Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan’s identity revealed

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says to her father that I tried to tell them a lot that I am not Leela, its not my fault. Father says you didnt do anything wrong, your mother cares for you only. Guddan says she will not come. Raiti says me and papa will come. She sees her boyfriend Prav calling and leaves.

Durga says to Dadi that you are right but dont you think we are hurrying? AJ and Leela dont know each other much. Dadi says you doubt a lot, when I came to this house, I didnt know anything about your dada then he liked my breakfast and food so much that I won his heart.. AJ and Leela are a good couple. Durga says you are right, we will prepare for roka tomorrow. Dadi asks Durga to keep envelope with her, she will put amount in it.

Prav calls Raiti, He says its been 6 hours that

I didnt talk to you but you dont care, Raiti says I do and I love you so much. Prav says I love you more, she says why do you love me so much? Guddan comes in room but Raiti doesnt see her. Prav says I will come and tell you how much I love you, she says no no, its late. He says okay give me a kiss, she gets shy, and says okay.. She says I love you Prav ji.. muah. He says love you back and ends call. Raiti turns to see Guddan standing there. Guddan asks whom you were talking to? Raiti says my friend wanted help to bake a cake. Guddan says give me your phone and show. Raiti says please leave it. Guddan says then tell mother, Raiti says no, dont call her, I will tell you.. there is a guy Prav.. I like him a lot, we love each other a lot, please dont tell mom. Guddan says love? Prav? you are a clever, didnt even tell your sister? she laughs, Raiti says you heard everything? Guddan smirks. Raiti says please dont tell anyone. Guddan says I promise to keep you secret only if you make me meet him, I have to see if he deserves you or not. Raiti gets tensed. Guddan says dont worry about parents, I will make them agree, I can do anything for your happiness. She hugs her. Raiti thinks what if family knows about Prav’s truth.

Durga comes to Lakshmi and says I want help to make list. Lakshmi says wow, you are making dowry list? I am making it too. Durga gets angry and says you have made dowry list? you want to take dowry from your would be mother in law? we have found proposal after so much difficulty, we need a mother in law, use your mind. Lakshmi says enough, I care for this family too, that AJ is not our father in law but I am doing everything for him. Durga says enough, AJ is our father in law and will remain like it, people can say that his face doesnt show his age but truth is truth, she tears her dowry list and leaves. Lakshmi says she cant change my tricks, I will do anything to make my sister mother in law of this house at any cost.

Scene 2
Guddan and family arrives at AJ’s house. Raiti says to Guddan that this is first step of your success, you are doing this for yourself and you can do anything. Guddan gets strength and says its time to do it.
Durga is preparing to welcome Guddan. Lakshmi thinks that this Leela has blinded everyone, I wont let her become mother in law, I will take revenge from Durga. Dadi comes to her and says dont think too much. Lakshmi says are we not hurrying in Leela’s case? Dadi says I saw Leela and I am sure she is the right girl for my AJ.
Guddan is entering house, Raiti asks her to walk in confidently. Guddan’s sandals falls in paint. Guddan takes off her sandals and nods. Her feet are filled with paint and mud too. She enters house and prints her footprint. Lakshmi says you made floor dirty, all look at feet marks. Guddan says sorry, Dadi says this is good omen. Guddan is stunned. Dadi says come, you are welcome in this house. She respectfully brings Guddan in house. Dadi shows her around and says this is my family and now yours too, she shows her husband’s photo and asks her to take blessing. Guddan says what? Dadi says we take blessing before starting any new thing. Guddan thinks that this family is a drama thats why they are producing Ramayan. Durga takes Raiti and father to sit in lounge. Guddan prays in mandir. She looks at AJ cheerful picture and thinks how come this desert become rainy forest? She tries to go to it but strikes with mud kalash on mandir slab, she sees it cracked and looks at Dadi’s eye closed, she tries to hide crack. Dadi looks at her and thinks she is praying, Dadi says you are just like Sita, only you can handle AJ, I have accepted you as my family’s part.
Lakshmi says to father that your daughter is Sita but let me tell you that AJ is not a Ram but Raavan, he is always angry, its bravery to become his Sita. Durga calls her, Lakshmi leaves. Father asks Raiti what she was saying? Raiti asks him to not say anything.

Durga says to Lakshmi that I saw you talking to Leela’s family, just accept that AJ didnt accept Komal but Leela, dont try to mess up anything otherwise I wont back down from taking action for this house.
Dadi says to Guddan that I gave these bangles to my daughter in law and now they are yours, Guddan says why? Dadi says dont question it. Guddan nods and wears it. Dadi gives her idol and asks her to put it lounge, my feet are aching. Guddan nods and leaves. Saru asks Dadi her feet are aching? Dadi says I am fine, I just sent her to AJ’s room, they will fall in love like this. She gives her bhajan and says recite it when Guddan and AJ comes to lounge.

Guddan is moving towards room and thinks its time to tell them truth. Guddan comes to Dadi and says I want to tell you something, she slips and her saree gets stuck in stairs, AJ comes there. Her saree gets unfolded and falls from her, under she is wearing pants and shirt. AJ remembers her, Durga recalls her encounter too, Dadi recalls it too. All look on. Durga says you? AJ stops Durga. He glares at her and goes to her, Durga slips but AJ holds her in his arms, media takes their photos, Dadi looks on.

PRECAP- Lakshmi says we were thinking that she is a Sita but she is a devil, Durga asks why she is here? whats her motives?
Guddan says to Raiti that Jindal family is too full of him.
AJ changes his mind and proposes to Guddan to marry him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. DannyComments

    Okay the updates don’t do justice to this show! Guddan is very funny and acts foolish sometimes and Aj’s expressions every time!!my God! Epic! I know with time they will loose the story line but I really wish they don’t..If only they will just keep it entertaining like this for at least 10months!

    Thank you Atiba for the updates. You are quite dedicated. I’m a fan of yours😍😘

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