why can’t you understand that I love you …..Abhigya (Part 1)

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sorry guys i forgot to introduce some characters
akash : husband of archana and father of reyansh…brother of abhi,aliya,purab. and son of prema and prem
archana: wife akash and mother of reyansh …bahu of mehra…
reyansh: naughty boy..love to play to cricket..love his chahu very much

okkkk guys let’s come into the story
Arora house:
In kitchen:
A lady on cutting alu and asking her daughter to ready fast for her college.she is another sarala
sarala: r u ready or not…agar tum phir se late ho gayi na…tumhari di tum he chod kar jaye gi..(she was scolding her countinosuly )
( she non other than our chulbul bulbul)
bul: ma app phi kar mat Karo…mein ready….(she was explaining her mom)
screen shifts to up stairs:
a young lady was coming her room…. she was wearing chashma… wearing white chudidar…she adjusting her chashma and duppata.
she is non other than our lovely `pragya
pra: bulbul tum ready ho kya..agar tum phir se late ho gayi n…mein tumse baht nahi karungi..
bul: uffo di mein ready…app hi late hu…chola varana mein college ke liya mein late ho gi…phir aliy
(saying this bulbul drags pragya outside)..(pragya and bulbul ways their hands to sarala maa.)
pragya drops bulbul in college and goes to hospital
screen shifts to mm (mehra mansion)

a lady was doing prayer..she is our prema..(she give arati to all family members)

screen shifts a room ……t-shirts and shirts where lying op bed and on floor….everything was here and there…

prema comes to room and sees the condition of the room..she gets shocked and anger by seeing condition of the room….she sees a boy was lying on bed..she goes to wake up him and starts scolding him

prema: abhi get up..if ur dad sees ur room he scold like  anything….abhi pls get up

(she was trying to wake him…from half and hour )

prema: abhi if u will not get i will pour water on face..

boy: ha pour..i know u will not pour water on me (again he sleep)

prema gets irritated and says app….(app means abhi father)

the boys hurriedly gets up and say  papa mein ready hu

he is our handsome rockstar abhi

abhi understood that his other played prank on him..he is mother laughing….he also laughs with her and they both hug each other.

screen freezes on pragya face and abhi and prema hugging

precap: sarala saying pragya: pragya tum ne kal ke liya leave raka na…pragya: ha mamma par kyu sarala to herself: agar mein usk ko bola na vo phir se shadi ke liya na bolengi

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