Doli Armaanon Ki 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Swimming classes and samrat’s residence
Anu explains to shaurya that he cant swim today as they dont have glasses, but shaurya is insistent. anu explains why he cant swim without glasses, and when he doesnt wnat to stay back, she wonders how can he take him home, without urmi, who still has one hour class left. But shaurya insists that he wants to go home right now, despite anu trying to distract him. Meanwhile, urmi is practising in the dance classes, with much fervour and enthusiasm, oblivious to the trap set for her.

samrat gets aditi’s call and tells her that he has taken the glasses and is going to the swimming classes. meanwhile, shashi wonders where is samrat right now, and if she should call him, but decides that she wont make any mistake this time around. After some time, as samrat reaches the club, samrat tells shashi on the phone that he would reach in another couple of minutes at the pool. Shashi pretends to be very scared, and insists her not to go at all, and pleads her. samrat asks if all have gone mad, as aditi is asking her to go, but she is telling him not to. He asks her to put down the phone, so that he can go. Shashi tells him that he shouldnt go, and continues to plead. Samrat asks her to be clear. she pretends to be scared and hesitatingly tells him that urmi wont be there right now. Samrat is confused. She says that urmi must be in her dance classes right now, and if he asks so much, then she would have to say everything, and she doesnt want that. samrat is furious. He asks her to speak clearly. shashi says that urmi had taken a promise from her, that she wont tell anyone, and tells that she has joined the dance class by lying to everyone, giving the excuse of shaurya’s swimming class. she says that urmi had come, and she has agreed in fear of being thrown out of the house again. she pretends to be very symmpathising and does her best to instigate samrat against urmi. Samrat is in a rage. She asks him not to go, as if he got to know this truth, urmi would hold her responsible, and then she would have to face punishment. Samrat refuses to believe her, that urmi cant do it. She asks him to test himself, that shaurya would be with anu, and urmi goes for dance classes. she says that both the sisters are in this. She begs him falsely not to do any drama. Samrat enters but is unable to find anu, and when he does, he isnt able to believe.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
granny apologises to gaurav for keeping him in darkness, and tries to make him see asha’s innocence, while she continues to irritate gaurav with her nonsense. gaurav resignedly agrees, as granny asks him to give her a chance and time. She asks him to compromise and start his life and married relationship with her, with a renewed hope. Asah again opens her mouth, but granny shuts her up. Granny gives them marital advise, and asha again takes the meaning literally, instead of abstract. Gaurav asks ghranny if she wants him to adjust with this sample. He brands her as a complete idiot. He leaves. Granny says that she had got her to be able to sire a son, and if she isnt able to do so, thern the first wife had run away, the second one would be made to run away i.e her. Granny leaves in a huff.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Tauji is in a happy mood, when he hears urmi laughing with mandira and shaurya. he observes them smiling and having fun. While its urmi’s turn to get them to laugh, and she manages to do so, tauji is amused. He is happy to see urmi happy. Urmi finds tauji and composesherself. tauji comes and says that he is very happy to see her like that, and when she is happy, the whole house shall be happy. urmi smiles. the kids want to play with tauji too, when he says that its impossible for them to make him laugh. Mandira says that they would definitely beat him. They coax him to sit down, while they attempt to make him laugh. urmi is amused. Shaurya makes the first attempt, and then mandira, but tauji is unfazed. tauji smiles with them, and hearing them from downstairs, shashi is furious that samrat hasnt come yet, to spoil the fun. Samrat comes home and hollers for urmi. Shashi asks him not to be too angry, in a bid to make him furious all the more, saying that urmi would be angry at her later then. urmi rushes down smilingly and tells him that she would just go and get coffee for him. Shashi smiles evilly knwoing what to expect next. urmi is about to go, when samrat stops her. She is tensed, while shashi is excited. As he comes to confront her, shashi is happy. He asks her to go up and get his clothes, as they have to go out for dinner. shashi is shocked to see this u-turn. He asks shashi to go and get coffee. shashi is surprised but resignedly agrees. urmi leaves to get his clothes. the screen freezes on shashi’s surprised face.

Precap: Samrat is super furious at the fact thar urmi has the guts and dared to even forgeo asking him, and not bothering to even inform him, and has joined dance classes. shashi smiles evilly as her plan falls into place. Samrat resolves that he shall see how long urmi doesnt tell her, as the longer she delays it, the more problems she would attract for herself. Shashi smiles evilly while he is in a rage. Later, while samrat is getting ready, urmi comes to him and says that she wants to tell something to him. Samrat eyes her sternly, while she is tensed, thinking that she finally buckled under pressure and is about to tell him, about her secret.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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