Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj on the way to Sandhya. The driver union protest against the police and ask for justice. Sandhya looks at them. They say they are blaming us, the police wants bribe so they are blaming us. Sandhya says I have the proof and shows them the video. She shows a driver taking extra money and showing the fake new card fooling the customers. The media records it. The driver gets angry and argues with her. The union see this video and are shocked. The media says it’s the driver’s mistake and Sandhya has proved them wrong. The media praises Sandhya which makes the union angry.

Sooraj gets tensed as the break fails. He tries to control the car and bumps the car into a tree near the police station. Everyone is shocked. They identify her as Sandhya’s husband. Sandhya comes there and asks are you fine, why were you driving this, you don’t know driving. He says the driver gave me the keys and asked me to give the file to you. She says but you don’t know driving. He says no, I know, I have got this license by learning driving.

Everyone looks on. Sandhya is shocked seeing it. He says I have learning since many days and wants to give you a surprise but the car brakes failed. The union sees this and think of an idea to maer this matter an issue. Sooraj says I followed all the rules but had to bump this car to stop it, as I was unable to control it. Sandhya says you did not do this right, you should have not drove this. The union taunts Sandhya and tells the media that see what is her husband doing. He has been using the govt car for his personal use.

Sandhya feels bad. The union laughs on her and asks her to answer about this matter, this govt car runs by people’s money, why did her husband drive this. The media goes front on Sandhya and makes it a news. Sooraj asks them to shut their cameras, as its an accident, and it just happened, the car brakes failed and shows them the license. They ask him who gave him permission to drive the govt car. The union tell Sandhya does not have anything to say now.

Sandhya leaves taking Sooraj with her. Sandhya’s staff says about Sandhya, who is very true and jumped in the fire to save people. Hetal tells the truth. She asks the media to leave. Sandhya talks to Sooraj. She gets upset. Sooraj is feeling bad as his surprise went wrong. She gives him water. Sooraj apologizes to her. She says you should have not done this, you should have asked me once. The SP comes to them. Sandhya and Sooraj are shocked seeing him.

The SP scolds Sandhya saying govt car is not a personal property to learn driving. Sooraj says its not Sandhya’s mistake, I did not tell her. SP gets angry on Sandhya for putting police under bad name. Sooraj asks him not to be angry on Sandhya, as he will accept his mistake. The SP leaves. Everyone see this news at home and are shocked. Everyone speak against Sandhya and lie about her.

Bhabho gets angry and says it’s the limit crossing now. What did Sooraj do wrong, he has not misused the govt power. The family fumes.

Taisa sees Sandhya coming and taunts her. Bhabho and family looks on that it’s a problem for Sooraj to be Sandhya’s husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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