Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update Tevar tells Kulfi he is her father

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lovely asks Kulfi to sing properly. Kulfi asks Lovely to come to her backstage when she starts singing. Lovely says that she will not come to her as Amayra needs her. Kulfi feels bad and cries. Tevar comes to Amayra’s room and tells her that he has come to wish her best of luck. Tevar leaves, Amayra notices that the lines on her hands have been erased. Sikandar is called on stage for next performance. Amayra gets very tensed. Amayra tries to open the door of her room but the door is locked. Sikandar comes on stage. Amayra gets tensed and thinks that Kulfi must have locked her. Sikandar tells audience that a young girl has given inspiration to him to make this song. Sikandar praises Kulfi. Lovely sees that the make up room is locked. Lovely looks around for Amayra

Tevar sees Kulfi crying and ask her not to cry and encourages her. Tevar asks Kulfi to start singing and he presses a button. Kulfi enters the stage mistakenly. Kulfi is shocked realizing she is on stage. Sikandar is shocked. Sikandar starts singing. Kulfi joins him and they sing beautifully. Amayra cries looking at screen. Tevar looks at Kulfi with pride. Lovely is furious. Amayra is heartbroken. Amayra sees image of Sikandar and Kulfi hugging each other. Amayra thinks that all this has been done by her father so that he could perform on stage with Kulfi. Host asks Sikandar who is this little girl. Sikandar says that this is the girl who has inspired him. Tevar enters on stage and says that he will give a grand introduction for this girl as no one should forget her. Tevar says that she is Kulfi and she is his daughter. Sikandar and Kulfi are both shocked. Amayra thinks that Kulfi will go away from Sikandar forever. Tevar opens his arms and tells Kulfi that he is her father and asks her to come to him. Kulfi hugs Sikandar and cries. Kulfi asks Sikandar whether Tevar is telling the truth.

Precap: Tevar tells Sikandar and his family that he will take away Kulfi. Sikandar says that he is not Kulfi’s father. Tevar asks Sikandar whether he is Kulfi’s father. Sikandar’s mother shouts that he is indeed Kulfi’s father

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Loved today’s episode I am happy Kulfi sang instead of Amayra,let’s see what happens next. Precap looks interesting too just have to watch tomorrow’s episode.

  2. Feeling bad for tevar

  3. Hope Kulfi finds the real truth of her father. She is such a lovely girl she deserves her happiness . Can’t imagine how the grown ups can do such evil thing to children. It was heart Brocken to see Kulfi crying her heart out to be with Srikandar
    I love to meet Kulfi one day

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