Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: King and Abhi come to the press conference

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya asking King if he is sure that he can manage. King says I am sure that I can manage well and asks Pragya to take Kiara to school. Just then door bell rings. A lady comes there and tells King that she is his Chachi. Kiara says I thought we have no relatives here. Lady takes Kiara and says I am your Dadi. She tells King that she came with her son, who is a big fan of his. She says she came with bags and asks King to let her son Tarun be with him. Tarun comes.

Chachi introduces her son to King and Pragya. She says Pragya is his bhabhi. King asks Tarun to call her Di. He says when Tarun stays with me, he shall be my fan and brother here. Pragya says Tarun will be of great help to us. King hires him. Pragya goes to get Kiara ready. King asks Tarun to come with him and asks Chachi to be comfortable. Pragya takes Kiara to school and asks her not to fight with anyone. She calls her Kishmish. Kiara calls her Chasmish. Pragya gets emotional and asks her to behave nicely with others. Kiara says if anyone throws water on me, then what shall I do. Pragya asks her to forgive him. Kiara says I will also throw water on him. Pragya sees her earrings with Kiara and tells that it is bad to keep her stuff with her. Sunny sees Kiara and tells Disha that she troubled him and asks her to talk to her mum. Disha comes to talk to Pragya, but just then bell rings and kids go to their classes. Disha turns to Pragya, but she is already gone. She sees earring kept there and it reminds her of Pragya.

Suwarni Dadi tells abhi that she wants to come with him to the conference. Mitali says shall I also come? Abhi asks her to sit in car. They sit in car. Tarun tells King that he can’t believe that he is with him. He says he wants to become like him. King says very soon. Tarun says you shall be the main singer in the concert. Suwarni dadi and Abhi are on the way to the conference. They reach the place. Abhi gets down from the car. His fans get happy seeing him. Abhi holds a fan from falling down and clicks selfie with him. Mitali asks driver to take car from backside. King comes then, fans click his pics as well. Teacher brings Kiara to class and says she is late admission. Sunny says she is late comer.

Teacher says she used to sit in other class and asks her to sit with Sunny. Kiara looks at Sunny and asks if he told Chucks about her. Sunny asks her to keep quiet and asks her to call her mummy. Kiara asks him to call Chunks. Sunny says done. King thinks he is doing conference without Pragya and hopes there shall not be any problem. Suwarni Dadi tells that she doesn’t know that Abhi is a big rockstar and says she is proud of him. Mitali says everyone of us is proud of him. Abhi don’t see king’s poster there. Suwarni asks where is Aaliya? Aaliya hires some people to cheers for Abhi during Press conference and says I will give you money for this. Fans say that they really love Abhi. Aaliya asks them to tell loudly that the many songs shall be of Abhi and his name shall be on cover. Purab hears her and says abhi asked you not to do this. Aaliya says it is business tactics. Tarun hears them. Pragya gets uniform from Kiara school.

Tarun tells King that she saw abhi’s manager Aaliya giving money to fans asking them to do more publicity. King asks are you sure? Tarun says yes? King says it is time to show who is the real king.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Could not hold myself back from commenting on this serial like all the other way too much childish games going on, viewers count the amount of times in the serial pragya nearly see or nearly bounce into abhi or touch his hand or past right next to each other yet not seeing the individual; this storyline is childish and way to much crap not realistic at all; now tell me where on earth a child will just feel vibes for a total stranger and your mother is not around yet you carrying conversation with that stranger even letting him touch you or comb your hair this is so unbelievable who sever writing these serial need to go and get some professional help in Script Writing my gosh even a three year old could write a better storyline and as for kundali bhagya another pack of crap and way too much violence and killing with no recourse whatsoever; my gosh just to prolong a serial you producing all this Shit; a Thousand Flushes for you writers.

    1. You are right Sapphire.. This serial has crossed all limits.. More than childish impossible things and events being showcased. It is having a wrong effect on the generation of today… But what can we say for the great Ekta Kapoor.. In her serials kidnapping, killing, plotting evil things keep on happening without batting an eyelid.. These guys never get caught.. Alia tanu moving around free inspite of murders. The writes have messed up a nice story and the lead pair… And abhi.. Oh my God.. Instead of a Rock star.. He looks like a joker… No shows and no mind of his own.. Who would want to marry a person like him who can’t stand up for his own wife especially after all what she has done for the family. Also the institution of marriage is being made fun off… In all her serials the lead keeps on getting married n times.. Poor guy he also must be losing count and must be getting confused.. In kumkum bhagya after the leap abhi is shown married to tanu.. How is it possible.. Can one get married again without a divorce..is it legal.. It’s high time the show goes off air.. Nothing Left..

  2. Again could some one enlighten me and tell what episode did dadi get killed in i missed that one and no one seems to know when i ask

    1. April 23rd episode is what you are looking for, Sapphire.

  3. 20 april

  4. Thank you Ayesha

  5. This storyline is like cat and mouse chase. This missing each other mark my word another 12 months. This storyline is not realistic. It is bad example for young generation and now. Please grow up ekta kapoor. Same thing with kundali. There is no storyline it is not getting anywhere. Both both kum kum and kundali very demented.
    Does anyone agree to this?

  6. of course Anonymous i agree with you 100% the writers are very unprofessional in their way of thinking and putting pen to paper and so they are always lost for good storylines; i feel sooooooooooo sorry for them and yet they will not go and get the help that they need.

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