Ishqbaaz 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Pinky’s birthday celebrations

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Ishqbaaz 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Anika to prepare for the party. She goes. Pinky comes to him and says I made your fav dish, kheer. He ends call and asks what did you make, sorry, I had food outside, you know I have to make many preparations, for the most beautiful woman of my life. She says you don’t have time to taste what your mom has prepared for you. He says don’t feel bad, I will try. She feeds him kheer. He says delicious, nobody can prepare kheer like you.

She says you know I make this once a year. He says you make this every week, Anika will love it, I will take this for her. Shivaye goes. She says he didn’t remember its my birthday, even after having this kheer. She cries. Dadi comes and asks what happened. Pinky says Shivaye changed. Shakti says yes, since Anika came back, Shivaye is staying much happy, he forgot his anger too. Pinky says he forgot his mum, I m happy with Anika’s return, I love both of them equally, how can this happen that someone forgets my birthday. Dadi asks her why is she competing with Anika. Pinky says you can feel a mum’s pain. Dadi says even if he forgets birthday, he can’t forget you, he is your son, you are his mum, wife has her own place and mum has her own place, Shivaye is sensible, he knows this, why don’t you do this, you just go and ask Shivaye directly.

Pinky says you are right, I have to do this. She goes to Shivaye. He says Anika and I….. She says enough Anika Anika, as if no one else stays here, sorry, I feel happy seeing you two happy, but today I m angry on you, how did you change so much. He asks what did I do mom. She says you learnt talking late, you just sad Maa, then you wished me happy birthday on my birthday, I realized how special it was for a mum to hear her son wishing her on her birthday. Anika says Pinky Maa… Pinky says don’t say between us, this fight is between mum and son, I know its wife’s right to get love first, but its mum’s right to scold, you have spoilt everything. Shivaye surprises her. Lights come. Everyone sings happy birthday to you. Shivaye says Happy birthday Maa.

She says you remembered. He asks can someone forget life’s most imp and most beautiful woman’s birthday. She hugs him. She says all the preparations were…. He says it was all for you, because we all…. wanted to give you a big surprise. FB shows Shivaye telling everyone that he wants to surprise Pinky, no one will wish her or give her any hint. Om says she should feel we forgot her birthday. Shivaye says right. Gauri says but she will know seeing the party preparations. He says she should think its for Anika’s welcome party. He calls Dadi and says its mom’s birthday, I won’t listen to any excuse, I have booked your ticket, you will reach till her birthday. FB ends. Pinky says sorry, I always make mistakes. He says one more mistake, does anyone say sorry on birthday. Anika says we have a special gift for you. Anika shows the necklace. Shivaye says jeweller got this for you. He makes Pinky wear the necklace. Everyone say sorry and wish Pinky.

Dadi says I told you Shivaye can never forget your birthday. Shivaye says how did you even think about it, agreed that I m married and Anika has special place in my life, it doesn’t mean your place got less, none can take a mum’s place, you require a lot of space. They laugh. He says never think I love you less and love Anika more, relations don’t compete but complete each other. Dadi says I explained her, mum and wife have different placed, Pinky considered Anika as daughter, but she became Saas in this situation. Pinky says yes, I got insecure. Shakti says you know Shivaye, he is good at balancing relations. Rudra says now I understand what balance you were talking about. Pinky cuts the cake and feeds everyone. They all smile and hug. Lafzon ka yeh….play…..

Its morning, Rudra wakes up and checks his phone. Bhavya comes from jog. He says I just got few likes, social media is useless. She asks why do you hang on it. He says I was checking birthdays, I realized you shouldn’t forget anyone’s birthday, Kunal and Sonam’s kissing face pic has 5000 likes. She asks what’s that. He shows her by posing. She says yuck, who does so. He says everyone. She asks do you just sit checking that. He says no, such photos show how much married couples love each other. She says its pretence, such people who post such love you messages, they are not happy in their lives. He says don’t give me Gyaan, how do you know this.

She says I have handled many such cases in cyber crime. He says one who loves can show off too. She says he should display love to one whom he loves, what’s the need to show to the world. Shivaye is on call. He says everything should be perfect, Japanese delegation is very imp for our business expansion, make sure no one from staff makes any mistake. He asks Anika to eat without making noise. He says I want Japanese menu for lunch, prepared by a japanese chef from a five star hotel, thanks, I m rehearsing my Japanese, okay. He ends call. Anika says wonderful tie, show me. He says be careful, I must look good, I have an imp meeting. She says I have a wonderful idea, you can sing a song for them, Mera juta hai japani….. they will dance with joy.

