Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 27th August 2018 Written Episode: Puttan sells vegs

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Puttan getting ideas for having a business. He asks his party men to work as his workers. Days pass, Puttan tries to set his business and earn money by hard work. Imli and Rajneeti visit him and ask him not to worry, no work is small or less. They bless Puttan and ask him to work hard. They eat the panipuri and give him shagun money as blessing, when he refuses to take money. Puttan says I just want your blessing. Puttan does some business. Another chaat vendor comes there to do business. Puttan’s business gets affected. He uses his contacts to move the other stall. Jhilmi comes to his chaat stall. She sees some men troubling the other vendor and asks Puttan did he do this. Puttan ruins his own stall to clear her doubt. He comes home and sits sad. He tells them everything. Imli says we all are with you. They ask Puttan to sell vegetables and earn money.

The party men teach Puttan how to sell vegs. Puttan shouts to sell vegs. Some ladies come to buy vegs and argue on the stall. Puttan argues with them and asks them to go if they don’t want to buy. The ladies refuse to buy vegs from his stall. Imli comes to meet Chaitu. She says I have got vegs from Puttan’s veg stall, his chaat stall didn’t work. Chaitu says lets see if this works. She asks him not to say this, he is working hard to sell vegs. He says I know, he would be sleeping. A man wakes up Puttan and says cow has eaten all the vegs. Puttan gets shocked. He says this idea also failed, what to do now. A man asks him for water. Puttan helps him. He tells his problem. The man says I lift this load to earn money, if you work hard, you can sell these vegs also. Puttan says I will do business with this vegs left.

Puttan sells vegs. A man identifies him. He asks why are you selling vegs. Puttan says no work is small or big. The man says you have great thoughts and buys vegs. Puttan counts days and sells vegs. He counts money. The month gets over. Puttan says just one day more. He comes to meet Jhilmil. She likes the decorations. She asks for her gift. He shows the cake. She eats the cake. He says this is gift of my first hard earned money.

Khoji says Genda went to meet Chaitu at the jail. Imli asks Puttan to give her rakhi gift. She says I want Genda to tie rakhi to Chaitu. He worries.

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