Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: A porcupine demon arises.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying father I am sorry for being so angry, I realized that anger has to be controlled because in my anger I almost destroyed the universe and I did not even listen to you father, please forgive me because you all had to pray for me to come and save Chandra dev and the world. Ganesh says I prayed and because of you I found the solution to my problems father! Mahadev says it is okay ganesh! Sometimes everyone is angry and everyone loses their control over their anger, we have to learn to adapt to situations which make us angry otherwise if we are not responsible then destruction can occur from the decisions we take in anger! Ganesh says I shall remember that father.
There bhom is meditating and his body turns even more red. Bhom meditates and prays om namaha shivay! As he keeps praying, in some time bhom opens his eyes and then says what is happening? My body has turned completely red from the light of my tremendous anger, why hasn’t mahadev appeared yet? Devi prithvi comes and says son, your anger while meditating was so tremendous that it started affecting me too, so I went away from here as I couldn’t stand here, please don’t be so angry while meditating otherwise it may affect the entire world as it already is affecting our surrounding. Bhom says that was my plan mother, I was meditating and emitting my powers so that mahadev would be forced to give me his darshan but why hasn’t that happened yet? Devi prithvi says it is because Chandra dev has come back and your anger and heat has been stopped, ganesh ji brought Chandra dev back and freed him from his curse! He saved the universe from destruction. Bhom gets angry and says this ganesh, ganesh, ganesh! Everywhere only ganesh ruins my plans, I am not going to leave him.
Kartikeya says ganesh, now all problems have gone. Ganesh says no brother, there is still one problem left. Kartikeya says which problem brother? Ganesh says brother my stomach’s problem, it is making sounds which means I am hungry and I have to go and eat to calm down my hunger. Ganesh goes and kartikeya laughs.
After eating ganesh sits and starts meditating. Mushak comes and says what are you doing prabhu? Now you usually go out. Ganesh says no mushak ji, from today I will meditate all the time like father and I will listen to my disciple’s and being the vighnaharta I will stop all their problems. Mushak is shocked and he runs to mahadev, parvati and kartikeya. Parvati says where is ganesh? Mushak says mata, ganesh ji has changed completely, he said that from today he will always meditate like mahadev all the time and he will listen to his disciple’s calls and solve all their problems. Parvati says what? She goes inside the palace and sees ganesh meditating and says son what are you doing? Wont you go out? Ganesh says mother you only say always that we should do our duty and as it said, it is bhadrapad and I have sworn to take away the problems of my disciples so I shall meditate and give darshan to my great disciples. Parvati says you and your father, you both are same.
There a porcupine demon is fighting a lion. Rishi shokracharya sees this and says this porcupine is small but dares to fight a lion, that is brave! The porcupine demon rolls and jumps on the lion hitting it with its pines. The lion roars and attacks the demon, the porcupine jumps over it and kills it. rishi shokracharya says who are you? you are no ordinary porcupine, you are a demon, show me your true form. The demon comes to his true form and says pranam asur guru! Shokracharya says how are you alive demon? All demons had died in the battle where devi kaushaki and mata kali killed everyone. The demon tells his story, after the battle when everyone including shumbh was killed, he was the alone demon left alive and his wife came finding him on the battlefield, she woke him up as he cried! In flashback, the demon is in tears and says my entire race is dead, shumbh told us that we would win but her everyone has been killed and I am alone alive. The wife says no, our son is coming in my stomach! You both will take revenge form the gods for the death of our people. The demon says I cannot do anything alone. The wife says our son will destroy the gods, you both will bring the life of demons back. the demon says yes and he swears to take revenge from the gods.
The demon tells shokracharya, my son is still young and my wife wants him to learn everything, I couldn’t wait so I have come to you for guidance guru! Please guide and tell me how to destroy the gods? Shokracharya says ganesh is the key to saving all gods and if he is hurt, then you will directly hurt the tridev and even mata parvati! When a disciple prays to ganesh and when ganesh will give him darshan, that time you have to attack ganesh. The porcupine demon says okay guru, I will do as you said.
There ganesh’s disciples are praying to him and living their routines. An old man is with his daughter in a house and he picks fruits in a basket and says to his daughter, remember ganehs ji is with us and always pray to him if you are in difficulty. As they walk, the demon spots them and he rolls in his porcupine form and hurts the old man on his leg and goes. The man is in pain and he takes name of ganesh ji as he is in pain. The daughter helps him and takes him inside the house and says father you please rest as your leg is hurt. The father says, ganesh ji will help us, don’t worry.
There ganesh hears from his ears and says my disciple is in trouble.

Precap: the porcupine waits for ganesh to appear. Ganesh gets angry and he starts sucking brahma dev from his trunk as lord Vishnu tries to stop ganesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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