He says meeting is more than business, its all about image, Shivaye is more than a businessman, its a brand, I have to make sure that nothing happens that spoils my image. She says taking own name looks good, talking like pride, sorry, your meeting will go well, all the best. He goes. Om says social networking is beneficial for business, Gauri I posted about my exhibition, 200 people already confirmed that they are coming, they have shared the post too. She says so I was thinking why is your mood so good. He says I m bit nervous. She says I m sure everything will be fine. He says when you are with me, no power in the world can stop me. She says but I can’t come, whatever happened last time, you had to face embarrassment because of me, I don’t want that to happen again. She recalls.

He says I still feel ashamed for that day, because of myself, because I didn’t do what I should have done, I have made that mistake before, but I won’t do that again, we must never hide our feelings, its wrong to hide them from the world. She says leave it, how does it matter. He says it matters to me Gauri, the world should know how much you matter to me, I need not keep exhibition for this, we will do it now. He kisses her and takes a pic. He says nice pic, I will post this, my inspiration. She asks will you show this pic to the world. He says I have posted my wife’s pic, not of any other woman. She says you are shameless. He says wait, what is it, wow, check it out, 50 likes in 10 secs. She asks what. He says people liked this pic, I will explain, this is like button, we can also comment on pics. Shivaye asks Khanna to take the car out. He greets morning to everyone and goes. Rudra asks was it a good morning or good bye. Om says 1000 likes wow. Bhavya comes. Rudra asks are you coming after jogging, I will make a protein shake for you, come.

Anika calls out Sahil. She says I think he is still sleeping, wake up Sahil. Om gets a call and asks interview, okay, come home. He asks Gauri to get ready for interview. She asks why. He says they have seen my pic, I posted our pic, this is the power of social media, it got viral, they want our interview. Om and Gauri meet the press. Anika, Rudra and Bhavya look on. Anika asks what’s happening. Rudra says I don’t know, this is the same man who took me along when he had to get passport size photo, today he is posing before the media alone, what is this. Reporter says its the first time that an Oberoi family member shared personal life on social site and posted intimate pic. Reporter says its surprising that an artist has shared this. Om asks doesn’t artist have a personal life. Reporter says no, you are an introvert type. Om says I want to tell the world, what’s Gauri for me, how much I love her. They smile. Saathiya….plays….

Anika dances with Gauri and Shivaye…. on Raste se jaa rahi thi……

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Felt so good watching dadi after a very long time. Pinky aunty ka surprise birthday shivaay ne dadi ko pinky ke bday k liye bulaya tha. Today ruvya rikara shivika all were given nearly equal screen space and their scenes were really funny like anika ne bola japanese k liye shivaay sing Mera joota hai japani ye sunke mujhe shivaay ka vo rakhi time vala gana yaad aa gaya jo mirror k saamne gaya tha??. Gauri still afraid to go in presentation last time experience ki vajah se and how om pacified her. Aaj toh om khud k character se bahar tha om se zyada rudy ka character lag raha tha Gauri k saath social media pe pic post kari jo rudy bhavya ko bata raha tha ki log karte hai. Rudy’s expression during gauri om press conference??. Trp only 1.5 but we are stable on 12th position but why is trp not increasing??

    1. Congrats Aayush for being number 1. I also felt after Dadi arrival the show has some colour. It is always nice to have an elder around as they always speak sensibly because of their decades and decades of life’s experience and yes Gauri is still apprehensive since the last incident at the exhibition but I think there was a longer screen space for Rikara and it would have made Rikara fans happy

      1. AAYUSH

        Thats true sindhu rikara got good screen space yesterday which was nice

    2. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations on being first..?
      Pinky’s birthday surprise was really good.Dadi is always sweet.Good to see Rikara are bonding.And Om are trying to rectify his mistakes.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks luthfa

  2. Wow!! Absolute treat for me!! Thank you soooooo much CVS for hearing rikara fans out.. yesterday and today’s epis were indeed very very very special for me… Omg Rikara kiss after a long time!! Dhwani happy annachi!! And pinky’s bday surprise.. like pinky even I got fooled tht shivaay had really forgotten Pinky’s bday.. Surprise was great shivaay bhaiya but I would personally never ever let my Mom drop a single tear on her bday.. But while watching on screen it was indeed really emotional and I had tears.. And congrats Nikita maam.. Precap: Chulbul????

