and I don’t have good clothes

Kabir : can I help?

Roo : you? are you sure

Kabir : don’t underestimate my talent move (pushes her on side)

Roo ; how mean

Kabir : try this (selects blue long dress) after all event manager have to also look good

Roo : I am very nervous, whole responsibility is on my shoulder

Kabir : don’t worry you will be fine, just take a deep breath am I invited

Roo : no (teases him) just kidding of course but you have to buy pass and I have VIP special one

Kabir : thanks give me

Roo : not so easily first tell me what will I get in return

Kabir : what do you mean? okay I see you want date tomorrow everybody is coming at my house

Roo : what if I want something else

“See I am very decent guy okay stay away from me Kabir moves back

Roo ; oh my god look at your face it looks like somebody took your honor

Kabir : that was seriously not good joke, anyway you were saying something, pass?

Roo : oh yes so I want you to help me host Kritika id’s sangeet ceremony

Kabir ; whats the big deal obviously

Roo : hello this is not an street event my sister’s ceremony, I want to make it memorable for her

Kabir : you just wait and watch your sister will remember this day

Roo : we will see and thanks for help now you can leave

Kabir : so rude and insolent I am your guest show some respect

Roo : please dont’ do those talks with me

Kabir : fine bye (slips due to cloth on floor at Roo falling on bed)

Kabir falls upon her on bed sharing eyed lock. Roo holds his collar

Koi bole dariya hai (kaisa kaisa hai isq)

Koi maane sehra hai (kaisa kaisa hai isq)

Koi bole dariya hai (kaisa kaisa hai isq)

Koi maane sehra hai (kaisa kaisa hai isq)

Koi sone sa tole re, koi matti sa bole re

Koi bole ke chaandi ka hai chhura

Hota aise yeh mauke pe

Roka jaaye na roke se

Accha hota hai hota hai yeh bura

Kaisa yeh isq hai, ajab sa risk hai

Kritika gets slightly jealous seeing both of them together and interrupts

Roo : move, di you

Kritika : whats going on?

“Thats our secret Ms bride not for committed people by the way how is your shopping I heard girls get crazy for such things during marriage: Kabir asks her

Roo : actually didi is not from those girls, my sister is very simple

Kabir : yea inside and outside both, no wonder she got totally opposite guy

Roo : excuse me

Kritika : are you both done? I am getting bored with this silly talks

Roo : don’t worry he is leaving bye Kabir (waves him teasingly )

Kabir taps on her head and leaves

Roo : he is so cute na, see he is forgetful also (Sess Kabir’s wallet)

Kritika ; wait I will give him, I am going down you continue

Roo : okay di

Kritika runs after Kabir to give his wallet but ends up spraining her leg.

“Oocuh she shouts

Kabir (hears her voice) : are you okay? what happened

Kritika ; my leg I think I got sprain

“Who told you to run like child, wait sit here Kabir makes her sit on bench outside

Kritika ; please do something its paining

“One second, close your eyes Kabir twists her leg rapidly

Kritika shouts and hold his shirt tightly

“You are good Kabir looks up to her innocence

Both holds each other’s hand sharing passionate eye lock. Kabir blows her hair blowing on face

Main taa tere naal hi rehna ji
Har gham sang tere sehna ji

Main taa tere naal hi rehna ji
Har gham sang tere sehna ji
Jo jag se kaha na jaaye woh
Mujhko bas tujhse kehna ji

Sohna sohna itna bhi kaise tu sohna
Sohna sohna itna bhi kaise tu sohna
Tere ishq mein jogi hona
Mainu jogi hona

Kritika : thanks how did you do it?

“I also got sprain one time when i was kid and mom was physio too, she taught me this technique after all we are son of doctor Kabir gets up

Kritika : impressive

“Okay I will see you tomorrow Kabir starts to leave

“Wait I have to go somewhere and no car are available at home will you come with me Kritika stops him

Kabir ; can I ask where do you want to go at this time

Kritika : mom got a necklace for me, and she don’t have time to pick it up, store is nearby

Kabir : sure get in car


Preeta comes to the hospital to collect reports of both Dadi’s at reception. She sees Sherlyn’s name in gynecologist roster for appointment

Preeta : hey Tina, this is Dr Shaina’s roster right she is gynec

Tina : yea why

Preeta : is she with somebody right now

Tina : yea a girl took an appointment in emergency her name should be there, Sherlyn

Preeta gets shocked to know about and doubts something. She waits for Sherlyn to come out

Jewelry shop

Kritika : hi there was on order on name of Kareena Luthra

Shopper : your order is ready ma’am just few minutes they are packing

Kritika : thanks (looks around and eyes on pendal with very simple design)

Kabir : what are you looking?

“Some things are so simple but still have so much meaning in it Kritika keeps looking at necklace

Kabir : why don’t you buy it if you like it so much, wait uncle can you show this deign

Kritika : its okay

“Stand right here and now tell how does it look Kabir puts the necklace on her neck and shows in mirror

Kritka ; its gorgeous

“One should look at meaning of the thing not their price, you should always do what your heart wants they never lie to you Kabir moves closer to her from back

Kritika closes her eyes


On road Kritika wants to buy bracelet from vendor but Akshay stops her

“Being a girl from such big family you want to buy from cheap store at least think of my reputation Akshay does not let her buy bracelet

Flashback ends

Kritika ; I will buy this

Kabir : good, I am waiting in car take your time you know I get bored in such places

Kritika (smiles) : okay I will be there

Later Kabir comes to drop her at home

Kritika ; thanks Kabir for being my nice friend

“I don’t like to do favors, its my duty to help my friend if she is in dilemma good night Kabir says

Kritika ; good night


Preeta decides to leave when she bumps into Sherlyn who drops her files

Preeta : I am so sorry (looks up to her)

Sherlyn gets nervous seeing her and picks up the file but drops her report on floor. Preeta picks up quickly before she could see. She looks up to Sherlyn with wide eyes

“You are pregnant? Preeta asks her shockingly

Sherlyn started to get symptoms during Elina and Suraj’s wedding.

Precap : Dinner at Elina’s house

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