Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Bulbul thinking Pragya has not done all the work and does not let her work at all. Pragya comes and asks Bulbul to speak to Purab once as he is standing outside their house. Bulbul says she does not want to speak to him as he betrayed her. Pragya asks if the girl he is with is from his office. Bulbul says she does not know.

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Aaliya and daadi come with match maker to Sarla’s house. Match maker says she brought them here, gets a call and goes from there. Sarla asks Abhi’s daadi to have some snacks. Daadi says she will relax first, then see Pragya and then will have snacks, etc. Sarla asks her to have water at least and introduces Pragya’s daadi to her. Pragya’s daadi asks what is boy’s name. Daadi says his name is Abhi. She asks how much he earns. Daadi says he earns so much that he can manage his whole family. Daadi insists to tell. Abhi’s daadi says he earns around 10-15 lakhs. Daadi asks if it is his year’s income. Aaliya says he earns it in a day. Daadi asks to bring Pragya. Pragya’s daadi asks boy’s name again. Daadi says Abhishek prem. Pragya’s daadi says she did not hear singer of that name till now. Sarla happily enters Pragya’s room and asks her to get ready soon and come out. She looks at Bulbul who assures her she will not come out and break her marriage. Bulbul asks guy’s name, Sarla says Abhishek prem. PRagya says she must have heard Abhishek Prem’s name. Bulbul says no. PRagya comes out. Abhi’s daadi informs her grandson is famous as
Abhi, rockstar Abhi. Sarla, Pragya and whole family get angry hearing Abhi’s name. Purab calls on Bulbul’s phone. PRagya gives phone to Purbi and asks her to give it to Bulbul. Daadi says her Abhi is not like media portrays him. Pragya and Sarla go in and ask Daadi to have tea till then.

Bulbul repeatedly gets Purab’s SMS who asks her to meet him immediately. Bulbul thinks she should go and meet him before he enters house and breaks Pragya’s marriage.

Pragya says Sarla that Abhi is very rich and his lifestyle is different, so she cannot marry him. Sarla asks her to listen to daadi first and says she herself told daadi is very good. Pragya says daadi is very good, but that house… She stops seeing daadi there.

Daadi says she has to inform them something and says they would have been thinking how did they get this alliance. She says though Abhi is very rich, he is from a poor background and once he used to not even earn 100 rs, so he wants Pragya in his Abhi’s life as he needs peace in life. He sings love songs and whole world is mad behind him, but she needs a girl who can bring calmness in her Abhi’s life, Abhi is very good, just she needs someone who can understand him.

Aaliya thinks why has daadi gone in, what she is talking. She thinks this house is so disgusting, how can Purab like this girl. She goes near the window to look at her car. Purbi happily says daadi that she cannot believe Abhi will be this house’s son-in-law, she can hear his songs daily now. Daadi says her dream was to have an album, now it will come true. Sarla happily says Abhi’s daadi that she cannot believe someone came with Pragya’s alliance. Daadi looks at PRagya and asks her not to change. Aaliya thinks these beggars know how to act. Once Daadi and Aaliya goes, Purbi excitely hugs Pragya and says she will inform Bulbul about it.

Aaliya thinks she is the one who arranged this marriage. Pragya’s Daadi says Abhi’s daadi that her Pragya’s alliances broke many times and now she is happy with this alliance. Rachna sees Abhi’s daadi with Pragya’s daaadi and gets tensed.

Taiji asks her bahu to accompany her for shopping as there is discount sale going on. Bahu asks if the quality will be good. Taiji says it will be better than ther mother’s gifts. She asks chef to prepare food before they come.

Pragya comes to Abhi’s home and informs chef that she wants to meet Abhi. Chef shows her Abhi’s room. Abhi is romancing Tannu in his room. He says he will keep Pragya as a servant and will take a lot of work from there. They hear foot steps sound and Tannu hides. Abhi comes out and sees Pragya there. Allah wariya… song plays in the background. Abhi asks why is she here, if she has come to thank him for his proposal and says he is very busy. She says he has not come to thank him. Abhi asks if she has come to ask sorry. Pragya says she came to say that she does not want to marry him and says he did not speak to her properly till now and must have agreed to marry on Daadi’s insistence, there is nothing common between them and they met many times just to show that they are completely different from each other. She again says she cannot marry him and could not inform it to daadi, so she is informing it to him and asks him sorry for wasting his time. Abhi just watches her going. Tannu comes out and says who the hell is she to reject him.

Precap: Pragya informs Sarla that she rejected Abhi’s proposal. Sarla gets tensed and falls unconscious on the ground.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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