    1. AAYUSH

      Yeah dhwani after a long time good rikara scenes and icing on the cake chulbul tomorrow

    2. Dhawani yes Rikara fans are indeed happy and am sure trapping will escalate

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Dost,
      Awwwww….I am so happy for you.Rikara are getting what they deserve.Those moments were really beautiful.I did not get tricked as I know Shivaay won’t disappoint Pinky at least on such important day.Anyway,take care.Love you?

  3. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Great apologise for not coming yesterday. And bot replying. Yesterday day there was a powercut from 7 am ro 12 pm..then suddenly light disappeared from night 8 pm to 2 am…
    This summer and line cut.couldnot slept properly..and my health is also not good.
    So coukd not came

    Thank yiu soo much pagals for 180 comments and for liking my chipdi thoughts.
    @PRAVA sometimes chipdiness is imp..

    @Archu my dp queen.if you are getting tired with pinky pinky then no woory.Nikita ji is going on aleave..and fortunately if yiu watched today episode then not same track.
    But still its your choice.. .
    And all my pagals..keep supporting and keep watching ishqbaaz.
    BE READY FOR SPA 2018.
    Competition will be tough….

    Keep commenting
    Today episode was good.SPECIALLY PRECAP..
    So keep doing pagalpanti
    Love you all..
    Goona miss you..

    1. Banita

      Heyy Arpu….
      Simmer power cut ne meri dimag kharap krke rakha hain…. Bt accha hain ki itne time cut nahi hoti hain…
      TC of ur health dr….
      Will miss u nd ur comment agar tu nahi aai toh…
      Nd SPA kb aaraha hain yaar..??? It’s very late this year…
      Yeh compitition will be very though in every categori….

      1. Banita and Arpu I am a bit afraid of SPA cos this time I am not sure who will get favourite Jodi and international Jodi. I would love to see shivika getting but I Guess Rikara fans would want them to get. Not sure how it will turn out. I will be happy if IB wins quite a lot of awards.

      2. I really hope Pinky will get for either best villainous or supporting actress award. She deserve it in her career.

    2. AAYUSH

      Take care of your health arpita

    3. Get well soon Arpu and take good care.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Why are you saying sorry darling?It’s absolutely fine.Power cut in summer is really irritating.Don’t worry everything will be fine.Take care of your health.God bless you.Lots of healing wishes and love?

    5. Heyyy arpu ,,we will miss you 2 ,and your fun rides ,,just take care of your health ,get well soon ,,

  4. amazing epi rikara???????????? shivika n ruvya??????? precap-anikka ???? and chulbul is backkkk…..

    1. AAYUSH

      Yeah dipti after a long time such a wonderful episode and yeah chulbUl is back??

    2. Luthfa

      Yeah chulbul is back.Hoping to see some interesting moments???????????

  5. Riana

    Hey pagals…??
    Shivaay : Good morning guyz !…
    Rudra : Good morning bola ya goodbye
    Omg Rikara was lit today…????????????????
    Shivika too amazed “Mer joota hai japani” ??????
    Pinky’s bday was cute and melodramatic ?
    Anywayz, Social media ka bukhaar ab chada inko…
    Btw one thing, seeing rikara’s kissing pic, media came for interview !…
    Lol it shows the reality that media is such a creep these days !…
    Aniruvya’s reaction was funny ??
    Precap – ????????????????????????????…chulbul is back….
    To haters of IB :
    Tujhko mirchi lagi toh mai kya karoon !…???????????

    1. AAYUSH

      Nice comment riana and specially for haters ?? and yeah today rikara were literally on fire and om was not like the previous om which we use to see rudra ne bhi bola ye pose de raha hai photo k liye jo passport photo bhi mere saath khichwane jaata tha??

      1. Riana

        @aayush… Hahaha ????

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Riana,
      Hehehe….Rudra’s dialogues are reminding me initial days of IB when I used to laugh like anything hearing him.This media and OF are inseparable part.But I was surprised they came for an interview just seeing one pic.That proves that media goes hyped over smallest thing.By the way,last line is a sixer.Carry on????????????

      1. WHAT IS “OF”?

      2. Luthfa

        Hi VICKY,OF means Oberoi Family.

  6. Luthfa

    You are absolutely right Shivaay that old relationships shouldn’t compete with the new one rather its work is to complete it.Relationships,every relationship is a direct blessing of God.We humans can’t choose those as we are chosen to be bound into certain relations.Each relation has its own beauty,respect as well as limitation.We live on grasping those relationships close to our heart and the emotional attachment those give us.With every relation there comes a responsibility to nurture it and to maintain it the way it should.Pinky is the mother of Shivaay and he knows very well what her place and importance in his life.For sure he has seen what Pinky has gone through in Oberoi khandan and what is her actual pain.Shivaay can never miss the opportunity to make her smile and be the reason of her happiness.But the way Pinky is saying that Shivaay got changed it looked really a misplaced and overestimated statement now.Shivaay is not someone who will forget his responsibilities like other OF members.If Rudra would have been Pinky’s son then her saying could be accepted but in the the case of Shivaay it’s a big NO.Shivaay takes care of everything in OM and he is very well known the expectations people expect from him.For him family is everything and everything is family.If Pinky is really changed then she won’t utter those words in future again at least for Shivaay.To feel insecure is very normal when there is any chance to feel it.But not there when you have no reason to feel insecure.Accepting from heart and showing like that when its not,is not the same thing.Pinky needs to understand this………………………………………….

    1. AAYUSH

      Agree with u luthfa but it was pinky bday and she wanted to feel special by her son but becoz of surprise party no one either wished her and told her that anika welcome party preparations are going on thats y she feel sad and thought shivaay changed which i think was a genuine reaction from her because vo abhi coma se bahar aayi hai and agar unka beta bday wish na kare so it felt bad thats what she said and i agree with her but even she didnt know shivaay had planned a surprise bday party for her. So borh were right on their own places.

    2. Yes luftha agree with you totally and your thoughts well expressed . As humans are imperfect. Pinky is also imperfect so her insecurities escalated a split second. She did acknowledge that she has this insecurities. It was ironic that shivaay has to explain to his mum that he knows his responsibilities both as Son and Father and Anika has her place in his life and she can’t replace Pinky as mum’s status is different from Wife status.

      You are absolutely right that shivaay is someone who will not forget anything about his family and he gives the best for them. That is shivaay and yes I agree that even Rudra can forget such things and that is why Rudra said he needs to record the birthdays if not he will forget.

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Exactly my point di.Shivaay knows what his responsibilities are and he won’t back out from any of it.And Pinky is his Mom so how can he neglect such important thing?It was surprise and we are forgetting this aspect.Surprises are not supposed to disclose beforehand.And Pinky’s reactions are right but at wrong time.Thank you so much for understanding my point di.Love you?

  7. Wow such a wonderful episode.. I just loved it…we gonna miss our bubblie pinky and trademark dialogue oh my Mata.. May God wish u lot of happiness and good health.. ?
    My crazy cutie anika.. The way she sang and danced meri joota ki japani.. She and her childish behavior.. ?? the way she encouraged shivaay on his meeting with his hair flick was so cute..
    Is that really Rikara.. Thank God Cv’s heard us.. They are giving space to them as well.. I dono know why like shivika & Rikara Ruvya wasn’t loom like couple.. I didn’t & they don’t look like couple..
    Tomorrow selfie fever starts for our Annika as well.. Then they gonna fight and shivaay ki us ka biggest business Japanese deal chopsy honae Wala hain.. No idea how Annika gonna handle gussa shivaay..

    1. AAYUSH

      Kadhambari creatives zyada meharban hai aajkal pehle separation track jaldi khatam kiya phir pooja aur viraj track bhi kalyani mills and bua ko bhi khatam kar diya aur bonus rikara scenes bhi de diya hope to see more good scenes in future

    2. Yes kadhambari I will miss Pinky’s oh my mata and all her funny comprehending of English terms using it in th wrong way. I will miss all those. That was a signature line ‘Oh my mata’

      This social media is going to cause some rift between shivika where he will lose a business deal. I Guess cvs are trying to also send a message regarding excessive use of social media and upholding personal information may cause issues.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Kadhambari di,
      Me too is going to miss OMM so badly.Hope she will return soon,fit and fine.Anika is a cutie pie and I loved her typical antics to disturb Shivaay.Makers finally listening our pleading for Rikara.Ruvya have no chemistry in my eyes and they pose like totally south and north pole especially in romantic scenes.Let’s see how Anika is going to handle an angry Shivaay.Take care?

  8. Hiii everyone

    How are you’ll??

    Sorry for not replying to any of you even tho you’ll take time to reply to this but plz understand its a bit tough to come on this page twice …

    Miss watching ishqbaaz on tv ?but I hope you’ll enjoying the track and looking forward to the future story

    Luthfa, bani,arpita6, zaveesha,prabha,Dhwani,jeevi , khadhamri (sorry if spelt wrong ) sindhu ,and many more miss reading you’ll comments ..? take care ..? and plz remember me in you’ll prayers coz I’m starting with exams … thank youu ? hope I’ll be here soon and regular ..

    Enjoy ?

    1. AAYUSH

      Hello omaira All the best for your exams and yeah recent track is really good. Be cool amd calm and give your 100% in exams your exams will be awesome.

    2. Hey omaira all the best for your exams and we still remember you. Come on after your exams. Take care dear.

    3. Hi omaira,
      It’s ok for misspelling my name.. Anyways its kadhambari..
      All the best for your exams.. Do well.. Come back once you done with your exams..

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Omu dearest,
      How are you doing?It’s absolutely ok.Don’t bother yourself with anything.Just focus on your study and achieve khidkitode result.All the very best for your upcoming exams.Lots of love?

  9. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    This week trp is just 1.5 nd IB is on 12th position…. Everyone WATCH IB ON TV drs…. Warna…… U all know what will happen…
    Okk now coming to epi….
    Now a days i m loving d epis….
    Pinky , i agree with her today…. Her reaction was natural…. Anyone will feel bad if no one wish her on her b’day…. Specially her loveones….
    P S – Nikita mam , Congratulations mam for ur pregnancy…. Will surely miss OMM…. Hope she will be nominate for Best Maa award for SPA 2018…
    Pinky’s b’day celebration with family nd Lafzo ka yeh rista nahi song…. That was Nycc….
    Ruvya part was Okk… They r now in starting…
    Shivika ,
    Japani client…. Hahaha…
    Seems like NM is still in Japan….
    Mera juta hain japani… One of d best comic old song…. Bt i was laughing thinking that what will happen if SSO who’s not a business man for them , is a brand will dance in front of them on this song…. LOL….
    Rikara ,
    Om understood his mistake from long time before , but today he rectified it… This is d most imp thing….
    Rikara , kising photo on social media…
    “my LOVE , my WIFE , my INSPIRATION”…. Wahh…!!!
    D most comic part of today was only 11 likes on Rudy’s six pack ab pic nd 1000 likes on Rikara’s pic… 1min this wasn’t comic…. Comic part was when Om said 1000 likes near Rudy….
    Rudy – This is d same man who take me to take a passport size photo today he’s posing in front of media alone…. LOL….
    It’s good that now a days they giving space to 3 couple….
    Precap – Shivika dance…. Exciting… Nd did anyone notice in it our Chulbul is back….
    GN PKJ…

    1. AAYUSH

      Yeah banita chulbul is back and yeah today all 3 couples get screen space rudy ka social media fever om ko lag gaya and rudy expression durimg om press conference were epic?

      1. Banita

        Yeh Aayush that was epic…. Hahaha…
        Nd Congo being 1st… GAG….!!!

    2. Yes I did notice banita that chulbul is back. She looks cool with her glasses.

      1. Banita

        Yup dii….
        Nd about SPA, yeh it will be very though….
        Shivika has to f8 with Avnil in Best international jodi category nd with Kira in Best jodi category nd other nominations r also there…

  10. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. pinky ki surprise party wakai surprise ho gyi…

    2. rest episode was all about social media.. and its merits and demerits in future episodes…

    3. i do not get it, story thodi si sambhalti hi hai ki shivaye anika ki ladai ho jaati hai…

    4. i agree social site ke apne merits and demerits hai, but this was not needed in show…

  11. Today’s epi was really nice ,,lovely b’day surprise for pinky ,
    Shivika was as usual totally nice ,ani you are so cute
    Ruvya did well
    RIKARA ,,,i just loved it ,,and that pic ,,was ,awwwweee so romantic ,,lovely epi
    Precap -after a long time we can get a chance to see CHULBUL. …..and shivika dancing like ,,mad with their khidkitodh style ,,,very funny ,,☺☺☺

    1. AAYUSH

      Yeah tania episode was nice and rikara were on fire and rudy expressions were hilarious.

  12. Yes today episode was indeed a good episode after some rona dona episode i really felt emotional for pinky and shivay they were best in today episode and my cute darling rikara were on fire shivika & rikara are enough to bring smile on my face even if my mood is in bad state and i wish om would have announced his remarriage in front of the media then it would have been more dhamekedar anyhow still long way to go for rikara want to say one thing i dont know who is the costume designers for shivom in today episode but they did a great job by giving them new clothes i always get bored seeing shivay in black dress and om in same costume without any new costumes i would always feel jealous seeing aniri would get new costumes in every episodes but shivom had to repeat there costumes but today both were looking dashing in new costumes
    But i am upset over upcoming episode how can anika be so foolish seriously nowdays anika is turned into totally dumb how can she put her private photos in social media if it was rudra then we could understand even i am angry with om how can he put his private photos to social media he could have just announced to media rather than putting a photo in social media anika is always stubborn and egostic she never accepts her faults seriously first time i want shivay to scold anika very badly she is elder bahu of OM she should have responsiblities rather than that she behaves like college going girl and she always disobey shivay words and in this social media matter even she argue with gauri and bhavya anika always thinks she is ‘MISS PERFECT’ but no most of the problems which occured to shivay is because of her immature behaviour by anika immaturity shivay losses big deal

    1. Abhi yes I agree with what you said but let’s put the prejudice aside and think about Anika for awhile. She is not an educated bahu. She was living on her own and bringing up Sahil single handedly. At least Gauri had an elder’s guidance like her foster Mum but Anika did not have any elder around. The only one she has is Dadi but she was bombarded by arrows everywhere when she entered Oberoi mansion with Tia. Svetlena and Pinky. When it came to Prinku’s wedding she took on all insults and tried to fulfill bahus responsibilities. She may not have been groomed properly in that older bahu sense as Pinky hated her for as long as we can remember and only accepted Anika just before the Vanwas then Anika was out of the house with no guidance except with Shivaay. So we can’t blame Anika for misusing the social media as she feels it is something new and she got into the hang of it despite others telling her. We can also look at it this way that cvs may be sending a message to society that if today’s bahus are not careful.with social media it can hurt someone if it is being misused and in this case shivaay losing the deal.

      But Abhi thanks for your analysis.

  13. Rithu17

    Rikaraaaa…..,<3<3<3….i wish evrydy the episodes r like this,giving equal imp to all THREE couples!!!

  14. Zaveesha

    I couldn’t watch today’s episode…
    Just watched some glimpses…
    But it was amazing…
    I just hope these fun filled and positive episode gain trp for IB…

  15. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode… I like the way show relates with the real things… Social networking has several benefits but also brings dangerous threat…. Without taking proper precautions engaging on social media is dangerous….
    Best wishes to pinky ji…
    Keep commenting and keep watching ishqbaaz dearies… Be ready for spa 18

  16. Nice episode. Nikita ma’am you did a great job and congrats on being a mother. She was great as a saas and Mother. Great acting skills and will miss her. There will be a void now without pinky Mum as I always at her English. So it was a farewell for Nikita and a welcome party for Kalyani dadi. 10th was Punky’s last day.

    For once I saw typical Oberoi household. Shivaay after a long time going to work and om focusing on his exhibition but don’t know what Rudra is doing. Now the focus is going to be social media and maybe the cvs want to show what dangers can take place with social media. I think anika too will get hooked up on social media. I am very happy Kalyani dadi is back and as an elder she said it right Wife has a different place and Mum has different place. There should not be any competition. Beautifully said. Son’s love for Mum will not get less just because of Wife. If all saas understand this then there will not be bahus and saas quarrel.

    What happened to Tej and Jhanvi?

  17. Hey guys..
    How r u all???????????
    Sweet simple Cute episode………….
    Yess shivaye is too good in balancing relations……….
    After a long time rikara…….Is back
    Precap. ……..chulbul……….

  18. But I am really happy with the plot of social media networking. This is good for teenagers as well. Misuse of social media can cause great consequences and abuse of it can be dangerous to the user. Social media can destroy a person’s reputation if it is not used properly. I think it is good cvs are trying to bring this message across and hope they write the plot convincingly.

  19. Luthfa

    I am sorry but I am slightly differing on your opinion for Pinky’s reactions.I agree her reactions were absolutely justified but those were untimely.Because that was surprise plan and not wishing her also a part of the plan.The way Pinky accused Shivaay that he has changed was not acceptable for me.I can relate and feel her every word but that change thing,I can’t accept for Shivaay.As a mother her place is irreplaceable.She should have kept her faith on Shivaay intact.If she could have done that all those were not happened at first place.

    1. AAYUSH

      Agreed with u luthfa and we can have differnence of opinions your all points were right dhe should have trusted shivaay but we should also understand her mental condition hoe she must be after coming ouy of coma dealing eith psycho bua so its pretty obvioud reaction. She had expectations from shivaay and shivaay unpe khada bhi utra thats good its just luthfa she was getting insecure jo dadi ne samjhaya bhi ki galat hai and pinky understood also. So all’s well that ends well.

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